Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Yankees announcers fascinated with Steve Delabar's baseball seam tattoo

During Wednesday's Yankees-Blue Jays matinee at Yankee Stadium, the YES Network announcers took an unusual interest in Toronto reliever Steve Delabar's scar on his elbow and debated if the  stitches over the six-inch scar were real or just tattooed on to look like the seams of a baseball.

After closer examination of the gnarly scar, both Michael Kaye and John Flaherty agreed that the little stitches over the surgeon's cut were tattoos to make it look like a seam and concluded that it was probably to remind Delabar of what he went through.

The righthander's return to the major leagues is a remarkable story in itself.  After the righthander snapped his elbow four years ago, he had nine nine screws and a plate inserted into his throwing arm.  The 29-year old fastballer quit baseball to become a substitute teacher before earning his way back to play for the Blue Jays in less than a year.


Delabar (3-1) pitched well enough today to help the Jays beat the Yankees, 8-5.

Both announcers agreed that the doctors did a good job on Delabar's elbow — although it seemed like they deemed the tattoo artist's rendition of a baseball seam less worthy.   While marveling at the noticeable scar and ink-work, Kaye said, "Whatever it is, they put him back together pretty well."

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