Friday, August 24, 2012

Derek Jeter takes nasty pitch to head and lets pitcher know it

There was a scary moment during the second inning of Friday night's New York Yankees-Cleveland Indians game after Derek Jeter took an inside pitch from Corey Kluber to the side of his head. The Yankees shortstop didn't take the brushback lightly and walked to first base glaring at the young pitcher and mouthing the words, "You don't do that."

The fastball went right at Jeter's head and knocked his helmet off after hitting the bill.  You could probably hear the ball smacking Jeter's helmet outside in the parking lot of Progressive Field.

Kluber got an earful from Jeter as he was heading to first base.  Something you don't see too often from the Yankees leader.

It was the first start for the Yankees ace CC Sabathia after returning from the 15-day DL and Indians players were probably wondering who was going to be plunked — as retaliation for hitting the Yankees captain — when they stepped up to the plate. They got off without a payback pitch.

Jeter avoided serious injury and seemed okay after the beaning.  He made one of his patented leaping leap-and-throws to first base for the final out in the bottom of the second to prove it.

Words of wisdom indeed from one of baseball's most revered player.  "You don't do that."


  1. What a sportsmen what a guy. What else is there to say. Thats Derek Jeter.

    1. you don't know the real Derek ya fool. He is quite a sportsman. This gesture was quite uncommon of Derek.

  2. C'mon... don't you know that the guy batting is Derek Jeter? Don't get sloppy kid!