Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Nets owner Prokhorov calls Knicks owner Dolan 'that little man'

The Brooklyn Nets might have lost out on the Dwight Howard sweepstakes but another big man is making noise on the team— and it ain't Brook Lopez.

Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov already moved the team across the the Hudson and East Rivers into the the city that the New York Knicks once called their own.  Now the Russian billionaire has gone out of his way to take a shot at Knicks owner James Dolan by referring to his shorter counterpart as "that little man" in a New York Magazine article.

The 6-foot-8 Nets owner reportedly stands a full 14 inches over the diminutive 5-foot-6 Dolan.

"Prokhorov told me back in November that he plans on attending a quarter of the regular-season games and 'all the playoff ones,'" the article's writer, Will Leitch, wrote.  "He also made sure I heard him call Dolan 'that little man.'"

What Prokhorov doesn't lack in height, he seems to lose in tact.  He has already warned the Knicks that once the Nets are ensconced inside their new $1 billion Barclays Center, Knicks fans would be coming over to Brooklyn in droves and at his introductory press conference, he predicted the Nets would have an NBA championship in five years.  That was three years and a 58-172 record ago.

In 2010, he had a huge billboard— featuring Prokhorov and minority-owner Jay-Z— painted with a bird's-eye view of Madison Square Garden.  Over the pair were the words, "The Blueprint for Greatness."

Jay-Z has been the most visible Nets owner— doing everything from designing the team's logo and uniforms to choosing the music which will be played during games— but it is Prokhorov who is pulling the Knicks' tail.

The teams open their seasons on Nov. 1 when they will meet at the Barclays Center.  Let another New York rivalry begin.

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