Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mariel Zagunis defeats screaming fencer

Mariel Zagunis— the world's top-ranked fencer in women's individual sabre— began the defense of her gold medal from Beijing in the opening round of the 2012 London Games with a 15-7 victory over a screaming opponent from Indonesia.

The only thing more resounding than the win was Zagunis' opponent's vocal chords.

No. 32 ranked Diah Permatasari screams after every winning point she scores.  If you thought the grunting in women's tennis was hard on the ears, listen to this women's shrill voice.  Now imagine it for the course of a 15-point duel on the piste.


Granted, Permatasari is trying to emphasize a touch to the judge in the lightning quick sport— like most fencers do— but after a while, her screaming must be trying to the officials ears.

Zagunis was the first American to ever win gold in fencing and was the U.S. team's flag holder at Friday's opening ceremonies.

The Indonesian screamer even let out a little yelp when she lost.

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