Monday, August 20, 2012

Stunt woman does amazing tightrope stunt between two speeding trucks

Faith Dickey risks life and limb every time she walks across a slackline but pulling off this stunt is beyond crazy.

The world record highliner was filmed walking across a cable strung between two speeding semi-tractor trailers before they reach an upcoming tunnel and the line snaps.

The stunt was performed live on an empty mountain road in Croatia for a Volvo truck promotion.

Besides keeping her balance on a swaying line, bumps in the road and battling the oncoming wind, Dickey has that tunnel wall to respect.  You can see her give it a nervous look as she approaches the tunnel.

She was successful after a few rehearsals. A few?!

Safety tether or not, if a highway railing didn't kill her, one of the 18 wheels probably could.  Pretty spectacular in every way.

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