Thursday, August 9, 2012

Belgian Olympic cyclist sent home after drunken night is caught on camera

The Belgian Olympic Committee says it has told cyclist Gijs van Hoecke to leave the Olympics after photos appeared of him looking drunk and unable to walk while leaving a London nightclub on Tuesday night.

The unconscious Hoecke was carried out of the club by his hoodie-wearing pals and appeared to have wet his pants as well.

Even sober, he probably sounds drunk trying to pronouncing his own name.

The committee said in a statement Thursday it made its decision after consulting with the team leader  of the Belgian cycling squad.  Van Hoecke did not win any medals.

Several British and Belgian newspapers had published photos of the 20-year old— with his wet pants falling down and his eyes closed— being dragged into the back of a vehicle.

Van Hoecke told Belgium's VRT radio and television network that he regretted  what happened, but he was just "letting off some steam" after two years of hard work.

He added, "It would have been better if I had not done that here ... in London."

Yeah.  The Stella Artois is cheaper in your homeland.

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