Saturday, August 4, 2012

Nick Mangold headed to Olympics to watch sister compete

Nick Mangold has had a change of heart and will go to London and watch his younger sister, Holley Mangold, compete in the Olympics.  New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan urged his All-Pro center to go to the 2012 Games to see his sibling in person rather than watch her shining moment on television.

Mangold had said he would not go to London because it would interfere with the team's training schedule.

Ryan pushed Mangold to go and, on Saturday morning, Mangold tweeted: "Anyone want to guess where I'm heading?" with a photo of an airport terminal.

"I am laying the guilt trip on him," joked Ryan on Wednesday.  "You know what?  His teammates understand.  I think they are pushing him as well.  It's not just me."

Does this mean Tebowmania is on hold?  Okay, not really, it's just a little diversion.

Mangold's sister is a member of the U.S. Olympic super-heavyweight women's weightlifting team.  The 5-foot-8, 350 pound woman probably pumps more iron than your average quarterback and could actually clean-and-jerk last season's larger version of Ryan with no problem.  The 22-year old woman has lifted a personal best 319 pounds over her head.

The unlikely media darling will be competing in the weightlifting event on Sunday.

Although the Jets' Mangold will miss the team's annual Green & White scrimmage Saturday night, he will be back with the team on Monday.

"It's awesome," said Nick.  " And I'm extremely proud as an older brother, you love to see your siblings do great things."

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