Saturday, November 30, 2013

Ohio State's Marcus Hall flips the double-bird to Michigan fans (GIF)

A fight broke out at the Michigan-Ohio State game Saturday that led to three ejections. Two Buckeyes were tossed including offensive lineman Marcus Hall and cornerback Dontre Wilson while Michigan lost only linebacker Royce Jenkins-Stone.

But it will be Hall's departure is the one that Wolverine fans and the NCAA will remember.

Robinson Cano denies asking Yankees for $300 million: Report

Whether or not you believe Robinson Cano ever asked the New York Yankees for $300 million dollars — from either side — as his opening rate to sign with the team — technically, he probably didn't.

Cano's representatives, on the other hand, might have.

The desirable free agent sounded angry Thursday when he told the Dominican Republic newspaper El Dia he never asked the Yankees for astronomical sum when negotiations began.

“No one has heard that from my mouth and never will listen, if you are going to talk about anything other than contract,’’ is the translation of what Cano said Thursday in Santo Domingo where the Dominican Republic World Baseball Classic team was honored with a ring ceremony for winning last spring’s tournament. 
 Cano went on to say in Spanish that "you’re never going to hear it." 

But the N.Y. Post reported that, according to a person familiar with the situation, Cano’s representatives, led by rookie agent Jay Z, opened negotiations during the season with a 10-year request for $310 million. It was an offer quickly rejected by the Yankees, who are the prohibitive favorite to sign the premier free agent.

The Yankees countered the $310 million offer with a seven-year pact in the $168 range. They might be willing to extend a year and the dollars but are not going to pay the 31-year-old five-time All-Star $31 million a year.

After Cano’s representatives, minus Jay Z, met with Yankees brass face to face Tuesday and chatted by phone Wednesday, the sides plan to talk again Monday. Cano’s camp came down a little, but a substantial difference remains.

Suddenly, in any language, this is getting ugly.

Lance Stephenson serves up sweet post-Thanksgiving dish to Paul George (VIDEO)

Lance Stephenson continues to prove his breakout season last year for the Indiana Pacers was no fluke and, if this behind-the-back- pass to Paul George is any indication, it looks like the upcoming free agent will be on more than the Pacers shopping list this summer.

Sweeter than a pumpkin pie.

Gerald Henderson's errant pass hits woman in face (VIDEO)

The Charlotte Bobcats were enjoying a second-quarter lead Friday night in their game against the lowly Milwaukee Bucks when guard Gerald Henderson threw a wild pass that ended up nailing a woman walking in the stands right in the face.

The woman collapsed right after the ball struck her, and as concerned onlookers rushed to her aid, the players nonchalantly went back to playing the game.

A Bobcats employee said on Twitter that the woman was taken to the hospital for precautionary reasons but was OK.

That same employee also said it was the woman's first-ever basketball game and that they gave her a pair of Henderson's shoes afterward:

Later, Henderson wholeheartedly tweeted his own apology for the bad assist:

Jason Kidd says soda cup caper was worth $50K fine

If Jason Kidd was regretful about his spilled soda cup caper Wednesday night, he sure didn't sound like it after he was fined $50,000 by the NBA.

The Brooklyn Nets head coach was hit with the fine Thursday for intentionally spilling a drink to get a break in the action when his slumping team didn't have any timeouts remaining in the closing seconds against the Los Angeles Lakers. 

Kidd's pockets are $50K lighter now, but he basically said the muffed caper was worth it.

After the Nets diagrammed their play, Paul Pierce missed a potential tying three-pointer. "Paul got a great look," Kidd said after the 99-94 loss, "but the league fined me for something I probably shouldn't have done, and we move on."

Kidd showed little contrition before Friday night's game against the Rockets when asked if he regretted the Sodagate episode.

"It's about trying to win and those guys in that locker room," said Kidd, who apparentlysaid "hit me" and  had Tyshawn Taylor run into him so he would spill the drink. He said he learned the trick from listening to other coaches. "I tried to put those guys in position to get a basket or a good look, and we did."

It was a tactic the first year coach initially denied.

“Cup slipped out of my hand while I was getting Ty,” Kidd said. “Sweaty palms. I was never good with the ball.”

Taylor came to the defense of his coach as well.

“I wasn’t paying attention. I just kind of bumped him. I didn’t even know he was holding [anything]. [But] coach was drinking a soda on the sideline. I was like, ‘What’s he doing?’

Lakers coach Mike D'Antoni was less impressed , telling reporters in Detroit before Friday night's game against the Pistons: "That's not very savvy or cool . . . You can't do that. That's crazy."

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

180 lbs of weights come crashing down on woman's neck during crosslifting session (VIDEO)

This is the heart stopping moment 180-pounds of weights comes crashing down on a woman’s neck, sending her face forward during a cross-lifting competition.

The dramatic video of the failed weightlifting attempt happened during a Crossfit exercise session that is now popular among millions of men and women around the world.

In the clip, published on LiveLeak, the woman lifts the bar but buckles under the weight as the bar slip from her hands and onto her neck. She then falls forward with her head caught beneath the bar as she hits the ground.

It is unknown where in the world the accident occurred or the extent of the woman’s injuries.

Parents charged with attempted murder after 'making their daughter do too much sport': Report

The South African parents of a 10-year-old girl have been charged with attempted murder after allegedly forcing her to continue her workout after she had become exhausted.

Prosecutors claim the girl was made to swim continuously in a dam near Bloemfontein in South Africa while her mother and father watched from the banks, reports

The parents reportedly pushed their daughter to her limit and, when the girl complained, she was reportedly assaulted and forced to continue swimming.

The 38-year-old mother of the primary school student and her 31-year-old husband appeared in Bloemfontein Regional Court on Monday charged with attempted murder and child neglect.

The woman, who faces a further charge of assault, was warned she could face up to ten years in prison, it was reported by SowetanLive which cited Afrikaans-language daily newspaper Volksblad.

The attempted murder charge relates to an incident in October last year when the girl had to swim continuously in the Krugerdriftdam, outside Bloemfontein, while her parents were watching from the side.

Lawyers representing the parents have asked prosecutors for more details on the charges, which relate to that incident. 

The child is now in foster care.

Jason Kidd's look of relief after Nets win is priceless (GIF)

The Brooklyn Nets snapped a five-game losing streak on Tuesday, sweating out a 102-100 win over the Toronto Raptors. And it couldn’t have come as a greater relief for Jason Kidd. The first-year head coach went through, essentially, the entire range of possible human emotions after the final buzzer sounded.

They nearly blew it, but the Nets will take a win any way they can get it. So Kidd has every reason to feel relieved.

Chiefs mascot of 24 years seriously injured while rehearsing zip line routine

The man who has been the Kansas City Chiefs' mascot for more than two decades was in stable condition after being seriously injured this weekend while rehearsing a zip line routine at Arrowhead Stadium.

Dan Meers suffered serious injuries on Saturday when rehearsing a zip-line routine. His attorney, Tim Dollar, said his injuries appear to be related to the manner in which a third-party company secured the rigging, however an investigation is pending.

The 46-year-old Meers, who has been with the Chiefs as the team's beloved KC Wolf for 24 years, underwent surgery on Sunday and is in stable condition. The injury occurred while practicing for Sunday's game against the San Diego Chargers.

No description of Meers' specific injuries was available, but a longtime friend said Meers suffered a serious back injury.

"The injuries appear to be related to the manner in which a third-party company secured the riggings," Dollar, said. "However, an investigation is pending."

Kansas City Chiefs spokesman Ted Crews acknowledged Meers' injury on Monday but declined to give details about the accident or his condition.

While Meers doesn't perform the zip line routine every game, Dollar said, he was scheduled to do a slight variation of an entrance he'd done earlier this season.

Meers is married with three children.

Islanders unveil new jersey for Stadium Series and it has NO island (PHOTO)

The Islanders unveiled their NHL Stadium Series jerseys, a sleek, contemporary take on their home uniforms to be worn when they face the Rangers at Yankee Stadium on Jan. 29.

There's just one thing missing on the Islanders' jerseys: The Island.

The classic emblem, featuring an orange profile of Long Island, has been done away with in favor of a more futuristic design. The Stadium Series jerseys simplify the team¹s symbol by enlarging the familiar top of the logo — an "NY" that morphs into a hockey stick — on the chest. General manager Garth Snow as well as coaches and players from the organization had input on the design.

Some fans might see it as an premature attempt for the team to disassociate itself from its longtime Long Island home as it prepares to move to Brooklyn's Barclays Center in 2015. A history of the Isles' jerseys over the years (except the reviled Fisherman uni) shows it always had The Island front and center.

Still, the new look already has a major fan in Islanders captain John Tavares, who modeled the uniform for publicity photos.

"I think they¹re really sharp," Tavares said after practice Tuesday. "We've seen in the past in a lot of outdoor games a kind of retro, heritage, old-school kinda look. But this is newer, more modern."

Tavares said the bold 'NY" on the outside is a fitting look, considering the opponent.

"Obviously playing the Rangers in that game, there's a lot of fight over who¹s New York¹s team and whatnot, and I think that's still who we are," he said. "That New York with the hockey stick."

Too bad they can't put Bossy, Trottier and Gilles on the inside of them.


Mike Francesa can't pronounce 'Matt McGloin' (AUDIO)

More times than not, Mike Francesa's Long Island accent lends a comical quality to his pronunciation of names and places. But during his WFAN broadcast Tuesday, A-Rod's number one fan was discussing the Raiders' quarterback situation and, on two separate occasions, stumbles on Matt McGloin's name and hilariously rambles over it.

McGlophin, McLoutin or McGlockin — let's try McLovin.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Coughlin's message for Giants: 'Shut up and play'

The recently, and conspicuously, silent Tom Coughlin finally opened his mouth between his rosy cheeks again and had a succinct message for his trash-talking Giants team: “Shut up and play.”

The Giants head coach had some choice words for his loud-mouthed team Monday — a day after its season was all but ended by the Dallas Cowboys — and after the home Giants spent a full week leading up to Sunday's game goading the visiting team.

“Talk is cheap,” a clearly annoyed Coughlin said. “Play the game. I don’t see anything that gets accomplished by the verbalization part of it. We’ve never been a team that has been one to provide bulletin-board material.”

Puffing out their chests — thanks to a four-game winning streak built on a fortunate stretch against mediocre quarterbacks — the Giants were at their brashest in months. Jason Pierre-Paul guaranteed a “bloodbath,” and Terrell Thomas promised a win, even telling the Cowboys they could put that guarantee up on their bulletin board.

All that did was rile Dallas so much that defensive tackle Jason Hatcher smeared fake blood onto his face after the game to mock JPP. And by Monday, Coughlin exploded.

“‘Talk is cheap, play the game’ is my policy and I, quite frankly, was unaware of the two (guarantees) that were made and people made a big deal about,” said Coughlin, who added he would mention his disdain for trash talk in a team meeting Wednesday. “I don’t believe in that stuff. I think you play the game.

“I understand there was a little bit of it last week and I don’t believe in any of that,” he added.

Still, on Monday, there was the Giants' defensive team captain, Justin Tuck, delivering more of exactly what Coughlin doesn't believe in. A Twitter post showed Tuck's two Super Bowl rings on a pair of fingers, with a finger in the middle conveniently left bare.

“And for all the cowboy fan on my TL,” he tweeted.

But the rest of the Giants seemed humbled by the heartbreaking loss, admitting that Dallas threw them into the un-recyclable bin. 

“They got the win, they beat us twice this year, so they have the right to talk trash,” said Cullen Jenkins. “You can’t get irritated with it now, you should have done something about it during the games.”

“They won the game, they have the right to be as happy as they want to be,” added safety Antrel Rolle.

Mike Woodson ready to 'punch' panic out of J.R. Smith

If you thought all of the talk of "panicking" from J.R. Smith has affected Mike Woodson's sense of humor — think again.

The Knicks head coach certainly didn’t enjoy some of Smith’s public negativity after recent Knicks losses to Indiana and Washington, but is taking it in stride.

After the heartbreaking loss against the Pacers Wednesday, Smith said: "Like you say, it’s too early to panic, but me, personally, I’m panicking. I don’t like this."

In Washington, Smith said he felt every possession is starting to feel packed with “pressure’’ and the team isn’t having fun and “overanalyzing.’’

When asked if he was irritated by Smith’s panic remark, Woodson said: “To be sitting here after 12 games talking about I’m in a panic stage, I might need to punch him out and get it out of his thought process.”

Woodson then smirked, but it wasn’t meant entirely as a big joke.

"I don't like players feeling that way," Woodson said before Monday night's loss to Portland when Smith scored only six points. "It's a long season. I've been around long enough to see where things can turn awfully fast."

Remember ... Woodson did have a smirk on his face. Let's see how long it lasts.

Soccer player saved by teammates after swallowing tongue on pitch (VIDEO)

A Colombian soccer player in a top professional South Korean league is lucky to be alive after swallowing his tongue during a match on the pitch — and has his teammates to thank for rescuing him.

Just two minutes into his side's K League match with Busan I'Park on Saturday, FC Seoul's Mauricio Molina jumped up to head the ball but was struck simultaneously with a fist and head-butt as the opposing goalkeeper attempted to punch the ball away. Molina, nicknamed Mao, was knocked out cold by the blows to his head and fell awkwardly to the ground.

Luckily Molina's teammates realized something was wrong and took immediate action.

As medics sprinted onto the pitch, Molina's teammates noticed he'd swallowed his tongue and quickly reached into his mouth to clear his airway.

The whole scene unfolded while Molina's concerned wife, Laura, and his young son watched the frightening moments from the stands.

Amazingly, Molina was able to sit up after several minutes of treatment before walking off the side of the pitch to be taken to hospital for further tests. 

Molina later told his fans he was "feeling fine" via Twitter before paying tribute to his wife and children on Monday.

Posting a picture on Instagram, Molina said: "This was the power that woke me up. My wife trying to help me and my two sons suffering in the gallery. The most powerful force sent from heaven. I love them!"

RG3 gets kicked in the cojones by 49ers' Aldon Smith (GIFs)

To say Robert Griffin III was having a rough time Monday night against the San Francisco 49ers might be an real understatement — and that was before this play. While attempting to get off a pass as the defense closed in around him, RG3 took a kick to his nether regions from 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith during the third quarter.

And the Redskins quarterback went on to call signals as a soprano for the rest of the game.

Here's more of the poor guy's agony.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Derek Jeter auctioning lunch, game for charity with $90,000 starting price

Here's a nice  holiday gift for that Yankee fan in your family who's hard to please. How about lunch and a game with Derek Jeter — at the starting price of $90,000.

The Yankees beloved shortstop is putting himself up for auction to raise money for his Turn 2 Foundation, which promotes leadership and healthy lifestyles for low-income kids, The Associated Press reported.

Billed as “The Ultimate, Unprecedented Fan Experience: Spend Game Day with Derek Jeter,” it has fans hoping the 39-year-old shortstop's bum ankle heals soon.

Christie's is running an online auction through Dec. 17 that includes lunch for four with the Yankees most eligible bachelor — who is currently dating swimsuit model Hannah Davis.

The lucky winner will also snag four seats in Jeter's personal luxury suite and a swag bag containing an autographed, game-used Jeter glove, a signed printer’s proof of his 3,000th hit lithograph and three personalized, game-used Yankee Stadium bases from that day.

Opening bids start at $90,000 and all proceeds minus Christie's expenses go to Turn 2, which benefits kids in New York as well as in Jeter's native Michigan and his current hometown, Tampa, Fla.

Since 1996 Jeter's foundation has given out $18 million to help low-income kids.

Jeter said he hopes the auction will expand the foundation's outreach and help more youngsters "reach their full potential."

New uniforms revealed for Army-Navy game (PHOTOS)

Army and Navy will play for the 114th time this Dec. 14, at 3 p.m. on CBS. In recent years both teams have broken out some snazzy alternate looks for the occasion, and it won't be any different in 2013. Nike has unveiled the newest uniforms for the rivalry:

I've never really liked teams messing with tradition or trying to jazz up their uniforms — but these Navy helmets rock.

Wes Welker on botched punt return: 'I gotta do a better job'

The ball just didn't bounce the way Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker figured it would in his return to Gillette Stadium Sunday — literally. It ended up being a heart-breaking homecoming by the time the game was over. And it was the Broncos who were clutching their chests.  Not only did the former Patriot have just four catches for 31 yards (not to mention a few drops), but Welker was also responsible for the game-deciding turnover.

With just over three minutes to go in overtime and the game tied at 31, Welker stood on his own 10-yard line awaiting a Ryan Allen punt. But Allen's kick was short, Welker was late telling teammates to steer clear of the landing zone, the ball hit the turf and bounced right into surprised Broncos defensive back Tony Carter. New England recovered and three plays later the game was over.

At first glance, its easy to blame Carter for not being aware of the situation. But as NBC color commentator Cris Collinsworth pointed out at the time, the fault lied with Welker, who didn't warn Carter until it was too late. After the game, Welker took responsibility for his gaffe.

"I just felt like there was a lot of traffic, it was a high ball, [I] basically didn't want to get into a situation where somebody's running into me or anything else, and ended up with a situation that I didn't want to happen in the first place," Welker said, via

"I gotta do a better job of getting up there and getting those guys out of the way, and making sure it doesn't hit them. I gotta get to him earlier and tell him, and get those guys out of the way if I'm not going to make the catch. I was a little bit in between and you can't be that way."

Ironically, Welker was returning punts because Trindon Holliday had muffed a punt earlier in the game.

A-Rod and Bud Selig nearly cross paths at memorial service for Michael Weiner: Report

Out of the hundreds of mourners attending the memorial service of Michael Weiner, the late executive director of baseball's Player's Association who died at age 51 from a brain tumor, were the two central characters in the midst of MLB's highly-charged grievance hearings — Alex Rodriguez and Bud Selig — newly sworn enemies who almost awkwardly ran into each other at a Paramus, N.J. chapel.

Selig left the chapel ahead of Rodriguez, ensuring there would be no bitter exchange between the two, who are embroiled in a nasty arbitration battle over the 211-game drug suspension Selig handed the three-time MVP on Aug. 5. A-Rod’s arbitration hearing ended Thursday, but the slugger abruptly left those proceedings Wednesday after independent arbitrator Fredric Horowitz ruled that Selig did not have to testify as a witness in the matter. Rodriguez took to the airwaves Wednesday afternoon to deny using performance-enhancing drugs and to castigate Selig. Horowitz will now render his verdict, which is expected sometime in the next month or possibly in January.

Rodriguez, who has sued Selig and MLB and has threatened to even take the union to the courts if the arbitrator’s ruling isn’t acceptable to him, had also taken issue with statements Weiner made in August, when he said he recommended a negotiated settlement for a certain length that he claimed Major League Baseball did not offer.

Dozens of prominent names from all areas of baseball were in attendance and, although many former players were on hand at the chapel, Rodriguez was the only active player to pay his respects, and the only member of the New York Yankees organization to attend.

In honor of the beloved Weiner’s penchant for wearing Chuck Taylor high-top sneakers, several of the mourners donned the famous basketball shoes for the service. Rabbi Mary Zamore even remarked that “Mike Weiner was known for his informality,” and encouraged the standing-room only crowd to sit on the floor if they wished.

After Rodriguez left Weiner’s service, he traveled to the La Marina restaurant in Washington Heights, which hosted an early Thanksgiving dinner for 300 seniors from upper Manhattan and Bronx nursing homes.

The Upper-Manhattan hot-spot is co-owned by Fernando Mateo, also the president of Hispanics Across America, the nonprofit group which drew dozens of A-Rod supporters to Park Avenue while Rodriguez’s arbitration unfolded. Rodriguez shook hands and visited with the seniors Sunday, but did not stop to talk with three reporters at the event.

Cowboys' blood-covered Jason Hatcher: 'I just finished eating a Giant' (PHOTO)

It appears Jason Hatcher took  Jason Pierre-Paul's words about "bloodshed" pretty seriously this week. After the Giants defensive end promised that blood would be spilled on Sunday, Hatcher ended up with the last word — and bloodied photo to prove it.

The Cowboys defeated the Giants at MetLife Stadium and, after the game, Hatcher mocked the defensive end's comments and touted the Cowboys for not trash-talking during the week. He joked that he "ate" a member of the Giants and talked about "leftover blood."

Hatcher posted this picture to his Instagram account from the locker room after the game. He wrote:

"They say blood would be shed. Just finished eating a giant. #actionspeaklouderthanwords"

At his postgame interview, Hatcher went on to criticize the Giants, who guaranteed a win but didn't back up their boasts.

"I didn't let it affect me at all," Hatcher said. "Actions speak louder than words, so we went out there and we did what we were supposed to do tonight. They talked their talk. They has to back it up and they didn't. We came out with the victory. We came into their house and we took it from them."

Were the Cowboys upset about the talk leading into the week?

"Absolutely," Hatcher said. "When you feel disrespected as a team...coming into somebody's house and they don't even respect you as a team? Yeah, I'm proud of my team. We've got a long ways to go. We just got to keep it up. We took this victory tonight. We took it." 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Jon Bon Jovi interested in buying the Buffalo Bills: Report

Jon Bon Jovi wants to get back into football ownership and, according to those connected with New Jersey's second most famous rock star, he is consumed with purchasing an NFL team. The one-time owner of the Philadelphia Soul of Arena Football League is among the parties positioning to purchase the Buffalo Bills when the team comes up for sale, reports CBS

The Bills will go to the market when the 95-year-old owner Ralph Wilson passes, and, many league sources believe the Rogers Communications group in Toronto, who already work closely with the Wilson family to stage games annually in Toronto, is the prime suitor for the franchise.

But CBS Sports says Bon Jovi has reportedly spent considerable time in the Buffalo area getting to know politicians and power brokers and even added a date there late in a recent tour to allow for more time to allocate to the matter.

While Bon Jovi has been very proactive in meeting NFL owners and general managers, and is seeking their input on all sort of issues related to football, he may be living on a prayer. Sources said Bon Jovi is aiming to be the principal owner, but it remains to be seen if he has the type of sizable capital necessary to meet that threshold of majority ownership. He nearly become a minority owner of the Atlanta Falcons a few years ago and still maintains connections with several NFL power brokers in his effort to turn that dream into reality. 

According to several sources in the music industry, Bon Jovi's dumping of the band's longtime guitarist Richie Sambora is likely even related to his pursuit of a franchise, as Sambora was the highest-paid member of his band and the next most prominent member, and by using session musicians or unknowns, he is then able to keep his costs down. Bon Jovi is a shrewd businessman who has kept much of his operation in-house and has long been the central figure in making deals for the band.

He is obviously very wealthy and is held in high regard by NFL owners and within the league office, but it is very difficult to end up as the primary owner of a franchise and they do not change hands all that often. The recent passing of Titans owner Bud Adams has put a finer focus on the age and relative health of some owners, and while Adams' family has plans in place to retain the franchise into the foreseeable future, that is not the case with the Bills.

The NFL has a vested interest in keeping the Bills a regional team, for Western New York and Southern Ontario, and in most any scenario the team will continue sharing games to some degree with Toronto. 

Whether any group would have the connections and wherewithal to compete with the media conglomerate Rogers Communications (worth billions) remains to be seen, but Bon Jovi's interest and desire should not be underestimated, sources said. The Bills could end up in a special trust for a period of time following Wilson's death, as well, but whether it's within a year of his passing or five years after, the team will be going to sale.

Young fan and Palace usher in EPIC dance-off during Pistons-Knicks game (VIDEO)

The New York Knicks played the Detroit Pistons at the Palace of Auburn Hills last week and, as it has been most of the season with the Knicks, the real story is about the dance.

New York may have benched the Knicks City Dancers, but James Dolan might want to rescind his "Footloose" edict and take a cue from these dancing Detroiters.

This young fan with mad moves got into an impromptu dance-off with a Palace usher and it was captured on the arena "Dance-Cam" in all its glory. Even if you aren't big on these fan participation camera shots, you'll love this showdown between the gleeful kid and The Rock lookalike.

The Pistons waltzed to an 92-86 victory.

Marcus Mariota's first INT toss in over a year is two-man beauty (VIDEO)

Marcus Mariota’s streak of 343 unintercepted passes ended pretty quickly Saturday. On the first play from scrimmage against Arizona, the Oregon Ducks quarterback threw his first interception in over a year resulting in a highlight clip for the ages.

Wildcats linebacker Scooby Wright comes down with the pick with some ridiculous help from his teammate Shaquille Richardson to end Mariota's remarkable run.

Wright picked off Mariota after the ball had been deflected first by Oregon receiver Bralon Addison, then saved from hitting the turf by a diving Richardson.

That teamwork might have set the tone for the game as the Wildcats went on to rout No.5 Oregon 42-16.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

ECU uses billboard to proclaim superiority in North Carolina (PHOTO)

Earlier this season East Carolina defeated North Carolina 55-31, and on Saturday the Pirates beat North Carolina State 42-28. Both wins came on the road, which means that East Carolina is only a victory over Duke away from winning a North Carolina trifecta.

Unfortunately, unless the two meet in a bowl game, that matchup isn't going to happen, but the good news is that didn't stop somebody from claiming ownership of the state for the Pirates on Saturday with this billboard.

Southampton goalkeeper gives up easy goal on boneheaded play (VIDEO)

Southampton goalkeeper Artur Boruc's ill-advised attempt to dribble past Arsenal's Olivier Giroud went horribly wrong Saturday and left Boruc looking more like Borat.

During the 22nd minute, Boruc received a harmless back-pass with Giroud yards away, but seemed to lose his mind while dawdling on the ball. As the Frenchman approached, Boruc dribbled the ball to his left, successfully evading the striker.

But rather than kick the ball away, Boruc turned back the other way, then back AGAIN - whereupon Giroud decided he'd had enough. He snatched the ball the fallen keeper and scored an easy goal in the open net, putting the Gunners 1-0 up and on course for what would end up as a 2-0 win.

Maybe Borac should plead temporary insanity to his baffled teammates.

Derek Jeter reveals his favorite underwear at pop-up store

If you're like many New York Yankees fans this off-season, the burning question concerning Derek Jeter doesn't have anything to do with with his bum ankle or how he wrangled a $12 million contract out of Hal Steinbrenner.  It's all about his undies.

The Yankee shortstop let curious fans in on what’s going on underneath his pinstripes at Thursday’s opening of Frigo’s pop-up store in Manhattan's Meatpacking District, according to the N.Y. Post.

Yes... pop-up underwear store ... in the Meatpacking District.

The Yankee slugger is a fan of the brand’s RevolutionWear skivvies, which run $100 each and feature an inside pouch that can be adjusted for a customized fit. 

But don’t expect Jeter to appear in an ad in his high-tech, high-priced undies — dubbed by some as the “TempurPedic banana hammock” — anytime soon. “It’d be too embarrassing,” he told Page Six, noting he is pals with the brand’s Mathias Ingvarsson.

Off the field, Jeter has a new gig with Simon & Schuster, Jeter Publishing. “I am interested in people’s stories,” he told Page Six. “I like to read about success stories but, more importantly, when the end result is success, the failures leading up to it. I think a lot of times people see success stories and people automatically assume they started there. I like to see the whole process.”

From now on, it sounds like his lady friends can expect some lively reading material next to the autographed baseball in his infamous swag bags the morning after.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Cameraman gets trampled by football team... but seems to like it (VIDEO)

A sports cameraman got a little too close to the action at a high school football game last week and ended up getting trampled by virtually an entire team.

On the opening weekend of the Texas football playoffs, David Amador traveled to Harlingen to cover their game against McAllen Memorial on November 16, reports The Big Lead. Amador’s video footage shows him filming the pre-game ritual which involved the Harlingen players entering a giant Cardinals helmet, as smoke was set off inside of it.

In his zeal to get as close to the action as possible, Amador stands less than 10 feet away from the players. Next they start to run out of the helmet, which should be the reporter’s cue to get out of the way.

Instead, Amador stands his ground and it isn’t long before he is soon knocked to the ground by a steady stream of players.

Oddly, Amador doesn’t seem to mind be roughed up by the players and can even be heard laughing during the stampede.

By the end of the video, Amador is flat on his back while he continues to film what is going on around him — only now he is upside down.

"I got knocked down but that's okay its football time!," yells the exuberant Amador, who doesn't seem to mind getting manhandled. 

This is a guy who clearly loves his job.

Former NFLer Channing Crowder admits that he urinated on himself before every game for six years (VIDEO)

Former Miami Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder has revealed in an interview that he used to urinate on himself during every game of his six-year career in the NFL.

The 29-year-old Crowder — the son of former Dolphins defensive lineman Randy Crowder — retired from football in 2011 after being released by the team.

The former player's frank but embarrassing confession went viral on YouTube Tuesday after his appearance on an NFL Films Presents segment about players' and coaches' hidden talents. 
For the outspoken Crowder, his special skill was taking a leak on himself – for fun.

"I never went to the bathroom in the toilet," he unabashedly declared. "Every game I peed myself. Six years straight I peed down my leg. I would just be in the huddle and just... pee."

A graduate of the University of Florida, Channing Crowder was the Dolphins' third-round pick in 2005, the Sun-Sentinel reported. 

He took part in a total of 82 games, and according to Crowder, he relieved himself on the gridiron during every one of them.

Mariano Rivera on A-Rod's behavior: 'I would have done it too'

He might not be one of the first major leaguers you would expect to come to Alex Rodriguez's defense but Mariano Rivera professed support for his embattled former Yankees teammate and said he would have defended himself the same way if a similar situation had it ever developed.

"I would have done it, too," Rivera said Thursday during a ceremony in New York City to rename a section of Broadway "Mariano Rivera Way" for one day. "Everybody has to defend themselves. In a situation like that, it's hard. We're still human beings.

"He has a right to defend himself, that's all I can tell you."

Rodriguez is currently embroiled in a battle with Major League Baseball, which has levied a 211-game suspension against the third baseman for his alleged involvement with performance-enhancing drugs connected to the Biogenesis case. Rodriguez stormed out of the hearing on Wednesday, then took his plea to the public, appearing for a lengthy interview on WFAN, where he declared his innocence.

The non-confrontational Rivera isn't speculating about the possibility that A-Rod used PEDs and said he believes Rodriguez. 

"I don't want to second-guess no one," he said. "If he tells me something, I'm going to believe him. But again, that's me. He's my friend. He tells me something, I'm going to believe him."

If the retired Rivera's unsolicited support was a sign he is planning to continue working with the Yankees in some capacity, the Hall of Fame closer offered a plain-and-simple, "No."

When asked why, Rivera laughed.

"I don't want to," he said.

Ed Reed offers $20K reward for turnovers on 'Wanted' T-shirts

The takeaway-starved New York Jets are apparently trying to buy their fumbles and INTs against the Baltimore Ravens this week.

Two members of the defensive secondary, Antonio Cromartie and Ed Reed, showed up Thursday in the team's locker room wearing identical black T-shirts that featured an old Western "Wanted" poster on the front.

The shirt includes a picture of a football and the words: "WANTED: In the air or on the ground. $20,000."

In the post-BountyGate NFL, the Wild West-style incentive may cause a ruckus but Cromartie said he got the shirt from Reed, who told reporters: "No, I'm not offering 20 grand for a turnover. I like how you tried to work that. It's a shirt, man. I like how you did that. It's funny how you guys twist our words."

The Jets are 28th in interceptions and 30th in the league in fumble recoveries. Overall, the Jets and the San Diego Chargers are tied for last in the NFL with seven takeaways this season — not something most expected from a team led by the defensive-minded head coach Rex Ryan.

Hopefully, Roger Goodell won't go all Wyatt Earp on the guys.

100-yard long American flag rips in half during opening ceremony (VIDEO)

During the opening ceremony of the Bills-Jets game on Sunday, a giant, 100-yard long American flag ripped into two halves during the national anthem.

The hilarious moment was captured on camera by someone in the crowd (who can be heard laughing out loud in the video).

It was a rough day all around at Ralph Wilson Stadium. During the second quarter of the game, a fan fell from an upper tier railing on top of another man in the section below. 

Lamar Odom raps about doing drugs and cheating on wife (VIDEO)

It looks like Lamar Odom's highly-publicized drug problem is only getting worse — at least that's how it looks in this video — shot this month and obtained by TMZ — showing the former NBA player shirtless and incoherently rapping with some other dude.

The totally out-of-it Odom talks about drugs, making money without the NBA, and cheating on his wife Khloe Kardashian in what has to the most damning evidence that this guy needs real help for his drug addiction — and fast.

In the embarrassing "rap" video, Odom mumbles about making money off his fragrance "Unbreakable," and how he smokes drugs to make "the pain go away." He even drops brother-in-law Kanye West's name.

But in the incriminating part — Lamar raps, "And when Khloe's out of town / I still be on the DL." His friend then follows up, "You know what it is / We the QU [Queens] pimps / Ask any of these shorties / We ran through their cribs."

In other words: when his wife is away, Lamar will play.

As TMZ reported, Lamar's currently training hard in Rhode Island, trying to get back in shape for the NBA — but drugs are still obviously a big part of his life.

It's pretty hard to watch this video without cringing.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Concussion alters Rick Nash’s perspective on NHL 'headshots'

Rick Nash claims his whole outlook at hockey changed after Sharks defenseman Brad Stuart delivered the concussion-inducing headshot (video below) in San Jose on Oct. 8 that sidelined him for six weeks and 17 games.

The Rangers winger claims he wasn't expecting flowers, or anything from Hallmark for that matter, but Nash told the N.Y. Post he would have handled the situation differently if was on the other end of the play.

“Maybe he didn’t think it was so bad, I don’t know; not getting a call or text isn’t anything I’ve thought about,” said the Rangers’ winger, who returned to the lineup for Tuesday’s 2-1 loss to the Bruins. “I don’t think he was obligated.

“But for me, I would somehow have reached out to the guy under a similar circumstance. I don’t ever want to be in that spot or put anyone in that situation, but if so, I would do that.“We’re all in this together.”

The 29-year-old Nash said the comparatively lengthy recovery process attached to what was his second concussion in eight months has altered his perspective.

“I’ve come to realize that with all this stuff going on, I’m going to have more than half of my life to live after I retire,” he said. “There’s a lot to life after hockey.

“Headshots are a serious problem in the game. You see them all the time,” said Nash, whose team will play in Dallas on Thursday to open a five-game trip including stops in Nashville, Tampa Bay, Florida and Boston. “You watch the highlights and it seems like there’s a headshot every night.

“Something has to change.”

Stuart was suspended for three games for the questionable hit. And Nash agrees. But he won't put the onus of safety entirely on VP Brendan Shanahan, the Department of Player Safety or the NHL. The burden, Nash believes, is on the players to change their behavior.

“As a union, all the players are in it together,” Nash said. “I understand how it happens, the game is so fast, things happen quickly, and I know that I’ve had some hits that have been close calls, but we all have to take responsibility for changing some of the things we do out there.

“I understand that we don’t want to have huge suspensions for plays that are spontaneous and I’m OK with that, but the players as a group and the union have to take more responsibility for stopping these kinds of hits,” he said. “It’s up to the guys to have more respect for each other and our careers.”

Nash, who played just under 18 minutes  in his return, said he is playing with a clear mind; unafraid and unencumbered by doubt regarding his well-being on the ice.

“I’m confident. I know we covered every angle,” he said. “The organization made sure that I was checked by specialists, got all the time I needed and all the answers I was looking for.

“A big part of my recovery and me feeling as secure as I do is because the organization was so supportive. I couldn’t ask for more.”

ESPN TV ad foreshadowed the Kinsler-Fielder trade three years ago (VIDEO)

Call it a strange episode of life imitating art imitating life — or something like that.

Prince Fielder and Ian Kinsler were swapped in a blockbuster deal between the Detroit Tigers and Texas Rangers on Wednesday night. The trade seemed to take many by surprise, but if conspiracy buffs were paying attention to their Sunday Night Baseball ads back in 2010, they probably think this spot had something to do with the deal.

Coincidence? Premonition? Weird.

Manning-Romo tickets almost as expensive as Manning-Brady

If you've ever had doubts that the Manning family is indeed football royalty, maybe the ticket prices of the respective games featuring Peyton and Eli this Sunday will convince you of their pedigree compared to the rest of the commoners in the NFL.

Throw in a prince, Tom Brady, and a jester, Tony Romo , and you have a couple of Week12 royal rumbles.

If you're looking for a cheap ticket to see Peyton's game in New England against Brady and the Patriots, you're probably going to want to stop looking because they're nowhere to be found. According to the average ticket price for Sunday night's game is $385. That's the most expensive average of the 2013 season and only $7 cheaper than the $392 average for last season's AFC Championship game between the Patriots and Ravens.

You can get into the Broncos-Patriots game for less than $385 though. The cheapest ticket to see Manning vs. Brady on Sunday is going for $175 on the secondary market.

The cheapest ticket to see Eli and the Giants against Romo and the Cowboys in New Jersey is going for $167. After starting 0-6, the Giants are relevant again and that $167 ticket price is proof.

Jose Canseco pulled over by cops with diaper-wearing goats in his car (PHOTO)

Jose Canseco's life seems made for social media —and he's tweeted some doozies —but this one is hard to explain.

The former major league ballplayer was pulled over by police Wednesday night and — like the headline says — he had some goats in his car including one wearing a diaper.

Canseco posted a photo of one of his bleating passengers with Johnny Law's flashing lights in the background and these words:

"Just got pulled over with goats in the car. The cop laughed at our poor goats. Awesome"
He claims he was doing a documentary about "fainting goats" with his girlfriend. You figure it out.