Friday, August 24, 2012

D-II Emporia State coaches start water balloon fight during practice

It's a sweltering day during football practice and the players are baked and tired from working out under the hot Kansas sun.  What can a coach do to cool off the team and raise morale at the same time?  At D-II college Emporia State, the coaches came up with a unique idea.  While the players were doing "up-downs"— they rolled up in a golf cart and start throwing water balloons at the young men.

It's not like it was one-sided because the coaches hid a bunch of water sacks in the end zone and it turned into a full-out war.

Watch the video as the Hornets players turn into little kids and cool off.

Head coach Garin Higgins said he wanted to "break up the monotony" of practice and pick up their spirits in training camp.

Looks like he did a good job.  Too bad he was the main target of the water balloon soaking.  Maybe that's not such a bad thing if you're dealing with a roasting August day in Kansas.

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