Friday, August 10, 2012

NBC takes heat for hot video of female Olympic athletes

Female athletes have been garnering a lot of the attention at the 2012 London Games, but NBC  apparently thinks the reason people are watching is because of their bodies and not their abilities.

The network was getting a lot of criticism Friday morning after releasing a video called "Bodies in Motion," a slow motion montage of female athletes set to what the website Jezebel describes as "soft core porn music."

In the video, all of the women compete in scantily-clad sports and the camera angles seem to concentrate on the ladies' specific body parts— i.e. T & A.  They also throw in some lip licking and teammate hugging for more thrills.


The video shows only women in bikinis, short skirts and tight uniforms.  So if you're looking for any fencers or judoka, don't bother.

It is noteworthy that NBC has not yet released an all-male version of "Bodies in Motion."

NBC did not make the video embeddable and attempts to download the page Friday morning was met with an error message, according to the New York Daily News.  A media representative told the newspaper he was "looking into" whether or not the video had been taken down.


  1. 0:30 pretty sure that's a dude

  2. So a video was made of things we can already see on prime time TV, on the web, and on any media outlet covering the olympics ?

  3. So what?!?! Those female athletes worked hard to have such great looking bodies and they ALL love the attention. If you don't like it, don't watch it. Geez...

  4. This only offends fat chicks

  5. That was hot... could have been better but cant complain.
    They have done all the work to look so good on this stage why sully it by making it into something it shouldnt be.
    Yes all the olympic women are hot so what I thank them..

  6. Wrong is wrong. NBC exec's should be fired. Women are not sexual objects. They are people and to treat them less than a person should be treated is wrong. Take a closer look at the people responsible for these decisions and possible harassment allegations that have come their way in the past. There could be some truth to them. I am not saying there is, just take a closer look at their past. Filth comes in all kinds of packages, even nice looking suits! Would these same decision makers want their wives or daughters be treated with such lust? Get a back bone and be a Leader!