Friday, August 17, 2012

F1 racing car drives through Lincoln Tunnel in under 30 seconds

The commute from New Jersey to New York just got a little faster— make that a lot faster— if you are lucky enough to be David Coulthard and drive your Formula 1 race car through the empty lanes of the Lincoln Tunnel for a video shoot to promote the "Grand Prix of America" race tentatively scheduled to take place in New Jersey next June.

Besides fantasizing of getting behind the wheel of his 900-horse power vehicle, weekday commuters can only dream about actually getting through the traffic-less tube in under 30 seconds.

Coulthard reached speeds of 190 mph.  Speed Racers beware.  The speed limit is 35 but poor nine-to-fivers will be lucky to top out at seven.

Coulthard, the current Red Bull Racing Formula 1 Running Car driver, roared through the 1.5 mile tunnel on Wednesday morning with a camera placed in the race car's cockpit.

It was the second time that day the race team revved their engines in the area.  Earlier, Coulthard took a lap on the proposed 3.1 mile course which runs through the streets of Jersey City and Weehawken, N.J..

Wednesday's events may dictate whether the Grand Prix race will take place at all, according to a race spokesman.

"The Grand Prix is not yet an official race," said Leo Parente, a former Formula 1 racer.  "Generally, Formula 1 races are not official until the beginning of the year because local business or politics may interfere with planned races.  Events like this build excitement for the race."

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