Friday, August 31, 2012

Favre wants to keep picture of privates out of court

It's baaaack.  Former NFL quarterback Brett Favre's little friend is back in the news — or maybe not.

The disgraced QB has asked a Manhattan judge to prevent the photo he allegedly sent of his penis to  Jenn Sterger, a female Jets game hostess in 2008, from being used in a Supreme Court lawsuit.

The former Green Bay Packers legend and New York Jets signal caller is trying to prevent lawyers in the sex harassment case from using the photo as evidence against him.

"They are irrelevant and embarrassing and designed only to vex and harass," Favre's lawyer, Sharon Stern, said in court papers filed Thursday.

But the lawyers for two massage therapists who are suing the married grandfather for sexual harassment say the picture of his naughty bit is essential to their case.

"How could [the photo] not be relevant?" asked Elizabeth Eilander, an attorney for therapists Christina Scavo and Shannon O'Toole.  "It has to do with the course of conduct in which he engaged — unfettered, aggressive flirtation with various women."

In 2011, the women claimed Favre tried to lure the two Jets employees into a sexual rendezvous  back in 2008.  It is also alleged that the quarterback tried to lure Sterger into a "relationship" by reportedly sending the X-rated snapshot of his member to her around the same time.

Eilander is insisting that such sexting showed a certain pattern of behavior during that period of Favre's life.

Favre has never admitted or denied being the sender of the photo — and his lawyers are arguing to keep it that way.

"There are no allegations in the complaint that defendant Favre ever revealed himself to either [massage therapist] ot that the defendant Favre sent plaintiffs any photographs whatsoever — let alone graphic pictures of himself," they said.

O'Toole's lawyer, David Jaroslawicz, said Favre's attorneys have submitted legal papers "six inches deep" to prevent their client from testifying under oath.

Both therapists contend that they were fired by the Jets in retaliation for Scavo's husband — after he found out about the alleged bedroom proposition — calling Favre and berating the quarterback in a phone message.  They are seeking unspecified money damages.

Favre claims that neither incident ever happened.

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