Wednesday, August 15, 2012

10-year old boy gives his medal to heartbroken Canadian relay team

After a Canadian relay team was denied a bronze medal through a technical  disqualification process at the London Games,  a young boy is sending his own soccer medal to the crushed athletes as a token of his appreciation for their sacrifice and hard work.

Ten-year-old Elijah Porter wrote a letter to the 4x100m men's relay team on his Twitter account hoping it would "touch their hearts." The post was noticed by runner Justyn Warner who re-tweeted it to his thousands of followers.

Along with the handwritten letter was a photo of the Timbits soccer medal the Newfoundland youth won as a four-year old.  The letter read:

"When I heard what happened on Aug. 11, I knew it was wrong. The rules were not right.  We're Canadians.  We persevere.  We create better lives for each other.  The cold didn't stop us from living in the north.  We didn't lose the War of 1812.  We adapt and survive."

The Canada team lost the bronze after coming in third place behind Jamaica and the U.S..  The squad was disqualified after it was ruled Jared Connaughton, running on the third leg, stepped on the line as rounded the bend.  The team was already celebrating their astounding finish— with Canadian flags draped around their shoulders— when they were informed about the ruling.  Tears of joy turned to tears of heartbreak.

The letter and medal from the home schooled boy may not be Olympic bronze but is tugging at the heartstrings of the team and a whole country.

Porter wrote "It's just a Tim Horton's medal, but I thought it was better than making it out of paper."

Warner called it "amazing."

Porter, who suffers from Asperger's syndrome, says he hopes to become a biologist when he's older and continue to help out other athletes— if he hits it rich.

"If I get rich, and, if I remember, I will donate money to the summer and winter Canadian Olympians," he said.

He's still bugging his mom wanting to know if she mailed the medal and letter yet.  Something tells me the team already got a message— loud and clear.

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