Friday, August 17, 2012

Formula 1 race car sings 'The Star Spangled Banner'

A Formula 1 race car warmed up its vocal chords before taking a test lap around a track by singing— revving?— the National Anthem with the Statue of Liberty standing in the background.

The car belted out the "The Star Spangled Banner" before making a test run for the proposed "Grand Prix of America" race in Jersey City, N.J. before a smattering of race fans in Liberty State Park along the Hudson River.

It wasn't Whitney Houston, but puts Roseanne Barr's version to shame.

It was a good day for the car, driven by David Coulthard.  After the song and the test run, it got to roar through the Lincoln Tunnel at speeds over 190 mph to help promote the potential race which would run through the streets of numerous New Jersey cities.

At least we didn't have worry about the car messing up the words.

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