Monday, August 31, 2015

Ridiculed courtroom sketch artist paints Tom Brady in new light (PHOTO)

The sketch artist mocked for her terrible rendition of Tom Brady in court is now ready to draw cheers with her new and improved rendition of the embattled Patriots quarterback's chiseled features.

Jane Rosenberg’s new portrait of the Super Bowl champion looks nothing like the monstrous drawing she did of Brady during the quarterback's first appearance in Manhattan Federal Court over the DeflateGate scandal.

And the New York Daily News has the proof:

The first sketch made the handsome four-time Super Bowl champion appear ghoulish — and turned it into an Internet meme sensation.

“I still found him very hard to draw — from a photo as well,” the sketch artist of 35 years said. “Something subtle goes on with his eyes. He has a big chin with a cleft in it.”

And like some NFL defenses, Rosenberg sees him more than she cares to admit.

“(Brady is) in my dreams, it’s a nightmare for me,” Rosenberg said. “I hope this thing gets settled and is over with.”

Whether that will happen in the next hearing will remain a mystery until both the player and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell appear before Judge Richard Berman Monday morning regarding the case stemming from Brady's suspension.

And Rosenberg will be there, chalk in hand.

“There’s a lot of pressure on me. A lot of eyeballs on me. I just hope my hands can move, period. I know I’m not going to have any sleep tonight,” she said. “I still might blow it; anything could happen.”

Braves, Yankees hold moment of silence for man who died booing A-Rod (VIDEO)

The Atlanta Braves and New York Yankees held a moment of silence before Sunday's game at Turner Field for for the baseball fan who fell over a balcony and died while booing Alex Rodriguez Saturday night.  

A-Rod was one of the players paying their respects to Braves fan Gregory Murrey of Alpharetta, Georgia, who plummeted from the top deck of the stadium during the seventh inning of the game between the Braves and Yankees the night before.

Witnesses claim the 60-year-old insurance broker was screaming at A-Rod — who was on deck and getting ready to pinch hit for the Yankees at the time — when Murrey lost his balance and fell. 

Umpires did not stop the game and play resumed as the injured Murrey was taken to the hospital where he died a short time later.

While the flag flew at half-staff at Turner Field on Sunday, the Braves displayed a photo of Murrey on the video board and observed a moment of silence before the afternoon game.

After the game Rodriguez told reporters: "It’s sad. Upsetting, for sure. My prayers go out to his family." 

Murrey's son, Jason, released a statement to the New York Daily News on behalf of his family.

"Gregory "Ace" Murrey was a husband, father, grandfather, son, brother, and friend to many,' the statement read. 'He dearly loved his family, Atlanta, and the Atlanta Braves.

"The night Greg passed away, he was doing one of his favorite things — watching the Braves.

"At this time, the family wishes for you to respect their privacy as they mourn the loss of such an extraordinarily wonderful man."

Murrey was a season ticket holder at the stadium for 23 years.   


Virginia Tech to honor WDBJ-7 shooting victims with helmet sticker (PHOTO)

Virginia Tech will honor the lives of Alison Parker and Adam Ward, the WDBJ-7 journalists tragically killed by a gunman last week, with a special helmet decal for the season opener at Lane Stadium against No. 1 Ohio State on Sept 7.
The decal design will feature the number seven, with teal and maroon ribbons to honor both Parker (favorite color) and Ward (a 2011 VT grad). The official release from the school details the multiple scholarships that have been set up in their name, including ways to give, and some of the other ways the Hokies have been paying respects over the last week.

The nationally-televised Monday night game will close out this season's first weekend of college football.

U.S. 4X400-meter relay team strikes 'Charlie's Angels' pose before race (PHOTO)

The U.S. Women's 4x400-meter relay team may have only won silver at this year's world championships in Beijing, but the foursome of Francena McCorory, Sanya Richards-Ross, Natasha Hastings and Allyson Felix went onto the track feeling like movie stars.

Before Sunday's race at Bird's Nest stadium, the team struck a pose straight out of "Charlie's Angels" — pointing pistols and all.

And since there's four of them compared to only three from the movie — Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu — we'll just let one take her pick from the TV show which had Jaclyn Smith, Cheryl Ladd, Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Shelley Hack and, oh yeah, Tanya Roberts. 

Wiener dog escapes, runs wild through minor league park (VIDEO)

The El Paso Chihuahuas  hosted the Wiener Schnitzel Weenie Dog Race on Sunday but watch what happened when one of the elongated pups escaped its people and made a break for it.

An adorable dachshund (the breed that looks like a Dr. Seuss drawing) took flight during the event in which the San Diego Padres AAA affiliate staged a race to find out once and for all who was “the fastest wiener in El Paso.”

The happy pooch took a advantage of its freedom and ran roughshod throughout the ball park — eluding handlers and players on his unauthorized tour.

Here's the whole video of the hot dog madness:

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Giants announcer drops birthday cake meant for Carl Banks on air (VIDEO)

Bob Papa, the New York Giants broadcaster calling the "Snoopy Bowl" game against the Jets Saturday night, should have been called for a personal foul after the analyst dropped a birthday cake meant for Carl Banks live on the air.

The former Giants linebacker, who turned 53 on Saturday, was about to receive a cake baked by the the production staff when Papa coughed up the frosted gift.

"You're No. 58, but you're not 58 on your birthday," Papa said before reaching for the cake from off screen. Papa then tried to angle the cake to show it off to the camera, but he tilted it too much and the cake fell right on the floor.

" Fumble," says Banks to his booth partner while throwing his hands up in the air.

At least he didn't say intentional grounding.

CC Sabathia: I was smoking cigar in photo, not a blunt: Report

Apparently, it’s nothing more than a cigar claims CC Sabathia after the Yankees ace posted a picture, taken by an unknown photographer, on Instagram early Saturday afternoon showing him smoking what looks like a funny, little brown cigarette on the balcony of an Atlanta hotel.

On the Instagram account, Sabathia said he was smoking a cigar, but skeptics said otherwise,

“I wear [a Cavaliers] jersey to sleep, so I don’t know if it was [Saturday] or [Friday],’’ Sabathia said after someone contacted his wife beforehand about the photo, but insists it wasn't anything other than tobacco.

"Somebody emailed Amber this morning and said they had pictures of me doing something I wasn't supposed to be doing," Sabathia said before Saturday night's game against the Braves. "And I said, 'I wasn't doing anything I wasn't supposed to be doing.' That's why I put that picture up."

Sabathia, on the 15-day disabled list with right knee inflammation, said he posted the picture before discussing it with his publicist. 

A little more than an hour after he spoke with reporters, the photo of Sabathia — in the white Cavaliers LeBron James jersey — was removed, replaced by one of him sleeping with the caption: "I was told I had to take the pic down by a NY newspaper who bought it $$$."

The caption on the original photo read: "Shout out to the Paparazzi for catching me on the smallest balcony ever trying to relax with my 4 kids driving me crazy!"

Marijuana or not, this is the second time in the last two weeks that Sabathia has been at the center of an off-field controversy. On August 17, gossip website TMZ posted a video of him involved in a street fight outside a club in Toronto. In that clip, Sabathia had to be restrained and pushed into a taxi cab before being hauled away.

You go gangsta.

Odell Beckham Jr. gets crowd's approval for 'almost' making another one-handed catch (VIDEO)

Odell Beckham Jr. almost broke the Internet again after almost making another sensational one-handed catch during a preseason game Saturday night.

In the second quarter of of the "Snoopy Bowl" between the New York Giants and the New York Jets, OBJ almost came down with a gravity-defying, one-handed grab by the sideline.

And it has to come to the point these days where the Giants' star receiver now gets roaring cheers even for near-misses — although he did almost make the catch over all-world cornerback Darelle Revis.

Unfortunately, on this one, OBJ had one foot out of bounds. But the Giants fans didn't mind.
Sounds like almost does count in Giants football.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Kevin Kiermaier left hanging on curious home run at Tropicana Field (VIDEO)

Kevin Kiermaier was left in a precarious position after climbing the wall during Kendrys Morales' curious home run that bounced off Tropicana Field's catwalk Friday night.

The Rays player has been one of the best defensive outfielders in Major League Baseball this season, but even Kiermaier couldn't anticipate — or figure out — what happened on this play.

After Morales connected in the top of the third inning, Kiermaier ran back and scaled the center-field fence, appearing to get in position to try a home-run-preventing catch. 

But the ball never came. With Kiermaier hanging onto the fence with his hands — and then his right foot — the ball struck a catwalk and dropped to the ground perhaps 20 feet in front of the fence. It was ruled a double at the moment by umpires, but after a huddle they determined it was a home run. 

At least Kiermaier got to stretch out that right hammy.

Al Arbour, who led Islanders to four straight Stanley Cups, dies at 82

New York Islanders fans will be losing more than Nassau Coliseum this season, they will also be without one of the men who helped bring the old arena to prominence.

Al Arbour, the Hall of Fame Islanders coach who combined old-school discipline with out-of-the-box creativity to produce a modern sports dynasty with four straight Stanley Cup titles, died Friday after a long illness. He was 82.

The Islanders confirmed Arbour's passing in a statement Friday.

"Al will always be remembered as one of, if not, the greatest coaches ever to stand behind a bench in the history of the National Hockey League," Islanders president and general manager Garth Snow said. "The New York Islanders franchise has four Stanley Cups to its name, thanks in large part to Al's incredible efforts.

"From his innovative coaching methods, to his humble way of life away from the game, Al is one of the reasons the New York Islanders are a historic franchise. On behalf of the entire organization, we send our deepest condolences to the entire Arbour family."

The cause of death is not known, but Arbour had been suffering from dementia and Parkinson's disease.

And when the Isles hang their banners in the rafters of Barclays Center this fall, they will do so with Arbour's legacy: No team in any major sport has won four straight titles since Arbour's Islanders did it from 1980-83. No other NHL team, before or since, has won 19 consecutive playoff series. No coach did it better.


Futsal player kicks opponent in throat for showboating (VIDEO)

A frustrated Brazilian futsal (five-on-five indoor soccer) player used an opponent's head for a soccer ball after taking exception to a little showboating on the court.

After No. 10 in orange seemed to be dominating play, her angry opponent in black came over and landed a full-on corner kick to her throat.

The Mean Girl's facial was a vicious and dangerous action, but it looked like the shaken No. 10 was okay.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Odell Beckham Jr. becomes new NFL spokesperson for Head & Shoulders (VIDEO)

It looks like Odell Beckham Jr. took that New York Giants' 'Spa Day' a just a little too seriously.

Just a day after coach Tom Coughlin let Giants players choose from an array of body-soothing therapies such as a massage, yoga and placing their legs in compression boots instead of practice, Procter & Gamble released a 70-second YouTube video on Friday to announce Beckham Jr. as the new NFL spokesperson for Head & Shoulders, one of its most recognizable brands.

The second-year NFL player will become the "hair apparent" to replace Troy Polamalu, who retired in April, and shoulder a bulk of the ad time for the dandruff shampoo.

Beckham, along his with two-toned, blonde frohawk, became a sensation in just three months last fall. And besides catching 91 passes, including this well known grab, for 1,305 yards and 12 TDs in 12 games, the AP Offensive Rookie of the Year has landed numerous other endorsement deals.

Just guessing we'll be seeing OBJ's one-handed lather soon.

Sarah Palin defends Curt Schilling, rips ESPN on Facebook

Sarah Palin had some harsh words for ESPN on Thursday night, calling the network "whimpering" and "intolerant" for suspending baseball analyst Curt Schilling for a tweet comparing radical Muslims to Nazis.

In a blistering Facebook post titled "ESPN IS A JOURNALISTIC EMBARRASSMENT," the former governor of Alaska and Republican vice president candidate accused ESPN of buying into terrorist propaganda and advancing "liberal global politics."

Palin's post tore into the sports network. In it she wrote:

"ESPN what happened to you? Your intolerant PC police are running amok and making a joke out of you! By picking and choosing who they'll tolerate and who they'll try to destroy, ESPN has zero credibility as a sound and reasonable media outlet."

Schilling was removed from ESPN’s Little League World Series and Sunday Night Baseball coverage earlier this week after tweeting out a meme that read: "Only 5-10% of Muslims are extremists. In 1940, only 7% of Germans were Nazis. How'd that go?"

Palin wasn't done there. She accused ESPN of using her name and reputation to spew "crude, rude bile" and said the network’s on-air talent condoned misogyny and violence against women.

"One ESPN affiliate's on-air rant featuring their misogynist, animalistic "analysts" grunting and giggling through an entire x-rated celebration of violence against women didn't even draw a chirp from ESPN's wussified leaders," Palin wrote. "Look it up; I don't want to have to recount it."

Palin was referring to a September 2011 interview on ESPN radio affiliate KWWM, based out of Las Vegas, in which famed boxer Mike Tyson made crude and offensive remarks about a reported relationship between Palin and former NBA star Glen Rice.

Palin went on to defend Schilling's tweet, saying there was nothing wrong with it except that the numbers were off.

"Reports show it's 88% of Egyptian Muslims favoring DEATH for anyone who leaves Islam," she wrote. “The majority of Muslims in many other places share the sentiment. In America, these views could be correctly described as ‘extreme.’

“The difference between Hitler’s army and the genocidal maniacs of ISIS is that the jihadists don’t have as much power… yet.”

She closed her argument by accusing ESPN of buying into the propaganda of ISIS and other terror organizations because they denied the accuracy of Schilling's tweet and would rather concentrate on liberal global politics instead of sports.

Palin wrote, "Two -- Schilling -- was he wrong? No! In fact his stats were too generous is estimating Muslim's attitudes."

Schilling did delete the tweet and apologized for it.

Jets' Nick Mangold helped police nab car burglary ring: Report

A group of teenage car burglars learned what NFL defensive lineman have known for years — don't mess with Nick Mangold.

The New York Jets All-Pro center heard his car alarm go off on Sunday morning while at his home in Chatham, N.J., and when he went to check it out, he found the vehicle's door was ajar. Mangold then picked up his phone and dialed 911 to report the suspicious activity, according to TMZ.

TMZ detailed the arrest:

"Cops rushed to the 'hood and tracked down 5 suspects, just one mile from Mangold's crib. An 18 and a 19-year-old were arrested, along with 3 juveniles. ... We're told there's been a string of more than 40 car burglaries in the area recently!"

Knowing that the "hood" happens to be an upscale, tree-lined suburb filled with million-dollar "cribs" doesn't take anything away from Mangold's assist in the collar.

Earlier in the week, NJ Advance Media reported that five teens were charged "in connection with more than two dozen car burglaries that were reported over the weekend in one Chatham Borough neighborhood,"

The total amount of property reported stolen was roughly $40 in change and small bills, three wallets, and a tool set valued at $75, police said.

Well done Nick. Now go out and protect your quarterback — starting in the locker room.

Rutgers giving $100,000 to 100 fans in attendance if team returns 1st kickoff for TD

Rutgers is doing everything it can to have students fill High Point Solutions Stadium for the Scarlet Knights’ opener against Norfolk State on Sept. 5. So much so, the school is willing to pay $100,000 to 100 randomly chosen students if RU takes its first kick return of the season into the end zone.

That's $1,000 to each lucky student after they divvy it up.

The Knights' kick returner, Janarion Grant, is always a threat to take it in but it's still a long shot. He returned a kick for a touchdown in 2013, and averaged over 25 yards per return last season.

But, on that first kickoff, you can bet the Junior player will hear more cheers from the entire student section — well, at least 100 of them — than he's ever heard before.

No word on a do-over if the Norfolk kicker boots it out of the end-zone for a touchback.

And you thought sports gambling was dead in New Jersey.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Usain Bolt gets hit by Segway after completing sprint double (VIDEO)

Shortly after Usain Bolt won a fourth 200-meter title and a 10th gold overall at the world championships on Thursday, a cameraman proved that the World’s Fastest Man is still no match for one on two wheels.

While taking in the victory with a bare-footed walk on the track, some doofus on a Segway ran into Bolt from behind and knocked the Jamaican sprinter for a loop.

The Olympic champion flipped over before getting back on his feet and then briefly holding his left leg. After regaining his composure, he walked back to the cameraman to make sure he was OK, too.

"It took me out pretty well," Bolt said. "But I'm OK. No issues so I'm happy about it."

IK Enemkpali once punched a ‘man he thought was a woman’: Report

Two weeks after Ikemefuna Enemkpali was released by the New York Jets for punching out  his then-quarterback Geno Smith in a locker room incident, the outside linebacker's fists are in the news again — this time because of a catfishing incident first reported by ESPN.

According to an "Outside the Lines" report, Enemkpali missed Louisiana Tech's season opener in 2011 because he had injured his hand after punching "a man he thought was a woman with whom he had arranged to have sex."

ESPN cited an obtained copy of a police report which said Enemkpali began exchanging Facebook messages with a "Missy Lee" on Sept. 1, 2011. But after meeting "Missy Lee" in person, he realized the individual — who had been "covered head-to-toe in a blanket" — also had "facial hair."
According to ESPN, the police report states that Enemkpali "felt that he was being 'set up' for a robbery of some type. Enemkpali stated that fearing for his safety, he then struck the subject in the blanket. Enemkpali stated that after he struck this person, their voice changed to that of a male. Enemkpali stated that he then left the residence through the window."
He also reportedly told police that he began receiving texts in which "Missy Lee" accused him of "punching her and knocking out her teeth" and also threatened "U are going to jail." Enemkpali reportedly offered $500, but "'Missy Lee' demanded $1,000 or the police would be called."

Police later traced the phone number to a man named Ketryn Anderson, who, according to his Facebook page, is a "senior pastor and founder of Life Community Church" in Shreveport, Louisiana,  according to ESPN.

Enemkpali off-the-field issues kept NFL teams away during the 2014 draft process and, before the start of the 2011 season, he reportedly was suspended after he hit an off-duty officer. He was charged with disturbing the peace and battery of a police officer, but was reinstated by the team and played in the 2011 season.

The Jets still decided to take a gamble and former Jets general manager John Idzik drafted the Louisiana Tech product in the sixth round.

After Smith suffered a broken jaw in the altercation with Enemkpali,  the 24-year-old linebacker was claimed off waivers by former Jets coach Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said Wednesday that "the matter remains under review."

Reds fan's dog uninterested in game, just wants owner's hot dog (VIDEO)

Wednesday was National Dog Day around the country and what better way to celebrate than by bringing your best friend to a baseball game — namely your pooch.

One lucky pup ended up at Wednesday night's Dodgers-Reds game but seemed way more interested in this hot dog than the game or anything else his owner was yakking about:

Here's just a few of the other canine fans who showed up for Bark in the Park night at Great American Ball Park.

Kevin Kiermaier and Daniel Nava take chest bump to extreme on fly ball in outfield (VIDEO)

Daniel Nava seemed really excited when Rays teammate Kevin Kiermaier caught this fly ball during Wednesday night's game against the Twins. So stoked you might say, that Nava gave his fellow outfielder a premature chest bump congratulation even before Kiermaier hauled in the ball.

Both players came up laughing after the accidental collision and then resorted to a more traditional high-five to celebrate the inning-ending catch.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dez Bryant to appear on cover of 'Rolling Stone' magazine

Like the Dr. John song says: But the thrill we've never known, Is the thrill that'll getcha when you get your picture, On the cover of the Rollin' Stone.

And according to an excited Dez Bryant’s Instagram account, the Dallas Cowboys wide out will be the next face to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. It’s the iconic magazine’s NFL Special, and the Bryant article is titled, “The Trials and Triumph of Dez Bryant.”

"I'm blessed and no one in this world can take that away from me," the NFL player wrote on Instagram. "I wouldn't change a inch of me for the world... God wanted me this way so I embrace it and try to be a strong example for the ones who struggle and think it's never a way ... thank you Rolling Stone for sharing the real Dez Bryant."

The 26-year-old is a two-time Pro Bowler who had 88 receptions for 1,320 yards and 16 touchdowns last season and just signed a five-year, $70 million deal last month.

First Donald Trump and now Bryant. How far we've come from the anti-establishment figures Rolling Stone first put on covers in the 60's.

President Obama claims Derek Jeter hustled him on golf course

Everyone knows how much President Obama loves his golf — and that includes Derek Jeter.

The five-time World Series champion, who was known for his extraordinary hustle on the diamond, apparently brought that same killer instinct to a golf course in Nevada last November when he met the leader of the free world for a friendly round of golf.

Only it wasn't that friendly, if you believe the Prez.

Obama recently discussed his matchup against Jeter, according to Politico's Edward-Isaac Dovere, and it's clear Obama believes he was hustled by Jeter.

The president detailed the events at a Democratic fundraiser Monday night, hosted by Las Vegas Sun owner Brian Greenspun:

"He and Derek Jeter stole money from me at Shadow Creek," Obama said of Greenspun, referring to the course in North Las Vegas. "It was clearly a setup, because when we got to the practice range, he was shanking balls everywhere. I said, 'You play golf Derek?' And he said, 'I just started two weeks ago.'"

They gave Jeter 30 strokes, Obama said, but he realized that was a mistake as soon as they were on the first hole. Jeter crushed him, he said.

Obama could have chalked it up to Jeter's superior athletic skills, but chose to go with the more interesting theory he was taken.

"We had to take a picture of me handing Derek Jeter money at the end of the game. Despite that, Brian is a great friend."

But really. Who gives anyone 30 strokes? Or maybe Obama thought he was playing Iran.

Benches clear during Astros-Yankees blowout after Carlos Gomez bat flip (VIDEO)

There wasn’t much for Yankees fans to get excited about during the Astros’ 15-1 beatdown of the Bombers Tuesday night, but Carlos Gomez and the Yankees’ bench did their best to provide a little drama in the top of the sixth when the benches cleared.

After Gomez flied out to center for the second out of the inning, he slammed his bat down, seemingly angry with himself.

As he jogged to first, a voice from the Yankees dugout caught Gomez’s attention and the center fielder jawed back “Shut up” three times.

“I threw my bat in frustration,” Gomez said. “If you scream at me, I’m gonna scream at you back.”
Gomez coyly said he wasn’t sure who was yelling at him, but Yankees manager Joe Girardi admitted he gave the center fielder an earful.

“I just told him to play the game the right way,” Girardi said. “They are kicking our rear ends and show a little professionalism. I know you missed a pitch and you are frustrated by it. … He plays hard but there have been a number of clubs who have taken exception to some of the things he has done on the field.’’

Gomez was confronted by Yankees catcher John Ryan Murphy near the plate before he was pulled away toward his own dugout by his teammates.

According to ESPN New York's Andrew Marchand, Gomez mouthed off some more after the game.

"If they feel frustrated, that's not my problem," Gomez reportedly said. "This is part of the game, part of the nature of competition, and those who don't know how to compete, can just go home and cry."

Gomez later hit a three-run homer off Chris Capuano and rounded the base without incident.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

ESPN removes Curt Schilling from LLWS broadcast for 'unacceptable' tweet comparing Muslims to Adolf Hitler

In another controversial statement in a career filled with controversy, Curt Schilling, the former major league pitcher and current ESPN Sunday Night Baseball analyst, paid the price for posting a tweet Tuesday comparing Muslims with Adolf Hitler.

And as of Tuesday afternoon, the former Red Sox starter and current ESPN analyst will no longer appear on the network’s Little League World Series broadcasts after Schilling earlier shared a meme on Twitter attempting to equate the percentage of Muslims who are extremists to the percentage of Germans in 1940 who were Nazis.

Schilling tweeted a photo of Adolf Hitler, with the text: "It is said that only 5-10% of Muslims are extremists ... In 1940, only 7% of Germans were Nazis. How'd that go?"

Above the photo, Schilling wrote on his account @gehrig9: "The math is staggering when you get to true #s").

“Curt’s tweet was completely unacceptable, and in no way represents our company’s perspective,” ESPN said in a statement. “We made that point very strongly to Curt and have removed him from his current Little League assignment pending further consideration.”

Schilling has since deleted his original tweet and apologized for it on his Facebook page Tuesday afternoon.

Wilmer Flores throws out Ryan Howard from his butt (VIDEO)

The Phillies may want to brief Ryan Howard on the fundamentals of baseball — namely running out every play.

Watch as Mets second baseman Wilmer Flores throws out Howard from his butt Monday night when the Phillies' slugger runs towards the dugout instead of first base thinking Flores made the catch:
Flores doesn't even throw the ball, he rolls it!
Way to hustle. I'm guessing there was an unfinished Subway foot-long waiting on the bench that needed tending to.

Jon Stewart gets bodyslammed by John Cena at 'Monday Night Raw' (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart came out of retirement to host the 2015 SummerSlam in Brooklyn Sunday night. The former Daily Show host nearly stole the show when he entered the ring during John Cena and Seth Rollins' match and rammed a metal folding chair into Cena's stomach, rendering the WWE star just vulnerable enough for Rollins to come in and finish him off.

But on Monday, an angry Cena was ready for payback. Appearing on Monday Night Raw alongside the former Comedy Central star, he told Stewart it was time for him to even things out.

"It's kind of like the moment you had last night," Cena told Stewart.

"It was my moment," Stewart agreed. "Tonight is your moment." 

"You did what you felt you had to do," continued Cena. "I understand that. So I know that you're going to understand this, because right now, I'm just gonna do what I gotta do."

And it was on:

While Stewart rolled around in pain on the mat, Cena punched the air and left the ring.

Maybe the 52-year-old comedian is ready to go back to tossing liberal barbs from a desk? I wouldn't count on it.

Yankees beat Astros 1-0 with a 'no-hits' ninth inning walk-off rally (VIDEO)

Carlos Beltran lofted a sacrifice fly to deep center field off Chad Qualls in the bottom of the ninth inning, driving home Brett Gardner with the only run of the game as the New York Yankees defeated the Houston Astros, 1-0, on Monday night at Yankee Stadium.

Nothing exceptional except the that the Yankees did it with a "no-hits" ninth-inning rally for the walk-off victory.
The Yankees scored the winning run on 3 walks and a sac fly for the dramatic win after an old-fashioned pitching duel between Nathan Eovaldi and Scott Feldman.

The Yankees' Eovoldi blanked the Astros over eight innings of four-hit ball, striking out seven around three walks, while Feldman held the home team to six singles over eight scoreless innings, walking none and striking out six.

Oliver Perez issued the three walks (one intentional) and threw a wild pitch in the ninth, loading the bases and prompting Houston to call upon losing pitcher Qualls.

"We've got guys who don't chase out of the zone," Yankees catcher Brian McCann said after the game. "We're going to make you throw strikes. We were able to get three walks in the ninth, and Carlos with the big hit."

Beltran — who became only the sixth player in MLB history to play 1,ooo games in both the American and National League, credited the "no  hits" rally to plate discipline.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Jason Pierre-Paul tries to duck media with really bad decoy: Report

Jason Pierre-Paul's Sunday began nicely enough after the Giants defensive end posted three tweets via his Twitter account.

He said God has bigger plans for him after his fireworks accident, and then even posted a LOL about a typo on it by blaming it on his amputated finger. But before those tweets, Pierre-Paul sent out an Instagram link that announced he and his fiancee would be hosting a back-to-school backpack and school supply giveaway at a church in Sunrise, Fla. — making it his first public appearance since the July Fourth incident.

That got every one's attention.

Media types then sped over to get a glimpse of the since reclusive JPP only to find he went to great — if not exactly well executed — planning to avoid running into the cameras.

Pierre-Paul's ruse included sending out this decoy, who is built nothing like JPP and has his left hand bandaged with what looks like toilet paper when it was his right hand which was injured.

The beleaguered Giants defensive end, whose finger was reportedly amputated after a July 4 fireworks accident, tried to fool a Daily News reporter at a charity event in Sunrise, Fla. by sending out a burly decoy in a bandaged hand who was whisked away in a waiting vehicle.

But the fake football player wrapped up the wrong mitt — in toilet paper, no less — a move even Pierre-Paul's security people admitted was ill-conceived.

As the fake Pierre-Paul was coming out the front, the real one was sneaking out the back, said a security guard at the event.

A glimpse of JPP since the accident is a big deal since he's only been spotted once in over six weeks. Even the Giants have not examined the hand, or have any idea what Pierre-Paul's physical condition is.

Looks like they might want to start with a head examination.

Chris Mullin, St. John's sign four-star forward Kassoum Yakwe: Report

Chris Mullin continued his quest to keep top New York area prospects from slipping away and on Sunday the first year St. John's head coach announced the signing of four-star forward Kassoum Yakwe from Long Island.

Yakwe, from Our Savior New American school,  is the highest-rated of nine recruits signed by Mullin's staff. The 6'7" forward is a consensus top-100 recruit who was rated as high as No. 57 by major recruiting services.

Yakwe, a native of Mali and originally in the class of 2016, will reclassify and enroll for the fall semester, the school announced. Yakwe chose nearby St. John's over Oregon. A talented shot-blocker and lanky athlete, Yakwe excels on the defensive end but has continued to develop his game offensively.

He averaged 10 points and four rebounds last year at OSNA while playing in the shadow of Cheick Diallo, a top-10 recruit who wound up at Kansas. But on the AAU circuit, Yakwe was named Nike Elite Youth Basketball League defensive player of the year, averaging 6.3 rebounds and 3.1 blocks for the PSA Cardinals.

In five games at the prestigious Peach Jam tournament in July, Yakwe posted 9.2 points, 11.4 rebounds and 5.0 blocks per game and shot 67.9 percent from the field.

"We are excited to welcome Kassoum to St. John's University and our basketball program," Mullin said in a statement. "He possesses tremendous athleticism, has good instincts and will be a defensive presence. Kassoum is humble and has an endearing personality, which are important characteristics to team-building."

Yakwe is expected to be eligible for the Red Storm's 2015-16 season.

Cris Carter apologizes for 'fall guy' comments to NFL rookies

Former NFL star Cris Carter has apologized for comments he made a year ago at the 2014 Rookie Symposium, where he advised players to designate a "fall guy" in the event they get in trouble with the law. 

"Just in case y'all not going to decide to do the right thing, if y'all got a crew, you got to have a fall guy in the crew," Carter advised a room full of young NFL players. 
Carter's comments resurfaced in an ESPN profile of former 49ers star Chris Borland this weekend.  Borland, a rookie who retired from football due to concussion concerns, recalled hearing the Hall of Famer offering up the questionable advice during the lecture with co-speaker Warren Sapp.

Borland did not specifically name Carter in the ESPN interview, but the video, initially uploaded by the NFL and since taken down, showed Carter in his 2014 presentation. It was quickly located on the Internet and spread like wildfire.

Carter apologized for the comments on Sunday evening in a series of Tweets:  
The NFL and ESPN, for which Carter is an analyst, quickly distanced themselves from the outspoken former player who beat his own drug and alcohol problems in the past.

"We completely disagree with Cris’s remarks and we have made that extremely clear to him, "ESPN said in a statement. "Those views were entirely his own and do not reflect our company’s point of view in any way."

The NFL called his comments "unfortunate and inappropriate." In a statement, the league said:

This was an unfortunate and inappropriate comment made by Cris Carter during the 2014 NFC Rookie Symposium. The comment was not representative of the message of the symposium or any other league program. The league’s player engagement staff immediately expressed concern about the comment to Cris. The comment was not repeated in the 2014 AFC session or this year’s symposium. 

Sounds like Carter is the one who needs a fall guy.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

IndyCar driver Justin Wilson in coma after being struck in head by piece of wrecked car (Video)

British IndyCar driver Justin Wilson was in a coma and in critical condition after sustaining a head injury when he was hit by a large piece of debris that broke off a car in the crash-filled race at Pocono Raceway.

The debris broke off Sage Karam’s car when Karam spun into the wall Sunday. Wilson’s car veered left and directly into an interior wall. Wilson was swarmed by the safety crew and airlifted by helicopter.

“It’s just a tough one right now,” said Michael Andretti, car owner for Wilson and race winner Ryan Hunter-Reay. “Our thoughts and prayers are with Justin right now. We’re going to see. Hopefully, he’s OK.”

IndyCar had a low-key victory lane and Hunter-Reay was not sprayed with the traditional confetti.

The American said his thoughts were only with Wilson, an extremely popular driver in the paddock who speaks on behalf of his peers regarding safety and competition.

“All I know is that he was unconscious, he was not responding and he was airlifted,” Hunter-Reay said. “That’s all very bad. I’m very worried right now.”

The accident was a grim reminder of the dangers of open-wheel racing. Indianapolis 500 winner Dan Wheldon died in 2011 after his car became ensnared in a fiery 15-car pileup, flew over another vehicle and landed in a catch at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Wheldon’s head hit a post in the fence, and he died instantly.

He was the last fatality in a form of racing that saw drivers Scott Brayton (1996), Tony Renna (2003) and Paul Dana (2006), among others, die after wrecks.

Wilson’s wife, Julia, was en route to Pennsylvania from their home in Colorado, while his younger brother, Stefan, also an IndyCar driver, was traveling from Indianapolis.

There were reports late Sunday that NASCAR driver Tony Stewart had given Wilson’s family use of his private plane so they could get to the hospital.

The race resumed after the Karam and Wilson accident with seven laps remaining and Hunter-Reay picked his way through the field. He passed Juan Pablo Montoya, Takuma Sato and then used a bold inside pass of leader Gabby Chaves to take the lead with five to go.

Chaves then appeared to have an engine failure that brought out the caution with three to go. The race ended under yellow.

The 37-year-old Wilson, a native of Sheffield, England, entered this season without a full-time ride. 

He latched on with Andretti and was in the sixth of seven scheduled races with the team. The deal was put together right before the season-opening race in March and initially started as just a two-race agreement at Indianapolis.

Mets' Triple-A team abandons dugout after sewage overflow (PHOTOS)

Stinking up the joint is a term used pretty often in sports, but never has it been so appropriate as to what happened during a Triple-A baseball game at Cashman Field in Las Vegas Saturday night.

Only this time it had nothing to do with play on the field when a game between the Las Vegas 51s (Mets) and the Omaha Storm Chasers (Royals) was disrupted after sewage from the locker rooms overflowed into both dugouts.
The problem got so bad the Las Vegas players ended up sitting up outside the dugout.
Let's just say the 51s came out smelling like victory after a 9-5 win.

Athletics ballboy lays out to save bullpen from line drive (VIDEO)

An athletic Athletics ballboy went the extra mile — or at least a few extra feet — to save the A's pitchers and closers from a line drive foul ball screaming towards the bullpen Saturday night.

With the ground ball bearing down on the Oakland players during their game against the Rays, there was little time to react, and the fast-thinking A's ballboy laid out to make a spectacular diving catch and save the night — pristine white uniform be damned.

The extra effort earned fist bumps from all of the A's pitching staff and dirt stains worthy of Mike Trout.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Wilmer Flores autographed 'crying in dugout’ photos are available from memorabilia company

Mets fans are no strangers to tears and have had plenty of reason to bawl for about the last decade or so.

So what better gift for your Metsie than a photo of a heartbroken Wilmer Flores infamously crying in the Citi Field dugout about the trade that never was this summer.

And it's autographed too!

Steiner Sports is selling autographed photos from the July 29 game, when the Mets infielder learned in the seventh-inning that the team was going to trade him and Zack Wheeler for Brewers center fielder Carlos Gomez.

The deal was eventually nixed, but not before Flores' tears were caught by photographers and broadcast cameras through the stadium.

Now images from that night, starting at $69.99, are even being marketed as the "crying in dugout" photo.

“In the game I heard I was getting traded, and I got emotional, and when I came in, they told me there was no trade,” Flores said following the Mets’ 7-3 loss to the Padres. “I was sad, being a Met forever, I have all my teammates here, that’s why I got emotional.”

Two nights later, Flores, who signed with the Mets as a teenager,  hit a walk-off home run to lift the Mets over the Nationals.

"With a script that could not be duplicated in Hollywood," the photo's description reads, "New York Mets shortstop Wilmer Flores turned an emotional moment in the field into an unforgettable one in the batter's box with a walk-off home run in the summer on July 31, 2015."

To be fair, Steiner Sports is selling autographed pictures of the walk-off moment too.

And are those tears of joy I'm seeing Mets fans?

Geno Smith won’t be on sideline for Jets home game against Falcons: Report

Geno Smith was at the Jets' facility Wednesday morning for meetings, but he was not at practice and he will not be on the sideline Friday night when the Jets host the Falcons in a preseason game.

"If he's healthy, he'll be on the sideline," head coach Todd Bowles said of Smith, the Jets quarterback who's out with a broken jaw sustained last week after being punched by then-teammate IK Enemkpali.

"All the injured players won't be on the sideline," Bowles said. "That's just policy. We've got too many guys right now. We've already got 90 guys in camp. Everybody's in the way. If you're a gunner on the punt team and you get pushed into the sideline, if somebody can't get out of the way, they're going to get hurt."

Odd because Muhammad Wilkerson was on the sideline while nursing a hamstring for last week's away game against the Lions. But Bowles said that was because Wilkerson had made the trip to Detroit and was a game-time decision. 

"He will be not be on the sideline this week," Bowles said of Wilkerson's status for this week's home game.

Smith is expected to be out another five to nine weeks. He's had plates and screws inserted into his jaw to stabilize it. The Jets will have to hold a roster spot for him once the regular season begins, but they did add Matt Flynn to be Smith's replacement behind Ryan Fitzpatrick, who's now the starter.
Bowles said Smith's presence at the facility on a full-time basis going forward will depend on Smith's health.

"As he gets better, the longer he can stay out, the more he'll be here," Bowles said.

It's not MetLife Stadium but ... there's always that parking lot to chuck the ball around on.

Victor Cruz creeps out Odell Beckham Jr. in new Foot Locker ad (VIDEO)

Giants fans can't be anything but excited to envision both Victor Cruz and Odell Beckham Jr. being on the field together and catching touchdown passes from Eli Manning this season.

In 2014, Beckham took the football world by storm as he won the AP’s Offensive Rookie of the Year, the PWFA’s Rookie of the Year and went to the Pro Bowl while making one of the most famous catches in the history of the NFL.

Meanwhile, one-time salsa-sensation Victor Cruz suffered a season ending knee injury midway though the 2014 season. He only played in six games and could only watch from the shadow of Beckham's new found fame.

Vastly different seasons, from two vastly talented receivers.

So what do these two rival teammates really think of each other?

A hilarious new Foot Locker commercial imagined the two players talking to each other, but centers on the conversations in their heads. And it's Cruz's creepy smile and inner thoughts about OBJ stealing the spotlight from him last season that will make you crack up.

Here's the dialogue — both inner and aloud:

Odell: Great having you back, Vic. You’re looking fresh. 

Victor: Looks like you were at Foot Locker, too. Anyway, can’t wait to take the field with you this year.

Inner Victor: And take back my life, which you stole. 

Odell: We’re going to have some good chemistry out there. 

Victor: Yup, it’s going to be awesome. 

Inner Victor: Speaking of chemistry, what do you put in that hair?

Odell: If you think about it, we’re lucky to be teammates. 

Inner Victor: Not as lucky as when you made that one-handed catch.

Inner Odell: I do not remember Victor being this weird.

Inner Victor (singing): I am the best, Victor is the best, no one is as good as Victor. 

Giants fans can only be thinking good things about both.

Rusney Castillo forgets how many outs there are, and throws ball to fan in stands (VIDEO)

Rusney Castillo's heart was in the right place, but the Red Sox right fielder's brain seemed to be somewhere else when he made a grab in right field and tossed the souvenir ball to a fan in the stands Wednesday night.

Too bad it was only the second out and there was an Indians runner on base.

The brain-freeze occured in the seventh inning of Boston's 6-4 win over Cleveland when Jose Ramirez popped up a fly ball to Castillo. The Red Sox fielder reeled in the ball and then flicked it into the Fenway stands to some fans waiting with their gloves outstretched — which would've been a cool gesture if the inning had been over. 

Abraham Almonte tagged up at first and casually strolled over to third on what was officially ruled as a throwing error on Castillo.

But since Castillo willingly threw the ball away, was it really an error?

Jason Kipnis struck out in the next at-bat — so no damage was done.

But at least the ball has a nice little story behind it now.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Jason Pierre-Paul nowhere close to return six weeks after surgery: Report

It has been six weeks since Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul blew up his hand and had his right index finger amputated after a fireworks accident on July 4th.

And now, a month-and-a-half later, there is nothing to indicate that JPP is anywhere close to a return or if he is even training or rehabbing. 

There has been nothing but silence from his reps about his injuries, his healing, his plans or his training. And besides spotting a bandaged Pierre-Paul in South Florida several weeks ago, he hasn't spoken or been seen otherwise. 

According to the Giants, they still don't have any idea when he's going to return, or even if he realistically can. 

"Until we see him, we can't make that determination," co-owner John Mara said on WFAN earlier this week. "We've been led to believe all along by his people that he'll be able to play. But again, we'd like to have our doctors take a look at him."

Six weeks was reportedly an important milestone in Pierre-Paul's return. At six weeks the fractures in Pierre-Paul's right hand and thumb were supposed to be healed. Doctors said those parts needed the longest to heal. More so than the amputation, they were the primary complications to his return to the field.

Word was that Pierre-Paul would be returning "sooner than most people think," a person close to the Pro Bowl defensive end claimed at the time of the surgery. The player and his representatives seemed to think Week 1 was a realistic possibility.

But why haven't all of the details of the injuries been revealed by JPP's camp. There was believed to be serious damage to his hand and finger, burns and charred skin. Can't they give more specifics about some of the injuries? Was there a skin graft? And why wouldn't he let the Giants' doctors inspect them? 

It all piles up to one big question: With the Week 1 regular season opener only 25 days away, how can anyone know if Pierre-Paul could possibly return to play in an NFL game within months of such a serious injury?

Pierre-Paul has kept in touch with some teammates. He's communicated with some coaches and had conversations with general manager Jerry Reese and an annoyed Tom Coughlin.

But, as Mara has said on multiple occasions, the Giants still can't be sure how many fingers he even actually has right now.

So with the all important six weeks post-surgery timeline passing, it appears even more likely Pierre-Paul won't be suiting up.