Thursday, August 30, 2012

Maple Leafs invited fans to 'Watch Paint Dry Live' on website

On Wednesday, the Toronto Maple Leafs actually invited their long-suffering fans to "Watch Paint Dry Live" as a crew painted the ice at Air Canada Centre during a live stream on their website.

From the country that brought you the sport of curling, comes the next most riveting activity on ice that requires a brush or a broom.

Everyone knows winter starts sometime around August up north — and Canadians need a hobby to fill those cold and restless days — but watching paint dry on your computer sounds like it needs the fortification of a couple six-packs of Labatt's.

Luckily now you can watch the paint dry in time lapse with a dramatic soundtrack but nothing compares to seeing it live.

Sadly, with an NHL lockout looming, this could end up being the most thrilling hockey video of the NHL season.


  1. Everyone knows winter starts in August?

    You're an idiot.

  2. I'm assuming the title they put up there "Watch Paint Dry Live" was done tongue in cheek.