Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Joe DiMaggio pitching caffeine once again

First, there was that pick-me-up beverage in a can — Jolt.  Now, Arizona Beverages is jumping into the energy drink business with their own caffeine-based drink called "Joltin' Joe" in honor of the all-time baseball great Joe DiMaggio.

The ice tea company is preparing to launch the "lightly carbonated espresso drink" in the New York area featuring a picture of the former New York Yankees slugger on the can.

Slated to hit the market next week, the 15.5-ounce drink will carry 80 milligrams of caffeine — more than twice the amount in Arizona's most caffeinated variety of iced tea but will also contain less than half the sugar.

After a couple hits on that can, people might be yelling, "Let's play three ... or four."

For those of you who can remember the former New York Yankee legend pitching coffee makers back in the '70's — and associate DiMaggio with your morning cup of joe — don't expect Mr. Coffee to be wearing the Yankees' 'NY" in the can's photo.

With a bit of Photoshopping magic, DiMaggio is pictured wearing a baseball cap that says "USA" instead of the iconic Yankees' logo.

"We didn't even ask," the Yankees for permission to use their logo, said Elizabeth Kanna, who is head of media and marketing for Joe DiMaggio LLC.

"We felt the Joe DiMaggio brand seemingly extended into coffee and energy," said Michelle Alfandari, who handles licensing for the DiMaggio estate.  The Yankee Clipper passed away 13 years ago.

The drink will be released nationwide by the middle of September.  Look for Joltin' Joes next to the cans of Arnold Palmers at your local grocer.

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  1. This is the jumpinest Joe drink in town... and exciting...nothing else like
    it as there was no one else like Jumping Joe
    himself...a homerun...should be NY's drink...