Thursday, August 16, 2012

Guy catches foul ball with braided baby in his other arm

Guy catches foul ball while holding kid is becoming a little routine these days but, at Angel Stadium the other night, this little one had pretty cool hair and an attitude to match.

Sure the dad made a pretty nifty single-handed grab of the wayward ball during the Cleveland Indians-Los Angeles Angels game but it was the little girl whose hair was braided into a bedazzled, blond, criss-cross of fashionable squares who got the spotlight.

After her dad snagged the ball, she just looked around coolly while fans cheered and screamed.

Very L.A..


We've seen a rash of guys push their dates out of the way to grab a ball and others tumble over railings to get that souvenir.   Now it's dads with babies.  Let's put an end to this madness now.

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