Sunday, June 29, 2014

Napoli calls Tanaka 'idiot' after serving up game-winning fastball (VIDEO)

Masahiro Tanaka probably didn't know the English word idiot from idol before Mike Napoli smashed a game-winning fastball off the Japanese pitcher Saturday night. But there was no need for a translator after the Yankees' ace shook off catcher Brian McCann's call for a splitter, then a slider before generously serving Napoli an ill-advised fastball.

FOX video cameras caught Napoli calling Tanaka the I-Word after he drilled a two-out, two-strike homer off of him in the ninth inning (Video at bottom) to give the Red Sox a thrilling 2-1 win at Yankee Stadium. 

FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal later caught up with Napoli, who backpedaled on the comment.

"Nothing toward him," Napoli said, according to Rosenthal. "I thought he was going to throw me a split in the dirt. He had been getting me out all night on it."

Idiot in Boston is still a good thing. Right?

In any language — not good.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Little girl gets foul ball, proceeds to lick it (VIDEO)

This little fan at Friday's Diamondbacks-Padres game was lucky enough to get a foul ball, and  immediately proceeded to see what it tastes like.

My guess is plain beef jerky.

Whatever its flavor, there must be something in the hide this season because this Astros fan did his own taste test the other night — and got slapped for it.

Coco Crisp uses ninja move to get out of a rundown (VIDEO)

Coco Crisp got caught in a rundown between first and second after a pickoff attempt Friday night. But the A's outfielder managed to use a ninja-like move to escape the tag.

Now you see him, now you don't.

Even the baffled Marlins players stood around wondering what just happened after Crisp's catlike crawl and slide back to the base.

Friday, June 27, 2014

City cancels 'Sexy Schoolgirl' themed 5K run amid controversy: Report

A North Carolina race that encourages young women to dress like sexy schoolgirls was canceled by organizers, citing "community controversy."

Sexy Schoolgirl 5K race organizers told Raleigh city officials on Thursday they were canceling the race because of a growing backlash against the proposed charity run.

Young women dressed as sexy schoolgirls are seen in several images on the group's social media pages. The photos include captions like "I don't sweat, I sparkle'"and "Friends don't let friends run sexy alone."

The group's website also encourages participants to "pull up those knee socks, strap on those suspenders, and come join the fun!"

The coed races, which do not have a strict dress code, are also normally followed by a pub crawl. Nothing out of the ordinary for a lot of 5 and 10K races. Race participants must be 18 and older. 

Former Raleigh police captain Paula O'Neal criticized the race to town council members, according to the News & Observer of Raleigh.

"I question the message that is being sent and endorsed by the City of Raleigh due to the increasing problem of rape and violence against girls in the schools and on college campuses,'"said O'Neal.

Other factors in the race's cancellation include "a lack of early sign-ups and inadequate organization," the newspaper said.

The group's website says it partnered with the MATHCOUNTS Foundation, which offers mathematics programs and competitions for middle schoolers.

MATHCOUNTS, however, said in a statement that it distanced itself from the Sexy Schoolgirl 5K race after it was "made aware of some of the materials that were designed by the race organizers to promote the race."

The group's website says races are planned for Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Tampa Bay, Florida.

Either way, the schoolgirls' controversy allows us to show track and field's sexiest star Michelle Jenneke for a comparison.

Olympian runs 800m race while 34 weeks pregnant (PHOTOS)

Most pregnant women like to say they are eating for two, but how many can claim they are double-downing the Gatorade after an 800-meter race for the same reason?

Only one.

Five-time U.S. national track and field champion, Alysia Montano, did just that after competing in the USATF Outdoor Championships Thursday— all while she was 34 weeks pregnant.

Not surprisingly, the 28-year-old finished last, with an impressive time of 2 minutes, 32.12 seconds, against a world class field. It was a full 35 seconds short of the Olympian's personal best, but Montano received a well deserved standing ovation at the finish line nonetheless.

Montano's run sparked a lot of conversation about running with child at Hornet Stadium in Sacramento, but she said she felt "really good."

"I've been running throughout my pregnancy and I felt really, really good during the whole process," she said.

Nicknamed the Flying Flower thanks to always racing with one in her hair, she joked about her greatest fear before the race.

"I just didn't want to get lapped and be the first person to get lapped in the 800," said Montano.

This will be her first child with husband Louis, who she married in 2011.

Doctors gave Montano the OK to take part in the race and she hopes it dispels misconceptions over exercise and pregnancy.

"That took away any fear of what the outside world might think about a woman running during her pregnancy," Montano said of getting her doctor's approval.

And, with baby on board, she's halfway to running a four-person relay as well.

Did Zach LaVine say "Bleep Me" when he was picked by Timberwolves (VIDEO)

Zach LaVine, the point guard from UCLA who was drafted with the 13th pick by the Minnesota Timberwolves, didn't look too happy hearing his name called by the team at the 2014 NBA Draft Thursday night.

The moment he was picked, he put his head on the table, got up and mumbled something that lip readers claim was this: "Bleep me."

It was a reaction you might expect from someone headed to a team that forward Kevin Love wants to bail on and already has point guards like Ricky Rubio and Jose Barea on the roster.

LaVine's agent, Bill Duffy, told local reporter Darren Wolfson that his client was just "expressing relief" at being picked.
Umm kay. Glad we cleared that up.

'MLB Tonight' techies have a little fun with Ryan Dempster's suit (VIDEO)

Ryan Dempster wore a bright red suit while on MLB Tonight and, thanks to some TV wizardry from the studio technicians, it turned into different colors while on the air.

Dempster's 50 shades of fashion had his studio co-hosts cracking up and wondering if the always stylish former MLB pitcher was plugged into something under his desk Thursday night.

Just guessing that red is the new orange or yellow or blue or maybe even lime polka dot.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Derek Jeter disses Mark Teixeira in hilarious interview (VIDEO)

Derek Jeter seems to be keeping a relatively low profile during his last season as a Yankee. And — while his farewell tour seems downright somber compared to Mariano Rivera's gag-gift jamboree last season — just a day before his 40th birthday, the Yankees captain showed his lighter side and smashed it out of the park.

Jeter, who would never stare down or bail on an inept interviewer, does exactly that on Mark Teixeira's latest "Foul Territory" video.

Teixeira, playing his recurring role of the nervous host, repeatedly fumbles over his words and facts while trying to interview a bored-looking Jeter at the team's spring training complex in Tampa, Fla.

And Jeter does what he's probably wanted to do many times throughout his 19-year career while talking with the media — he abruptly gets up and walks away.

While Teixeira is no Chris Farley, his short satires put a lot of SNL skits to shame.

Young Astros fan licks foul ball and gets slapped (VIDEO)

This young Astros fan probably knew what would happen if he let his big sister "just hold" his newly caught foul ball — so he made sure to mark it as his own.

To turn that prized souvenir into a gross thing that she would never be able to confiscate, the little imp gave it a quick lick. Which, in that unwritten sibling court of law ruling, legally makes it his property.

Even the playful slap made it worthwhile.

Bonus. Since it fell on the ground, it probably still had that hot dog, peanut and Cracker Jack flavor too.

Carlos Pena's first home run of season lands in tray of brisket (VIDEO)

First home runs of the season usually taste pretty good but Carlos Pena's first dinger of the year had a little bit of mouthwatering Texas flavor to boot.

Pena, called up June 24 after bouncing around MLB for 14 years, celebrated his return to the Rangers by smacking an enormous home run in Wednesday's game against the Tigers.

And if he longed for his old Lone Star State cooking, it showed. The ball went over the right field fence and directly into a tray of BBQ beef brisket.

And this tasty Texas tale doesn't stop there. The guy who got the ball gave it to a cute girl who he had just met five minutes earlier.

That's love — Texas barbecue style.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

NY Giants jerseys will have a little extra flair this season (PHOTO)

The New York Giants will have a slightly different look this season. Their 2014 jerseys will have a patch on the left shoulder to commemorate their 90th season.

Tim Mara, father of Wellington and grandfather of John, founded the Giants in 1925 and the team will commemorate the milestone with the extra flair.

Here's a sneak peak at the patch:

In addition to the patch, the Giants will also go back to the white pants they wore last season against the Raiders and Cowboys. They will wear white pants (with stripes down the sides) for two home games in 2014 — against the Colts on Monday night and the 49ers two weeks later.

The Giants had worn gray pants (home and away) for the better part of the past 15 years.

Now if they could only go back in time and get No. 56 on the front and back of just one of their jerseys.

Phillie Phanatic nails pig mascot with hot dog cannon (VIDEO)

On Dollar Dog Night at Citizens Bank Park, the Phillie Phanatic uses a hot dog cannon to take down a pig mascot.

Who knows why the Phanatic showed no mercy towards the pink porcine visitor, but I would avoid the pork rolls on Wednesday.

Rufus the Hawk is watching over Wimbledon (VIDEO)

Meet Rufus, the woodland hawk and guardian of the Wimbledon skies.

Rufus patrols the airspace above Wimbledon from 5am to 9am every day, scaring off pigeons, which love to munch on the courts’ grass seeds. 

Without this noble bird, one of the world’s most prestigious tennis tournaments would probably be interrupted by pigeons every summer.

His handler, falconer Imogen Davis, says using Rufus as more humane and uncomplicated way to control the pesky invaders — and doesn’t hurt any of his fellow feathered friends. His intimidating stare and majestic air patrols are enough to scare the pigeons away from the courts.

“We use Rufus as a nonlethal deterrent, so he flies when he’s not hungry enough to eat the pigeons, but not full enough to ignore them either.”

Rufus is so popular with fans, he even has his own Twitter account.

And his celebrity status doesn't end there. Rufus also stars in his own video:

Cop snags foul ball, makes sure young Giants fan gets it (VIDEO)

One of SFPD's Finest made a nifty barehanded catch on a foul ball at AT&T Park and was determined to give away the souvenir to a young Giants fan.

The best part? When the cop yanks the ball away from a grabby adult who tried to snatch it as the officer is handing it to a little kid in a panda hat.

But the long arm of the law prevailed.

The nitwit was lucky he wasn't charged with a 10-85: Delay due to stupidity.

Military dad surprises son during first pitch disguised as Royals catcher (VIDEO)

As far as Austin Sides knew, he was just a lucky kid throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at Tuesday night's Royals-Dodgers game in Kauffman Stadium because it was his 11th birthday.

But when the catcher took off his face mask, Sides got an even better birthday present: His father, Air Force Maj. Robert Sides, who had just returned home from a yearlong deployment in the Middle East, was his battery-mate.

Get out the hankies.

The reunion had nearly everyone in the stadium wiping their eyes.

"I almost lost it myself. I grew up a pitcher, throwing with my dad and to be able to do this with my son after being gone all year," said Major Sides. "Facetime only goes so far. You need the contact and I miss that so much."

Well played Royals.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tanaka might miss All-Star Game due to Yankees' slick rotation maneuver: Report

For all you baseball fans who never had a reason to hate the Yankees — and there are a few of you — here's a new one.

Even die-hard Bomber fans might be a little miffed at the Yankees organization after reports surfaced the the team was maneuvering their starting rotation so that their break-out Japanese pitcher, Masahiro Tanaka, might miss the All-Star game.

The Yankees have aligned their starting pitchers so that Tanaka — who was almost a sure bet to start the annual classic —  would have to skip making the trip to Minneapolis, according to Joel Sherman of the N.Y. Post.

The slick move theoretically benefits the Yankees while likely hurting Major League Baseball — who would love to showcase the $155 million headliner and drive up TV ratings here and in Japan.

Sherman wrote:

With an off-day Thursday, the Yankees could skip the struggling Vidal Nuno and have Masahiro Tanaka start the opener of a three-game series against the Red Sox in The Bronx.

Instead, citing the long season and seeing a chance to give extra rest to Tanaka and the rest of the rotation, the Yankees are going to stay in order and have Nuno start against the Red Sox, though he has the worst home ERA in the majors at 7.09 (minimum 35 innings) and has given up the most homers (13) at home — 11 to righty hitters. So, if you can get a future bet in on Mike Napoli hitting a homer Friday, go for it.

It means Tanaka will start Saturday, then July 3 at Minnesota, July 8 at Cleveland and July 13 at Baltimore. And you know what July 13 is? The last day of the first half. Only twice in the last 20 years — Randy Johnson in 2000 and Brad Penny in 2006 — has a pitcher started the final Sunday of the first half and then also Tuesday’s All-Star Game.

The chances are slim to none that the Yankees let Tanaka become the third starter.

 Unlike last year, when the losing Mets used Matt Harvey’s innings cap and a mild blister on a finger as excuses not to let him start the Saturday before the break so he would be available to start the All-Star Game at Citi Field, the Yankees are in the mix at the top of the AL East.

There is a possibility Tanaka could start and be limited to 15 pitches or an inning. But the strongest likelihood now is the player who would draw the most interest if he started — here and, particularly, back home in Japan — probably will get named to the AL team and then replaced, not to even perform in the game.

“We can skip the fifth man to maximize short-term, but that is not in the individual’s best interest,” said GM Brian Cashman.

Sorry baseball fans. You're welcome Yankee haters.

Gov. Chris Christie plays in charity softball game at Yankee Stadium (VIDEO)

Gov. Chris Christie took some time off from playing hardball with politicians to lending his bat and glove to a charity softball game on Monday.

The embattled governor participated in the fourth annual Bombers Boomer Broadway Softball Classic featured celebrities facing off against the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team and New York Yankees alumni in a friendly game at Yankee Stadium.

Christie and other celebrities took to the field to help raise money for wounded warriors and the Boomer Esiason Foundation that supports fighting cystic fibrosis.

And I guess saying the rotund Christie covered all the bases would be too easy.

Christie— who was a high school catcher — did catch the ball to make a crucial out at third base in the 7th inning with the bases loaded and played nine innings as his team eked out a 7-6 win for Boomer's side.

Christie is a regular guest on WFAN’s "Boomer & Carton," co-hosted by Esiason and Craig Carton.

The devoted baseball fan told reporters  before the game that he was happy to have a break from politics and said he hoped he wouldn’t get injured.

He also mentioned that he’d rather be at Citi Field — home of his beloved Mets.

Just watch that GW Bridge traffic back to the Jersey Turnpike.

Brazilian dancer wears a Panini Prizm sticker bikini for World Cup (VIDEO)

A dancer on Brazilian TV covers her bottom, lower back and thighs with a selection of 2014 Panini Prizm World Cup Soccer stickers.

Like baseball trading cards, these collectibles are being snapped up all over the world by kids and adults alike — and has set off frantic searches for select cards and autographs.

The set has 200 cards with a roster of just about every international soccer star from all 32 countries in the tournament 

Speaking of sets, you wouldn't expect anything less from the land of bum-bums on this TV show.

A tip of the hat to ryanjaybailey.

Brendan Ryan makes nifty catch and throw to rob Steve Tolleson of a hit (VIDEO)

Yankees shortstop Brendan Ryan went deep in the hole to make this amazing play in the bottom of the seventh robbing Steve Tolleson of a sure hit during a 8-3 loss to the Blue Jays Monday night.

I think Derek Jeter pulled a couple of muscles just watching his replacement make the nifty catch and throw to first.

Rays players face 17-year-old female knuckleballer in BP (VIDEO)

The Tampa Bay Rays took batting practice against a female high school knuckleballer Monday night — and came away impressed.

Evan Longoria, Jose Molina and David Price all took cuts against 17-year-old Chelsea Baker from Durant High School in nearby Plant City. They did it before Monday night's game against Pittsburgh.

Tampa Bay manager Joe Maddon met Baker recently at an awards ceremony and invited her to Tropicana Field. The high school junior, who plays on her school's baseball team, became the youngest girl to ever throw an MLB batting practice.

Baker faked out the boys by mixing in a couple of fastballs, but it was the teenager's knuckleball that wowed everyone.

"Moves nicely," said Maddon.

Baker admitted that she was a little nervous at first, but had a "great time" while pitching from about 10 feet in front of the mound and behind a protective screen. She displayed good control, but did plunk Longoria in the back with a pitch.

Molina swung and missed a couple of times, and Price hit a hard line drive up the middle.

Baker says the late major league knuckleballer Joe Niekro taught her to throw the spasmodic pitch in Little League.

He taught her well.

Monday, June 23, 2014

President Obama mistaken for England soccer star on World Cup souvenir mug (PHOTO)

Critics keep firing accusations at President Obama but who knew the POTUS would somehow end up on a mugshot. 

In what sounds like an episode of "The Office," a company which produces World Cup merchandise is now apologizing for inadvertently putting a photo of Obama on their souvenir coffee mugs after an employee mistook the President of the United States for England defender Chris Smalling.

In the case of mistaken identity, the U.S. President is pictured wearing the England football top after a company minion — apparently one with little familiarity of world leaders — was asked to find royalty-free images of each member of the England squad and stuck a stock photo of Obama on the World Cup cup instead, reported the  Daily Mail.

The head and shoulders photo printed on the mugs show Obama wearing the England kit, with the caption 'Chris Smalling World Cup squad Brazil 2014' beneath it.

The company which made the error has now hastily turned to English clearance resellers Wholesale Clearance UK to try and switch the stock.

Wholesale Clearance managing director Karl Baxter said the company contacted him with the hope of off-loading the stock.

Baxter said he believed a junior member of staff at the Dorset company responsible could be facing demotion after being trusted with the task of finding free photos of each England player to use on thousands of the the mugs.

"They passed this onto to their young, bright eyed and bushy tailed new apprentice. The designs were proofed and signed off by their boss, who had clearly had a heavy night with the lads playing poker and before he'd had his first vat of coffee the following morning," said Baxter.

'They immediately contacted us and 2,000 of the England items were dispatched to our warehouse. We eagerly unpacked them and, indeed it turned out that the Chris Smalling cup had Barack Obama's head on instead of Chris's.

A promotion might be more in order since something tells me these collectible mugs might go up in value.

A-Rod 'blacklisted' from his old Manhattan apartment: Report

It looks like Yankee Stadium isn't the only prime NYC address Alex Rodriguez has worn out his welcome at.

A-Rod wants to return to his old apartment at posh 15 Central Park West, but the building’s management is blocking him at the fancy front door, according to the NY Daily News' Confidenti@l.

The disgraced Yankee third baseman — who used to rent the bachelor pad at the ultra-exclusive building and wants to return — is being squeezed out by the owners because of all the negative press he stirs up. He’s also being blacklisted because of his inclusion in Michael Gross’ book “House of Outrageous Fortune: Fifteen Central Park West, the World’s Most Powerful Address.”

According to the book, the egotistical slugger had an insatiable libido, and his ritzy apartment became a revolving door for high-priced call girls, “usually two at a time, twice a week.”

“He got hookers all the time,” one unidentified staffer told Gross. This was at the same time Rodriguez was romancing Cameron Diaz.

“One time he had two go up, they came and left, and 10 minutes later, Cameron Diaz walks in,” the source tells Gross in the book. “He doesn’t care. I hate the guy. He thought he was God.” Another staffer describes him in the tome as a “douche.”

On the scandal-plagued A-Rod's interest in returning to the building, Gross told the gossip site that management’s attitude is “seriously redefining snobbery.”

“Considering the number of noisy, pushy hedgies and funny-money foreigners in residence, the bar is already set pretty low,” he said.

At the time, A-Rod’s spokesman Ron Berkowitz strenuously denied the call-girl claims, calling them “100% false” and “defamatory.”

Our source on A-Rod’s attempted return said that the staff and management’s dislike of him has nothing to do with celebrity. Other famous folk who have shared the A-list address include Denzel Washington, Sting, Kelsey Grammer and Mark Wahlberg.

“They don’t bring drama the way A-Rod does,” said the Confidenti@l source.

The suspended baseball star, who has also dated Madonna and Kate Hudson, has been involved since 2011 with Torrie Wilson.

Soccer fans may be bringing back contagious virus from World Cup: Report

Soccer fans who went to Brazil for the World Cup may bring back more than just memories of goals and bum-bums when they get back — namely Chikungunya.

And no, it's not the latest dance craze. 

A U.S. Senator is warning Americans about the possibility that unsuspecting fans visiting Brazil could bring Chikungunya — a contagious mosquito-borne virus — back to the United States.

Sen. Charles Schumer is urging the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to issue an immediate health alert to doctors in New York and around the country, fearing that soccer fans returning from some of the South American country's most remote regions could be infected with Chikungunya or Chik-V as it is also known, according to CBS.

“Visitors could return home to their countries with memorabilia, photographs, great stories to tell and perhaps a very painful virus,” Schumer said at a press conference Sunday, while holding up a picture of a mosquito.

“The World Cup will serve as an incubator for this virus to spread.”

The Chik-V mosquito, known to carry the disease, is prevalent in Brazil and the virus is also widespread in the Caribbean. It's likely only a matter of time before it is found in mosquitoes in the United States, possibly as early as this summer, according to the CDC.

The painful disease is rarely fatal, but can cause severe fevers, arthritic-like joint pain and swelling, headaches and rashes, Schumer said, adding that there have been three confirmed cases of Chik-V in New York.

“I feel that cases of the virus will rise in in New York as well as elsewhere,” he said.

In addition to alerting and educating doctors, The Senator called on the Department of Homeland Security to issue a “public emergency” that would mean increased inspections at U.S. ports of entry and additional scans of imported food products for travelers coming from Brazil.

Lolo Jones' Instagram post sums up America's reaction to World Cup tie (PHOTO)

Fans across America were ready celebrate a historic win for the U.S. men's national team until the unimaginable occurred.  With only seconds remaining in injury time, and the United States leading, 2-1, Portugal scored.

U.S. track and field star Lolo Jones was only one of the millions of fans whose heart was broken with that goal and wanted to show what might be called a bi-polar range of emotions looks like.

Jones  — decked out in red-white and blue pants— let her Instagram post sum up the dramatic swing of emotions that swept across the U.S. with the caption: "I went from this TO this... in 30 seconds.

And you gotta love the fanny pack action.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Lamar Odom packing on the pounds during divorce proceedings (PHOTO)

Lamar Odom might have shed tons of publicity-hungry Armenians after separating from reality show star Khloe Kardashian, but it looks like the former NBA star has been packing on the pounds since the divorce proceedings have begun.

Odom is a far cry — well maybe a few tears — from his slim playing days with the Lakers — when he and his fame-starved ex-wife were the picture of camera-ready happiness.

Now it appears the stress of his pending divorce with Kardashian is getting to him after Odom was spotted sporting a noticeably larger gut on Saturday, reported the Daily Mail.

The Mail wrote:

Although he was coming back from a workout in Sherman Oaks, the 6 ft, 10 in basketball player appeared to be heavier around his mid-section compared to his normally much- leaner frame.

As he walked, he looked tired and out of breath.

Carrying a couple of sweatshirts over his left shoulder, the 34-year-old was wearing a blue long-sleeve shirt, which was tucked into a pair of shorts. 

After battling a reportedly out-of-control drug addiction, Odom is apparently feeling the strain of his on-going, public divorce from his ex-wife. Kardashian is reportedly frustrated with him as he continues to drag his feet when it comes to signing divorce papers almost five months after she filed to dissolve their marriage.

In May, Khloe tweeted: "It still hurts... Maybe it always will."

While Lamar is yet to move on in the relationship department, he signed with the New York Knicks in April — a suspect deal that was seemingly made more out of compassion than necessity by his former coach and new Knicks president Phil Jackson.

Vasyl Lomachenko wins WBO title in third pro fight

Vasyl Lomachenko beat Gary Russell Jr. by majority decision to win the vacant WBO featherweight title Saturday night — and it was only his third professional fight.

The Ukrainian boxer — who already lost a split decision to Orlando Salido in March — was given the hasty title shot after the Mexican fighter was stripped of his belt for failing to make the weight.  Lomachenko (2-1, 1KO) seemed like the underdog against Russell (24-1, 14 KO) — who came into the bout with plenty of critics but without a loss .

And Russell's lack of preparation in his first world title fight showed, as he was outclassed by Lomachenko at the StubHub Center fight in Carson, Calif.

While Russell did manage to hit his opponent with quick combinations in the early rounds, Lomachenko settled down and scored a left uppercut to the chin before stunning Russell right at the final bell.

Lomachenko won on majority decision scores of 116-112, 116-112, and 114-114.

Russell's been regularly criticized for his lack of quality opposition, and the inarguable fact is he fought Lomachenko on Showtime without ever having shared the ring with a top 10 contender previously.

Lomachenko was simply much more effective Saturday night. Russell, whose hand speed looked good,  didn't have much to offer on offense. He got slower as the fight wore on and was knocked around by the Ukrainian. Lomachenko still showed some troublesome amateur habits, and took a passive stance at times, often letting a clearly hurt Russell off the hook.

But he's wearing the belt today.

Brewers clear bases on bizarre wild pitch sequence (VIDEO)

Talk about a team getting caught napping.  The Brewers scored three runs against the Rockies on a wild pitch by Christian Friedrich and a throwing error by Michael McKenry during one of the strangest sequences of misplays you'll ever see on the baseball diamond.

The bizarre play unfolded with two outs in the third inning, after Friedrich intentionally walked Jean Segura to load the bases. Friedrich sent his next pitch to the backstop, and catcher McKenry tracked down the ball along the first-base line. Aramis Ramirez scored from third on the wild pitch, but McKenry's attempt to throw him out at the plate went, allowing Mark Reynolds to score from second on the wild throw, which Friedrich then retrieved near the third-base dugout.

The Rockies pitcher, thinking timeout had been called by the umpires, trotted slowly toward the mound with the ball, but Segura, who had moved to third base and was held by no one, sneakily inched toward home plate.

Got it so far?

Then, with Friedrich not paying attention and McKenry bent over due to back pain near home plate (he stayed in the game), Segura raced down the line. Friedrich noticed him, and instead of throwing to McKenry, attempted a futile tag by himself.

"It was crazy. A crazy play," Segura said. "I've never seen that in my life, in my whole career."

Watch all the craziness unfold on this video:

Swarms of moths invade Busch Stadium (VIDEO)

Cleveland is famous for its midges, just about about every city has its bees but now St. Louis has their own version of a bugout — moths.

Gigantic swarms of the flying pests descended upon the Phillies and Cardinals game Friday night following a 50-minute rain delay as dusk turned to night.

Here's how the St. Louis Post-Dispatch described the invasion:

After about a six-inning grace period following a 50-minute weather delay, swarms of plague-like proportions filled Busch Stadium. They flew in a frenzy around the nosebleed lights, swapped sweat with Phillies starter A.J. Burnett and — although this may have been the result of another woeful Cardinals performance at the plate — sent fans scampering from their seats.
Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina said moths were getting into his mask.

“It was as bad as I’ve ever had to play with with moths. It was bad.”

Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard said he was more affected in the field than at the plate.

“On a ground ball,” he said, “you've just got to hope one doesn’t get you in the face.”

No wonder they showed up. The Phillies continue to keep their bats out of mothballs and beat the Cards, 5-1, for their fifth straight victory

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Germany star Muller hits diner in face with missed shot (VIDEO)

Thomas Muller may be the co-leading scorer at the 2014 World Cup, but he was completely off target during a German team training session — as one man eating lunch found out the hard way.

The star forward scored a hat-trick in Germany's opening 4-0 rout of Portugal, however, during a practice session with Bastian Schweinsteiger, Muller managed to chip the ball over a miniature goal and into the team's meal area where it hit an unsuspecting diner squarely in the face.

Muller apologized for the facial, but I don't think anyone will be saying: "I'll have what he had" at that table any time soon.

Mexico coach defends gay slur chant by fans at the World Cup: Report

Mexico World Cup coach Miguel Herrera has said his team supports the fans' chanting of 'puto' during the World Cup matches in Brazil. The term has many derogatory meanings, including being used as a gay slur.

The New York Daily News reported:

Herrera says Mexico fans shouting the slur as the rival team's goalkeeper takes a goal kick is ''not that bad.'' He says ''We're with our fans. It's something they do to pressure the opposing goalkeeper.''

Fare, the European fan-monitoring group, first reported the chants at Mexico’s 1-0 win over Cameroon in Natal. FIFA subsequently opened a disciplinary case against the Mexico federation, which is responsible for fan behavior inside stadiums.

FIFA President Sepp Blatter and Brazil President Dilma Rousseff have pledged to use the World Cup as a platform to fight racism and discrimination.

Although a debate has raged over whether the fans are indeed yelling a gay slur, some defend the chant as the word's other perceived, and less offensive, non-gay meaning — whore.

Either way, Univision has muted the chant in broadcasts in the past, and ESPN said it will likely do the same in Mexico's final group game in Brazil. FIFA is looking into the matter as well and has opened a case against Mexico.

Carlos Beltran's walk-off home run lifts Yankees over Orioles (VIDEO)

A Yankees season that already had way more injuries than exciting finishes finally added the one thing its been missing on Friday night: a walk-off victory.

Carlos Beltran's three-run walk-off home run off Zach Britton capped the Yankees' comeback in a 5-3 victory over the Orioles in the Bronx. 

The Yankees low energy offense — which left runners in scoring position all night —  scored four times in the ninth for their fourth straight victory and eighth in their last 10.

"We couldn't seem to get the big hit when we needed it but we found a way to get it done," manager Joe Girardi said. "That's what you need to do if you want to play in October.

"It's been somewhat of a struggle then he got hurt. But you can just see him starting to square the balls up," Girardi said of his DH. "That was a tremendous at-bat."

Here's the first Gatorade shower at Yankee Stadium this year.

Marlins' Ozuna ends game with tremendous throw to home plate (VIDEO)

Marcell Ozuna's incredible throwing arm saved the Marlins in their 3-2 win over the Mets on Friday night, but it was catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia's tag of Kirk Nieuwenhuis the plate that put MLB's new collision rule to the test.

As the Marlins celebrated the game-ending double play, the Mets challenged the call and said Salty blocked the plate. After a review of 55 seconds, the call was confirmed by MLB's Eye in the Sky and Nieuwenhuis was called out.

"Everybody was a little frustrated at the end of the game for a variety of reasons. I'll leave it at that," Mets general manager Sandy Alderson said. "There's been confusion on other rules, including a variation on plays at the plate."

Friday, June 20, 2014

Bon Jovi, Goodell had business lunch amidst Bills sale: Report

A day after the Buffalo Bills officially proceeded with the process of selling the team, one of the team's most prominent suitors reportedly had a long business lunch with the man who heads the NFL.

According to the New York Post, Jon Bon Jovi and Commissioner Roger Goodell spent two hours at lunch on Thursday and — it's a sure bet the Bills situation was the main course.

“They were definitely talking business,” an unnamed source told the Post.  “Jon was taking notes — he had a pen and paper with him at the table.”

Bon Jovi, a founder and former owner of the Arena Football League’s Philadelphia Soul, has joined Toronto-based investment group Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment in a bid to buy the Bills.

The Canadian group already owns the NHL Maple Leafs, the NBA’s Raptors franchise and MLS soccer club Toronto FC.

“It’s no secret that Jon’s passion is to become an NFL owner,” said a source close to the Jersey rocker.

Other potential bidders for the Bills — up for sale after the death of owner Ralph Wilson in March — include Donald Trump, former Bills quarterback Jim Kelly and former Buffalo Sabres owner Tom Golisano.

Several expected bidders would keep the team in Buffalo.  Ultimately, the question is whether those bids will be better than the bids made by those who would want to move the team.

Sale of the franchise is expected to go for more than $1 billion.

Woman gets sexy on mound before tossing Korean league first pitch (VIDEO)

Leave it to Korea — the land of so many memorable first pitches — to come up with has to be one of the best opening tosses ever.

Start with an attractive female Korean celebrity (I'm guessing pop star) in a slinky red dress escorted to the mound by a a couple of goofy mascots.

Continue with her ripping off the dress to reveal a sexy hot pants/Wyverns baseball jersey ensemble.

Finish with an Andy Pettitte stare-down and a swing-inducing strike.

Did I mention tearing off the red dress?

And to this player in the dugout (GIF below). You seem pretty pleased.

Astros' Springer and Villar show off dugout dance routine (VIDEO)

George Springer and Jonathan Villar showed off their moves with a choreographed dance in the dugout Thursday night.

This pair's impressive hip and shoulder shakes might make them the best dugout dancers in baseball.

Could this be Houston's version of Dancing With The Lone Stars?

Matt Joyce hits a BP ball right back into the pitching machine (VIDEO)

A Tropicana Field camera happened to be rolling when Matt Joyce hit a batting practice ball right back into the pitching machine Thursday night.

Seems this mechanical arm didn't appreciate the Rays leftfielder's dangerous comebacker and immediately spit the the ball back at Joyce — who flinched at the surprise brush back throw — for another strike.

This temperamental robotic arm — with a retaliatory demeanor — just might be the Bob Gibson of pitching machines.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Man arrested after driving onto track during live auto race (VIDEO)

The brazen driver of the VW Polo that invaded a live race at Brands Hatch racetrack in England on Saturday has been arrested by police.

The idiot behind the wheel of the white Polo drove onto the track during a "VW Fun Cup" race against the will of his female passenger and yells "We're on the track boys and girls" as the whole escapade is caught on video by a passenger in the backseat.

Listen as the unofficial race car enters the track (1:30) and the woman goes into a panic:

The subsequent video has been seen and shared hundreds of thousands of times and sparked outrage and concern worldwide.

Exterior footage with the shocked commentators' remarks are on the video below:

Kent Police said they arrested a 21-year-old from Tonbridge on suspicion of false imprisonment.  He remains in police custody.

Cristiano Ronaldo's future jeopardized by World Cup play claims doctor: Report

Cristiano Ronaldo limped out of a Portugal training session 30 minutes early Wednesday with ice strapped to his left knee.

The Portuguese captain and holder of the Ballon D'Or, was expected to lead his team at this World Cup but, after playing an ineffective 90 minutes in Portugal's  4-0 loss to Germany on Monday, the soccer superstar was warned by his doctor that he risks threatening his career by playing on at the World Cup, reported the Daily Mail.

The Real Madrid superstar is struggling with a knee injury but is under pressure to lead his team into Sunday’s crucial clash with the USA after the embarrassing loss to Germany.

According to Spanish online newspaper El Confidencial, Portuguese surgeon Jose Carlos Noronha told the 29-year-old: 

"Let your knee rest, or your future is in danger," to which Ronaldo reportedly replied: "I’m the one that says whether I’m playing or not."

There had been serious doubts over the Real Madrid superstar's injuries ahead of the tournament, after a thigh problem and tendinitis in his knee forced him to miss training and two warm-up matches.

Ronaldo declared himself "100 per cent" fit on the eve of Portugal's opening defeat to Germany but, although he managed to play the entire game, he was mostly on the periphery and failed to make an impact.

It now appears that the Player of the Year has suffered a recurrence of his knee problems after receiving treatment during a training session in Campinas. 

Ronaldo was taken through a series of stretches before having his left knee bandaged with an ice pack and helped off the field a half hour before Wednesday's practice finished. He watched the rest of the session from the sidelines.

Portugal will face the USA on Sunday in a must win game in Group G. Until then, Portugal fans will have to wait for Ronaldo's decision for a single game — and maybe his career.

Spurs fan falls from back of moving car during championship celebration (VIDEO)

It seems like everyone is falling for the San Antonio Spurs these days, but this might be taking the love a little too far.

After the Spurs defeated the Miami Heat 104-87 Sunday night to win the NBA Championship, the San Antonio area was filled with wild celebrations.

This fan in a white T-shirt was sitting on the back of a four-door vehicle when he fell off and plopped face-first into the pavement — and still stumbles right up.

That's a smash mouth fail dude.

Here's the video: (WARNING: Loud bone crunching sound)