Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Giants blame tiny beds for back problems

The New York Giants are putting a bed issue to rest and it couldn't come soon enough.  The team ended its three-week stay at the University of Albany Tuesday and some players are glad to get rid of their sacks.

According to a number of players, the beds that they used in training camp were too small or too hard and led to a rash of sore and injured backs.

It's a logical assertion when you consider most of the team stands over 6-foot-4 and tip the scales at least 300 pounds.

Some of the lucky players had full-sized beds, but the majority had to say nighty-night on twin sizes.

"I mean, we're big humans," said tight end Martellus Bennett.  "Every bed is small.  You can't put a damn dinosaur in a twin-sized bed, you know?  Unless you've got a California king the bed's going to be small for these guys.  A large, big human jumps into a regular-sized bed, the bed's too small."

A Giants spokesperson claimed nobody complained about the Jurassic problem until now and , if they had, the team would have likely bought them a new bed.  That's what they did with Plaxico Burress when he was having back issues at camp in 2008— before he learned to sleep on a foam mat in the joint.

The players were sleeping in dorm rooms, but the Giants supplied the beds, according to the team spokesperson.

"Those beds are not the best," said 6-6, 330 pound tackle James Brewer. "I'm not going to knock Albany because hey, it could always been worse, but I will definitely miss my own bed ... I have like a little kid's cot(in the dorm) like I'm in college all over again."

There's no proof that the mattresses led to any injuries but the players still think they didn't help.

"Is it a surprise that players have problems with dorm beds," asked linebacker Spenser Paysinger asked on Twitter.  "asking 250-350lb players to sleep on twin beds? Lol common sense."

At least they didn't have bedbugs.

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