Sunday, August 19, 2012

Coughlin not happy with 'inappropriate' Prince video

Tom Coughlin made it through most of the New York Giants training camp without any tabloid landmines— unlike like his counterpart Rex Ryan and the Jets— but now a simple hazing has the head coach ready to explode.

Coughlin did not sound pleased after a video posted on Twitter went viral and showed Jason Pierre-Paul tossing Prince Amukamara into a cold tub accompanied by a slew of obscenities. He promised to "address that strongly."

"I'm learning about that today.  I really didn't have any information about that until maybe an hour before this conference call," Coughlin told The New York Post Sunday afternoon.  "I'm gonna look into it, I'm gonna talk to the parties involved, as I'm understanding it there were some parts of it that were inappropriate."

In the video— which was posted on punter Steve Weatherford's Twitter account— Pierre-Paul is recorded at training camp at the University of Albany carrying the 207-pound Amukamara over his shoulders through a hallway and dumping the second-year defensive back into a cold tub.  In the background Giants players cheer Pierre-Paul on and one shouts "stand up for yourself!"

After the dunking, Amukamara pulls himself out of the tub, wiping his eyes and doesn't look amused at the hazing ritual usually reserved for rookies.  The 2011 first-round draft pick has been pranked before— as it is the unofficial ritual in NFL locker rooms— but doesn't consider himself a newbie anymore even though he missed last season with an injury

Chris Canty, Michael Boley, Bruce Johnson and Terrell Thomas are seen in the video where Pierre-Paul spews a string of profanities and yells,"He ain't gonna do that s*** to me."

Weatherford is presumed to be recording the incident after Canty says," Steve, let me see the footage."

Fresh off a satisfying win over the rival Jets, Coughlin promised to get to the bottom of the embarrasing— but basically harmless— public Videogate. He sounded annoyed at the whole episode and the immaturity of his players.

"No way anything that occurs within this family or within this group should that be part of any kind of social media aspect," said Coughlin.  "I'm gonna address that strongly because I've spent a little time on that this preseason and I'll look into it further,"


  1. Worse happens on the football field than being thrown in a tub of ice water. People pay to go from a hot tub to an ice pool in clubs. So what is the big deal?

  2. Better than being a breeding ground for criminals as are so many other teams!