Tuesday, May 31, 2011

St. John's Gets NCAA Tournament Bid Much To LSU's Chagrin

The chances for an NCAA Tournament bid didn't look good for the St. John's men's baseball team after losing to Seton Hall in the Big East championship game on Sunday, but the Red Storm were given one of the final at-large berths to make the field of 64 for the fourth time in five years.  National power LSU cried that the selection of St. John's is a farce and says the NCAA should take a look at how they select the 64 team field.

LSU (36-20) is claiming that they play in a tougher conference and should have been picked over the Johnnies.  St. John's (35-20) finished second in both the Big East regular season standings and championship series.  It is arguably the best team in the northeast.

For the record, LSU finished 9th in the SEC and didn't make their own conference tournament finals.

The Tigers are screaming that their #23 RPI and 12-3 finish entitles the team to be picked ahead of the Red Storm, who go into the NCAA's with a respectable #54 RPI.

"I would say that this year, as a committee, we didn't use RPI as the hammer that maybe it was in previous years," said Tim Weiser, the chairman of the 10-member NCAA Selection Committee.

If LSU wants to find a culprit, the school should look at some of the automatic-bids awarded to winners of conference championships.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mediocre AL West Means King Felix Won't Be Going To Yankees...Or Anywhere

The New York Yankees have been drooling all over Seattle Mariners pitcher Felix Hernandez for three years.  Rumors circulating about the Yankees swiping King Felix from the Mariners are just that--idle talk.  New York has a better chance of putting Keith Hernandez in pinstripes this season.

Every summer, while the Mariners wallowed in last place and New York chased another playoff spot, the whispers about the Yankees getting Hernandez before the July 31 trading deadline got louder.  This year the Mariners will put a gag on it.

Unlike last year, when the hit-challenged Mariners were going through the motions by June, red hot Seattle now finds itself in the midst of a division race and no need to unload their ace.

The Mariners have won nine of their last 10 games and are tangled up in the wide-open AL West race which separates all four teams by only 2 games.  

Hernandez, the 25 year-old righthander, is one of the most valuable commodities in the majors and there isn't one team that wouldn't want him.  Once a team has an arm like his, you don't let it go.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Jurors in Casey Anthony Trial Will See Recording of Lightning-Bruins Playoff Game

The jurors in the Casey Anthony murder trial found out this morning they will be allowed to watch a recorded tape of tonight's Game 7 Stanley Cup Playoff match-up between their home team, the Tampa Bay Lightning, and the Boston Bruins.  The 12 jurors and five alternates broke out in applause when Judge Belvin Perry announced his decision regarding the big game.

The sequestered Clearwater, Florida jury, selected from the Tampa Bay area, was transported to Orlando after Judge Perry made arrangements for Friday's 8 p.m. EST game to be recorded and shown later to the jurors of the highly-publicized case.

This is the first Game 7 in the Eastern Conference finals in five years and will be played at the TD Garden in Boston.

Anthony was charged with 1st degree murder after her 2 year-old daughter was found dead in 2008.  The polarizing trial has received a lot of national media attention.

The winner of tonight's Lightning-Bruins game will face the Vancouver Canucks in the Stanley Cup Finals.  The Canucks defeated the San Jose Sharks in five games.

The murder trial began Tuesday with opening statements after 11 days of jury selection.  The trial is expected to last about two months.

The finals series begin Wed. June 1 in Vancouver and a game seven would be played there on June 15.

Which means, if the Lightning win tonight, the jurors will probably continue seeing delayed tapes of the Lightning games throughout the Finals.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Time For Yankees Girardi To Make The Switch From Swish

It's been hard to watch Nick Swisher struggle at the plate while the New York Yankees bob-and-weave their way through the AL East, but it's even tougher to seeing Andruw Jones gathering rust in the dugout.

Last night, Jones was the knockout punch after he went 3-for-3 with 2 home-runs and 4 RBI's in the Yankees 7-3 win over division-rival the Toronto Blue Jays.  Swisher's struggles continued as he went 0-for-3 and his average dropped to a miniscule .204.

It's time for Yankees manager Joe Girardi to make a move in right field and give Jones more at-bats.

Jones has been used sparingly since he signed a one-year deal with the team for $2 million.  The reserve right-fielder/DH is batting .240 with 4 home-runs and 7 RBI's in 50 at-bats.

Swisher, meanwhile, has been consistent this year--consistently horrible.  He has 2 home-runs and 19 RBI's to go with that barely-beating average in 152 at-bats.

Amar'e Stoudemire To Produce Hollywood Fright Flick

Amar'e Stoudemire must be counting on an NBA lockout next season.  It's not like the New York Knicks forward doesn't already have enough projects on his plate, but now you can add the title of film producer to his resume.  The Knicks star will be going Hollywood and producing "The Strangers 2," a sequel to the scary 2008 original "The Strangers."

No, the followup isn't about Isiah Thomas returning to the front office or the playoff sweep by the Boston Celtics--even thought both of those story-lines are pretty spooky to Knicks fans.

Stoudemire is in talks with Relativity Media honcho Ryan Kavanuagh to executive produce "The Strangers 2."  In other words, Stoudemire is putting money into the production and will get a director's chair with his name on it.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kim Kardashian Accepts Kris Humphries Proposal Even Though He Is Still A Net

New Jersey Nets forward Kris Humphries is officially engaged to Kim Kardashian.  Humphries slipped a 20.5 carat diamond ring on the reality-show star's finger last week.  It's amazing the publicity-crazed family kept the engagement under wraps for so long.  Must have been planning a TV series or store opening.

E News confirmed that the 26 year-old Humphries popped the question to his 30 year-old bride-to-be on May 18 at Kardashian's Beverly Hills home.

When asked about custom-designed engagement ring, Humphries gushed, "I just wanted it to be big."

To put the token of love into perspective, Kate Middleton's rock is a paltry 18 carat piece of bling.

Kardashian's response to the big moment, after six months of courtship, was blogging "OMGGGGGG" to her legion of fans.

Those Kardashian girls seem to have caught NBA fever.  Kim's sister Khloe is married to Los Angeles Laker Lamar Odom--a relationship which was custom made for a cable television audience.  This relationship should be no different.

Expect another annoying reality show counting down the days to Humphries and Kardashian's big day.  Just what the world needs more shrieking woman and shameless self-promotion.  At least we get to see Bruce Jenner try to make his facial muscles work.

The good news for Humphries, he is still an NBA player.  The bad news, he's still a New Jersey Net.  Have fun in Newark Kim.

A-Rod's Speeding Ticket Yanked By NYPD

A serious claim, made by sources involved in the New York Police Department's ongoing ticket-fixing scandal, accuses officers of burying a speeding ticket New York Yankees shortstop Alex Rodriguez got in 2009.

According to the New York Daily News, former-Yankees team owner George Steinbrenner was also a beneficiary of  mishandled summonses.

The NYPD ticket-fixing probe has widened in the past few weeks.  Police Commissioner Ray Kelly has extended the probe after the initial drug investigation concentrated on only one precinct but has now mushroomed into a wide-spread scandal.  It now involves over 100 cops and their superiors in various station houses.

Two sources said A-Rod was pulled over for hot-rodding on the West Side Highway around 57th Street two years ago.  He was issued a speeding ticket by a highway cop, but an NYPD sergeant had it disappear.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Eli Reaches Out To Plaxico: Ex-Giant Goes From Lockdown To Lockout

Plaxico Burress is on course be released as scheduled from an upstate New York prison on June 6 and the former-Giants player has a big supporter in Eli Manning.  The Giants quarterback believes his former-wide receiver has paid his dues and could still be a productive member of an NFL team.

Too bad for Burress the labor dispute between the NFL owners and the NFLPA has dragged on and is in it's third month of stalled talks.  The freed Burress could be going from lockdown to a lockout.

The Giants aren't the only team showing interest in the rangy wide-receiver.  The New York Jets and Baltimore Ravens have also expressed interest in talking with Burress.

Manning, who threw 25 interceptions and had to deal with injuries to his two top receivers Hakeem Nicks and Steve Smith, thinks the Giants would gladly welcome Burress back to the Meadowlands.  After all, the Giants owner John Mara paid a visit to Burress while he was in stir last year.

"I think the Giants will still look hard into that," said Manning.  "Obviously, he knows our system.  It hasn't changed."

The Giants' system will be a welcome change from the "system" Burress is getting freed from.

Burress caught the winning touchdown pass from Manning in the 17-14 win over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII.  Later that year, in November 2008, Burress was arrested for accidentally shooting himself in the leg outside a New York City nightclub with a gun tucked in his waistband.

The talented, but troubled, Burress will be released after serving 20 months of a two-year sentence for a gun possession charge.  He becomes an unrestricted free-agent after he is sprung from prison.

Manning, who has been working out with Giants players at a Hoboken high school, is hopeful for the 34 year-old Burress's return to a normal life.

"Obviously, he's served his time, plus some," said Manning.  "To throw him into the mix would be a good thing.  I'm looking for him to get back into football."

Monday, May 23, 2011

Mike Tyson Not First Athlete Involved In Tattoo Copyright Case

All of the drama being played out the past few weeks regarding a copyright infringement case against  the replicated Mike Tyson tribal tattoo the new film "The Hangover 2" by the tattoo artist has a couple of precedents involving sports stars and their tattoos to base the case on.

In 2005, Rasheed Wallace and Nike were sued by tattoo artist Matthew Reed for featuring Reed's ink work in a commercial.  The artist claimed the Egyptian-style tattoo on the basketball star's right shoulder was his artwork and sued the shoe company for copyright infringement.

"If you are going to make money from it [a tattoo], you should get the artist's permission," Reed claimed.

The case was later settled.

London-based tattoo artist Louis Malloy, and former friend of David Beckham, sued the soccer star for exploiting his needle work in an advertising campaign.  The artist, who inked nine of Beckham's tats, wanted a percentage the ad campaign which featured Beckham's body and his tattoos prominently.  Malloy claimed the artwork was his creation and said copyright royalties were due his way.

The Daily Mirror in London even ran a tabloid headline which quoted Malloy, "I own Beck's Tattoo...and I'll Sue." He's still suing.

Tyson isn't being held responsible by Victor Whitmill--the former Las Vegas tattoo artist who did the tribal markings on the former-boxer's face.  Whitmill has gone before a judge in St. Louis to block Warner Brothers Entertainment from releasing HO2.  It doesn't look like Whitmill's frivolous suit has much merit and he should be thankful for the free publicity he is receiving get back to labeling women with tramp stamps.

The whole episode raises a lot of copyright questions like what if somebody gets a copy of a hanging Andy Warhol painting or the Rolling Stones' iconic "lips and tongue" logo (must be a million of those out there) tattooed on their body, is it stealing or copyright infringement?  Who does own the body art?

In layman's terms, the U.S. Copyright Law: Title 17 says unless there is a written contract otherwise, the person who paid for the tattoo is the owner of said tattoo.

So expect HO2 to be in theaters this weekend and Beckham to continue his quest to cover his body with more tats than Michael Scofield (his hero), the tattooed character from the cancelled TV series "Prison Break."

Polee To Leave St. John's; 2011-12 Team Has No Returning Starters

The youngest men's basketball team in St. John's University's history just got a little more youthful after sophomore forward Dwayne Polee II, the only returning starter from last year's NCAA Tournament team, decided to return to Los Angeles to be closer to his family.

This is the first stumbling block for Steve Lavin's Red Storm after a wild ride into the NCAA's and  completing the most highly-touted incoming class in the school's history.  It also takes away the team's most experienced player.

Family health issues are the reason for Polee's proposed transfer and apparently involve his mother.   Polee released a statement which read," Right now I feel it is best to be close to my family and help us get through a health issue."

 Polee, the 2010 Los Angeles High School Player of the Year, did not specify the illness or the seriousness of it.

No one could be more understanding about family illnesses than Lavin.  His father battled prostate cancer two decades ago and the head coach himself is currently going through a radical treatment to beat the same disease Lavin himself was diagnosed with at the beginning of last season.  He withheld his illness from the public until the season was over.

"Dwayne is an outstanding individual with a bright future," said Lavin.  "He has been a valued member of our basketball family.  He leaves St. John's University in good standing and we wish him well."

The loss of Polee, who started 27 0f 33 games last season,  leaves St. John's with one returning player, reserve-guard Malik Stith, and a lot of heralded, but green, college freshmen.

Lavin has his work cut out for 2011-12.  He brings in a nine-man recruiting class which is the #2 rated group by Rivals.com.  The head coach was counting on Polee to be the veteran leader and guiding force to one of the youngest men's NCAA basketball squads in over 100 years.  The transition of going from an experienced Big East team to a group of highly anticipated newbies just got harder without the stability of a Polee on the court.

The 6-foot-7 Polee could play next season if the NCAA regards his situation a hardship transfer.  If Polee doesn't sit out next year, he could possibly be going to San Diego State, UCLA or UC-Santa Barbara.  Polee originally planned on attending USC before their head coach Tim Floyd was replaced.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Judgment Day 2011; Athletes Who Will Be Left Behind

The End is Near.  No, it's not a proclamation by either the NFL regarding the lockout or the GM of the Phoenix Coyotes on the hockey team's future.   It's the Day of Reckoning for Mankind, so say the lunatic members of a doomsday group who predict the world will cease to exist after the earth is rattled by series of earthquakes and tidal waves tomorrow between 5 and 6 p.m. 

New York City has been plastered with ads warning if the upcoming Apocalypse on Saturday July 21 and how God will only spare those who are pure of heart.

So people, you don't have to fret over overdue library books or the vig to your loan shark.  Go ahead, make that nasty, drunken text to your ex because, after tomorrow, it won't matter.   It'll all be over soon.

This presumed "Rapture" will spare the souls of the pure by whisking them into heaven while the rest of mankind will be left to face their doom on the crumbling earth.  Professional athletes--however adored on earth--are not an exception and some won't be making that trip up to eternal happiness.

I believe the world must be coming to an end because how can you explain Jason Giambi jacking three home-runs the other night.  Who even knew he was still around?

And what about the Cleveland Indians?  Best team in the majors?  Come on. We're talking about Cleveland here.  That's enough evidence for me.

Tomorrow's Doomsday is just more bad luck for Cleveland all around.  The Cavaliers finally get two top-four draft picks to make up for the left-at-the alter move by LeBron James and BOOM!   No more Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or Dawg Pound.  It's over.  If it makes Cavs fans feel any better, James will be one of the fateful ones slated to be left behind--with no championships.

The Apocalypse will bring some good things.  We won't have to wring our hands about the NFL owners and the NFLPA hugging it out.  They're all on God's naughty list anyway.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

St. John's To Face Kentucky in Big East/SEC Challenge

Two of the winning est college basketball programs will hook-up next season when St. John's faces Kentucky in the Big East/SEC Challenge.  The game will be played at Rupp Arena in early December.

The Big East/SEC Challenge, which was expanded last year, will pit the Red Storm-- with the nation's #2 rated recruiting class--against a tournament-tested Wildcats squad which lost 56-55 to Connecticut in the 2011 Final Four semi-finals.

Both schools have two of the most storied programs in college basketball history.  Kentucky is the all-time NCAA men's basketball wins leader with 2052 victories and a .760 winning percentage, while St. John's is #7 on the list with 1724 wins and a .658 percentage.

Next season, St. John's will field it's youngest team in 104 years and one of the youngest in NCAA history.  Nine freshmen will be on the roster of the 2011-12 team after four senior starters from last year's team completed their eligibility.

Last year, the senior-heavy Johnnies compiled a 21-12 record and made the NCAA Tournament for the first time since 2002. 

Head coach Steve Lavin, who is battling prostate cancer, hasn't let the disease hinder his piling up of top players.  Yesterday it was announced that Arizona guard Lamont "MoMo" Jones will transfer to St. John's and could be eligible to play next season under NCAA hardship rules.

MoMo, the  Harlem product, will join the rest of the highly-touted Red Storm class including God's Gift Achiuwa, Sir' Dominic Pointer and Nurideen Lindsay--and all will be potential nominees for the 2012 All-Name team.

Kentucky will be without Brandon Knight, their star guard, who opted for the NBA.  The Wildcats will be led by Queens, NY guard Doran Lamb and a squad of experienced players.

Lavin vs. John Calipari, call it the Big East/SEC Hair Gel Challenge.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Right Place & Best Cure For Yankee Blues: Camden Yards & Boog's BBQ

The New York Yankees took the first step to overcoming a tumultuous week by defeating the Tampa Bay Rays last night, 6-2.  Now the New York Grandersons take a two-day jaunt to their home-away-from-home--Oriole Park at Camden Yards. 

The remedy to any Yankees slump seems to be a series against the Baltimore Orioles.  It's take two and call me on Friday.

The confines of the Baltimore stadium seem to be as inviting to the Yankees and their fans as one of those Boog Powell pulled BBQ sandwiches.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Planking." The Stupidest "Sport" Since Pole-Sitting Claims Life

The latest craze among young people blazing across the Internet is called "planking", where a person is photographed lying face down, stiff as a board and in a precarious place.  The "sport" now has it's first known casualty.  A 20 -year-old man fell from a seven-story balcony after trying to balance himself across a two-inch railing the other morning.

The worldwide sensation of planking has thousands of participants and Facebook pages with 100,000 followers.  YouTube is being flooded with images of rigid and motionless teens and twenty-somethings who then hurry home to spend hours in front of their computers sitting and staring at photos of other people lying down doing nothing.

The dead man was identified as Acton Beale, who was pronounced dead outside his Brisbane, Australia apartment complex at 4:30 a.m..  He was allegedly being filmed by a friend when he fell to his senseless death.

The "sport" of planking has become a dangerous, and now deadly, craze among young thrill seekers.  It involves nothing except a camera, a lot of time on your hands and an even more bored friend to record the action--or inaction.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Posada Should Have Gotten Bronx Cheer Not Standing O

It only took one day for New York fans to forgive Yankees designated hitter Jorge Posada for abruptly yanking himself from the line-up one hour before a critical game against the Boston Red Sox.  The slumping Posada got a standing ovation from most fans when he pinch-hit for Andruw Jones in the eighth-inning of last night's 7-5 loss to their division rivals.

Neither Posada or the Yankees deserve any sort of applause after dropping their fifth straight game and nine of their last 12.

True blue Yankee fans will claim that the one-time starting catcher had shown remorse for his temper tantrum and earned the right to be upset after being demoted to batting in the ninth spot by manager Joe Girardi.  A spot where he hasn't hit in 12 years.

Truth is, Posada has been moping since platooning with Francisco Cervelli last year and was batting a measly .165 when Girardi penciled the prideful DH in at the # 9 spot.

Besides Posada's lack of production, it is his lack of clubhouse instinct.  After 17 years in the big leagues, you would think Posada would have figured out that something was in the wind.  A player with less of a history with the Yankees would have been benched weeks ago.  He was hanging on by tenure and World Series rings.  The statistics don't lie, so why was it such a surprise?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Posada Pulls Himself From Line-Up Before Crucial Yankees/Red Sox Game

In a move to shakeup the New York Yankees line-up, Manager Joe Girardi penciled  his slumping designated hitter, Jorge Posada, into the ninth spot of the batting order before tonight's game against their division rivals the Boston Red Sox.  Posada, the one-time starting catcher regulated to a DH position this season, apparently disagreed with the demotion and pulled himself from the line-up before Saturday's nationally-televised game.

According to Fox Sports, the proud Posada met with Girardi an hour before the game and came out saying he wouldn't play.  No one knows what was said in the meeting.

Before the two met,  Girardi explained why he was juggling the line-up and said, "It's been a struggle this year, we're trying to get things going."

During the past three losses, the Yankees have left 37 runners on base.

There was speculation that the 38 year-old Posada would not accept batting ninth and that there was even talk of retirement.  Chances are Posada, one of the Yankees original Core Four players, wouldn't walk away from the remainder of his $13 million contract.

This weekend's series against the Sox is an important barometer of where the Yankees are headed.  The team has lost three straight and dropped out of first place in the AL East.  They in the midst of a grueling schedule where they play 32 games in 33 days.  Discord in the clubhouse could make things worse.

Posada has been slumping badly.  He has an anemic batting average of .165 as the DH and hasn't hit a home run in weeks.  Fans have been calling for his head for the last month of play.

Russell Martin has been the Yankees starting catcher all season and hasn't let the team down.  The Yankees also have a streaking prospect, Jesus Montero, on their Triple-A  club in Scranton.  Montero is batting .325 and has 2 home-runs.  He looks ready to jump up to the bigs.

Whether or not Posada is in breach of contract with the Yankees is one thing, but acting like a spoiled brat is another issue.

The next month of the schedule will probably exhaust a lot of Yankees players.  If Posada decides not to play, it might be a blessing in disguise.  It would free up the DH spot and allow older players like Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez and even Martin the luxury of resting while having just DH duties.

Posada, as one of the respected veterans on the Yankees, should conduct himself in a more fitting manner.  He has no one to blame but himself for his poor showing so far this season.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Steve Lavin Announces New Strategy to Beat Cancer at Yankee Stadium

St. John's basketball head coach Steve Lavin, who was diagnosed with prostate cancer last fall and kept it a secret during the Red Storm's surprising run to the NCAA Tournament last season, has found a new approach to beat the Big C without surgery or radiation treatment.

Lavin told reporters attending a "Coaches vs. Cancer" pre-game ceremony at Yankee Stadium last night that the new, less traditional, treatment is called active surveillance and consists of tracking the size and growth of the cancer.

The Red Storm coach might be one of the first public figures to use the radically new technique to battle prostate cancer.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sean Avery Speaks Out For Gay Marriage; Gets Bashed For It

Who knew that New York Rangers hockey-goon and serial dater Sean Avery had such a soft spot for relationships?  The abrasive and controversial NHL winger appeared in an ad this week endorsing same-sex marriage for the Human Rights Campaign's New Yorkers for Marriage Equality drive.  Now Avery is garnering criticism for standing up for the group's message.

Avery might seem like an odd choice to appear in the video, along with former-President Bill Clinton, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and actors Julianne Moore and Sam Waterston,  which advocates gay marriage.

The polarizing Avery--who once interned a summer at Vogue magazine, got suspended for making nasty remarks about his ex-girlfriend actress Elisha Cuthbert and got bum-rushed from Dallas to New York for his dirty play and filthier mouth--has never fit squarely into any mold.  Supporting same-sex marriage in the macho world of professional sports is another twist in his colorful image.

"I treat everyone the way that I expect to be treated, and that includes marriage," said Avery.

It would have been easier for Avery to stump for other popular, cut-and-dry social issues like safe-sex or drug use, but he took a position that even the most ardent Avery fans might not accept.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ron Artest Bringing Comedy Act To New York City

Ron Artest is preparing to take us into his wacky world of weirdness and whimsy by bringing "Ron Artest - The Ultimate Comedy Tour" to New York City this summer.  The Los Angeles Lakers small-forward will host four comedy shows at Caroline's on Broadway on July 15 and 16.

Right after getting swept by the Dallas Mavericks, it seems only natural for Artest, the Queens, NY native and the NBA's reigning class clown, to come home and try his hand at making people laugh with him and not at him.

After all,  his embarrassing play in the second-round playoff was pretty comical.  Taking a cue from that other L.A. funny man Charlie Sheen, the well-traveled basketball star might now want to call his show "Losing."

The 31 year-old Artest could even take the show on the road.  Lord knows he's already made controversial stops with the Bulls, Pacers, Kings and Rockets.  What's another Laugh Factory in Toronto? Detroit would be a blast.  Just imagine the heckling when he reminds Piston fans about the 'Brawl in the Palace.'

The out-spoken former-St. John's star is no stranger to the spotlight or making us laugh--mostly unintentionally.  Here's a sampling of his off-the-backboard humor.

When he joined the Lakers, Artest took '37' for his jersey number as a tribute to Michael Jackson whose "Thriller" album was "#1 on 'Billboard' for 37 weeks."  Cerebral stuff.   Reminds me of Steven Wright.

Then there was the one about thanking his shrink on national TV, right after the Lakers won the NBA Championship last year.  Richard Lewis anyone?

If Artest doesn't tickle your funny bone, he may break it.  Just ask the Mavericks little J.J. Barea how a Ron Artest punchline--I mean clothesline--feels.

With his Queensbridge Projects upbringing, Artest's comedy-stylings might be a little bit more rough around the edges than edgy.  It's an acquired taste.  Like Carrot Top on steroids.

The small forward's comedy goddesses will include local morning radio DJ's and pals according to the New York Daily News.  No porn stars or hookers in this extravaganza--just a laff-riot.   Hey, here's one.  What do the Lakers and a Japanese steak house have in common?  They both have aged Kobe.  Pure gold, Jerry, pure gold.

We can only hope that Artest starts rapping during the show.  Now, that would be really hilarious.

Where's Shaq when you need him?  No, Really.  Where is he?

Monday, May 9, 2011

NFL Players Asking For Lower Alimony Payments; NBA Watching Closely

While NFL players lose paychecks, and the lockout continues to be stuck at a stand-still, the repercussions of a trickle-down effect could reach the littlest and most innocent of victims--player's children.  Out of work NFL players have now reached out to lawyers in hope of having their alimony and child-support payments modified to lower amounts.  The NBA, with their contract expiring in two months, must be watching this scenario closely.

According a report in the Bloomberg Business Report, a number of unidentified NFL players are preparing for the worst and looking into modifications of financial support if the dead lock between the NFLPA and team owners shuts down the 2011 season, leaving many players with no income.

The report said if the NFL players are unable to reach a collective bargaining agreement with their union, many more players will be looking for modifications in their support requirements.

The poster-child for child support, New York Jets defensive back Antonio Cromartie, already has his 2 year-old son's mother a little nervous and she is probably not alone.  Cromartie is reported to have sired nine children with eight different women.

Tina Julien, a 33 year-old nurse from California, said she is worried about being able to afford child-care for Cromartie's son if the NFLPA and team owners don't shake hands.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

For Pacquiao, a KO of Mosley is the Next Best Thing to Beating Mayweather and Quieting Hopkins

There have been huge paydays and much adulation on Manny Pacquiao's resume but the only thing that has eluded the holder of a record eight weight-class boxing titles is that fight with Floyd Mayweather, Jr..

If Mayweather continues avoiding getting into the ring with Pacquiao (52-3-2, 38 KO's), the next best thing for Pac-Man would be knocking out "Sugar" Shane Mosley (46-6-1, 39 KO's)--a fighter who almost knocked Mayweather out and went the distance with the Pacquiao-ducking fighter.

Like they say;  if you can't meet 'em, knock out some one they couldn't.

Pacquiao, who defends his WBO welterweight title against Mosley on Saturday night at the MGM Grand, could kill two birds with one punch this Saturday night.  A knockout would send a big message to Mayweather...and Bernard Hopkins, as a foot note.

First, Pac-Man can dispose of a common opponent, Mosley, who had the undefeated Mayweather beaten in the second round of their May 1, 2010 bout and, even though Mosley faded and was thoroughly dominated after that round, hung on for the final bell and lost in a 12-round unanimous decision.

Nothing would be a better measuring stick--maybe the only gauge for Pacquiao against Mayweather--than to brag that he did what Mayweather couldn't--put away the same fighter who almost knocked "Money" out.

Secondly, Pacquiao can lay to rest Hopkins' absurd rantings that the Filipino had never beaten a "black boxer from the streets," even if it might be considered that the 39 year-old Mosley was past his prime.

The only black fighter Pacquiao has defeated was Joshua Clottey last March, but in November, Hopkins railed that the Ghanaian didn't count because he wasn't "from the states with a slick style."

Still, there will be detractors, even if the Philippines senator KO's Mosley.  Besides being seven years closer to collecting social security than Pacquiao, Mosley is an 8/1 underdog and, unbelievably, hasn't won a fight in over two years.  Even Norm MacDonald has publicly put 25-grand on Pac-Man.

The only thing that makes this fight relevant is Pacquiao.  The song-recording, fragrance-making brand-name is like Beyonce and Old Spice rolled together in the world of boxing.  Even so, the champ better not take Mosley too lightly.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Could Phil Hughes' "Dead Arm" Be Rick Ankiel Syndrome?

The "slight positive" news for the New York Yankees is that pitcher Phil Hughes' test results for thoracic outlet syndrome came back negative after being examined in St. Louis by Dr. Robert William Thompson on Monday.  The bad news is that doctors still say the righthander's arm problems are a mystery to them.

Doctors have now ruled out TOS, which causes circulatory problems.  This leaves everybody wondering just what is wrong with the 24 year-old pitcher and his "dead arm?"

If it's not a physical problem causing Hughes to lose the velocity on his fastball, it might be psychological and that draws comparisons to another young hot-shot pitcher who suddenly lost his mojo--Rick Ankiel.

Ankiel was the St. Louis Cardinals 20 year-old lefthander with a blazing 97 mph fastball who, after a wonderful rookie season in 2000, turned into the real life Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn from "Major League."

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Chris Simms Hands-Off Pot Bust Blame to Backseat Pal

Tennessee Titans quarterback Chris Simms is passing his smoking-and-driving pot bust to a friend who was in the back seat of the car when it was pulled over last summer.  Simms, the son of popular former-New York Giants quarterback Phil Simms, smelled like marijuana and refused to take a blood test, according to the arresting officers.

Yesterday, Simms' lawyer said that the 30 year-old QB--who was driving a Mercedes SUV back from a party in a with his wife Danielle, friend Charlie Granitell and another man in the back seat--noticed Granitell starting to toke up.

"Get rid of that stuff!" Simm's lawyer told the jurors Simms screamed at Granitell right before they were pulled over at a Manhattan DWI checkpoint on July 1.

Police Officer Francisco Acosta said Simms was pulled over for speeding and driving erratically and testified that Simms admitted he had smoked marijuana.

Acosta said, " He [Simms] was out of it, like a zombie.  He was very, very unsteady on his feet."

The QB's defense attorney, Harvey Steinberg, said the officer got it wrong and that Simms said his friend, Granitell,  had been smoking the weed.

Granitell will take the stand today in Simms defense of the misdemeanor stoned-driving charge and admit he was the guilty party according to Steinberg.

Simms' wife, who was eight months pregnant at the time of the arrest, will also testify.

Acosta told jurors, "She [Danielle] was telling him, 'Don't say a word!  Don't tell them anything!  Don't take any tests!'" during the arrest.

Simms is facing one misdemeanor count of operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs.  He claims he was not stoned and would not jeopardize his wife and unborn baby by driving while impaired.

Simms faces a year in jail and a fine if convicted.  He is not expected to testify.

If he can pass the blame to his friend, it might be the biggest completion of his career.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Henry Cooper, 76, Dead; Scariest Boxing Photo Ever

Former heavyweight fighter Henry Cooper, one of the most popular personalities in the history of British sports died yesterday at the age of 76.  He was the first boxer to be knighted and was famous for almost knocking out a young Muhammad Ali when he was still known as the up-and-coming Cassius Clay in 1963.

Three years later, Cooper would be beaten to a bloodied pulp after he was stopped by Ali in a title fight in London.  A photo of the blood spattered Cooper after that fight made him the poster-boy for old-time boxing and a good reason to never enter the ring.

Cooper, who was left handed but stood in a right-handed stance, had a devastating left hook which British fans called "Enry's 'Ammer."  It was this same punch which knocked Clay into the ropes during the final seconds of the fourth round of their first meeting.  Clay saved himself by hooking his arm around the ropes, preventing him from slamming his head onto the canvas.

There was some controversy on whether or not trainer Angelo Dundee used smelling salts to revive the staggering Clay between the fourth and fifth rounds.  Clay went on to win in a 5th-round TKO while trailing on all scorecards.

In their 1966 title fight, Cooper was battered by the now World Champion Ali at  London's Highbury Stadium.   Ali stopped the bloodied Cooper in the 6th-round.

Ali once said Cooper's knockdown shot "hit him so hard that his ancestors in Africa felt it."

Cooper was a popular figure in Great Britain.  He won the British, Commonwealth and European titles, but never the world crown.

His sixteen year boxing career ended with a controversial loss to fellow Brit Joe Bugner by a quarter of a point in 1971.  It was claimed that Bugner's victory over the popular Cooper led British fans to never get behind the new champ.  That's how beloved Cooper, the small heavyweight, was in his homeland.

Cooper finished his career with a pro record was 40 wins with 14 losses and one draw.  He had 27 KO's.

In his later years, Cooper became disillusioned with boxing and what it had become.  Queen Elizabeth II knighted the gentlemanly fighter in 2000.

"I am at a loss for words over the death of my friend, Henry Cooper,"  Ali said yesterday.

Jets 7th-Round Draft Pick & Sanchez BFF Has "Saw" Screenwriting Credit in Future

The New York Jets, who were already drowned in criticism about drafting a couple of players with violent backgrounds, added a third draftee with a scandalous past. 

According to the New York Post, the team's 7th-round pick and Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez' longtime friend, Scotty McKnight, was suspended for the final eight games of his senior high school football season because he penned threatening and vicious words directed at his High School English teacher.

In a 2005 school assignment McKnight handed in to his teacher, the then-17 year-old wrote " I am planning coming in your room late one night while you are still working," he wrote.  "I will smother you in gasoline and light your head on fire..."

In another entry, according to court records,  McKnight sounded like Freddy Krueger by indicating he would glue the teacher naked to a wall, chop off her feet and kill her family while she watched.

The foot reference must have bothered Jets head coach Rex Ryan just a little.

McKnight, who later played college ball and broke receiving records at Colorado, said he and his high school teammate Sam Smith wrote the gruesome journal as a challenge to see who could write the most bizarre scenarios.

Both students thought the Tesoro (Calif.) English teacher was supposed to keep the journal private and not becoming public.  The teacher, Alyssa Di Somma, took the journal to school officials after feeling threatened by the images it presented.

McKnight and Smith apologized to Di Somma and they were not criminally charged.

"Me and my buddy wrote some crazy stuff, Tarantino-like movie type stuff and we were trying to one-up each other, figuring no one was ever going to read it.  It was for lack of judgment for sure, but we were 17 years-old and not thinking."

Not thinking is putting it mildly.  The one person who would read it was the one you graphically threatened with bodily harm.  Does Columbine ring a bell?

"It was an error in judgment," McKnight said.  " I was 17 years-old and had an assignment to write whatever you want, be creative and no one was ever going to read it."

The "prank" almost cost the honor student and sports star McKnight his football career.  Besides being suspended for the last eight football games of his senior year, McKnight was rebuffed by Boise State, to whom he had committed, and ended up as a walk-on at Colorado.

McKnight doesn't deny writing the vile journal and said the entire event was " a learning experience that ultimately get me to where I am today.  You really see how one small error in judgment can affect your whole life."

The new Jet claims he was forthright about the incident with every team, including the Jets,  who showed interest in drafting him.

"People know that is not me," said McKnight.  "I was 17 years-old and had never been in trouble.  I come from a family of police officers."

Sanchez will now be re-united with Sanchez, his old friend from their football days at Santa Margarita High School in Southern-California.  Sanchez even threw to McKnight at Pro-Day and vouched for his abilities on the field last week.

"He's the best guy who didn't go to the combine," Sanchez said.  "He didn't drop a ball at (Pro-Day).  He'd be a steal for someone."

Is that a little tremble of fear in Sanchez's voice when discussing his new receiver/future slasher-film screenwriter.  McKnight could give the football terms slash, cut and deep threat new meanings in the Jets huddle.