Monday, August 27, 2012

Joe Montana picks Luck over RG3 in the long run

Joe was on ESPN's "First Take" to promote the new Madden 13 game when the round table discussion inevitably came around to co-host Skip Bayless asking the four-time Super Bowl winner which rookie he would pick to have more long-term success as an NFL quarterback — Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III.

Montana  tried to dodge the question before a nagging Bayless said, "Close your eyes and pick."

The former San Francisco 49ers great shook his head and finally answered, "Luck.  Because he's more of a pro-style guy."

Joe Cool also said RG3 has a lot of upside, but warned him that a quarterback "learns how to slide."

"Guys like RG3 start running and get hit," said Montana.  "He's a big guy, dang, [but] you can't take a hit like a fullback."

The Indianapolis Colts and Washington Redskins met over the weekend, in what was called just another preseason game, but was really a showcase for the top two quarterbacks in the 2012 NFL Draft.  Both signal-callers lived up to the hype and played to a virtual tie — even though the Redskins won the game 30-17.

Griffin III finished going 11-for-17 for 74 yards and a TD while Luck — the man he will be compared to for the next decade or so — completed 14 of 23 throws for 151 yards and a TD.

It's easy to see why Montana hemmed-and-hawed when he was put on the spot. It looks like both players could be headed for long and successful NFL careers.

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