Friday, August 3, 2012

Rex Ryan backs away from Obama's QB controversy comments

Even Rex Ryan knows there are some people you shouldn't get into a verbal debate with.  Bill Belichick is one thing, the President of the United States is another.

In sticking with this year's new slimmer and quieter version of himself, the New York Jets head coach was quite demure in his response to President Obama's comments about the team's quarterback controversy.

Yesterday, Obama told 97.1 The Fan in Columbus, Ohio that he would be "pretty nervous" if he were a Jets fan because of the controversy surrounding Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez this summer.

 Ryan's response to the President was out of character for the bloviating coach.

"It shows how popular our game really is," said Ryan.  "Every single person has an opinion on our football team.  But it's amazing, this is the president of the greatest country there is, and he's talking about the New York Jets football team.  I'll say this, I respect President Obama, and I respect the fact  that this is his opinion."

No wigs, no props.  Not even a cutting remark.  When reporters pushed Ryan for something more, he wouldn't bite.

"That's it," the grinning Ryan said.

Considering this is a coach who predicted Super Bowls for the Jets two years running, it was surprising he didn't predict a Jets visit to the White House with the Lombardi Trophy next winter.

"Don't get me going with the president comments," Ryan said. "You know me."

One day after Obama told the call-in radio show hosts that Sanchez was a "clear cut starter" and Tebow was a "special talent," Ryan was not distracted by the Leader of the Free World's comments.

It's still too early in training camp to know what Ryan has in store for his dynamic duo but he has Tebow working on the Wildcat offense since yesterday.

"All I know is they have to prepare for him, and I know what that does to your preparation time," said Ryan.  "When you start running the Wildcat and what that does, you can't just slough it off.  A lot of coordinators will be like, 'Oh, it's no big deal.'  Yes it is.  You really can't tell that lie, because I have been there in your shoes."

If the Jets do visit the White House,  Woody Johnson will have a bigger smile for the cameras with Mitt Romney in the Oval Office.  The team owner is a big Republican Party fund raiser and supporter.

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