Monday, August 13, 2012

Olympic Village becomes one big yard sale

If you've ever wanted to sleep in the same bed as Hope Solo or dry off with the same chlorine-scented towel as Michael Phelps, here's your chance.

A website called 'Remains of the Game' has been launched to sell off the contents of the athletes village  and items from the Olympic Park.

Everything is for sale including mattresses, sheets and furniture from the athletes' bedrooms.  You could plop into your own lime-green Olympic bean bag chair wrapped in warm comforter with colorful Olympic symbols printed on it.

An umpire chair from the diving events was listed at £200 ($250) along with javelins, a 2012 parasol or a traffic wand for £3.5  (five bucks).

While Britain tries to recoup some of its costs for the 2012 Olympics by turning the aftermath into the world's biggest garage sale, the world turns its eyes to Rio in 2016.

I have my eye on one of those purple suits with the light-bulb derby that the volunteers wore at the closing ceremonies.  Kind of British with a little pimp.


  1. yukeeey


  2. Angelia In AtlantaAugust 14, 2012 at 8:49 AM

    No. Sell the stuff to your own country. Makes them appear to be poor and desperate. A shame. Did they not capitolize enough during the Olympics?
    ATLANTA (USA) didn't do this. Not to my knowledge. The U.S. has never done this. Greedy and/or Desperate.

    1. I'd rather say this is good for 'recycling'! Staying on the positive side!

    2. Just shut the hell up, quit being a troll you bitch.

  3. Angelia, you'se is one dumb negro.