Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Justin Tuck won't be phoning Rex Ryan to call off Wildcat

The New York Jets went to great lengths in an attempt to keep Tim Tebow's Wildcat practice under wraps on Monday but, if you ask the New York Giants players, they're making a big deal over nothing.

Last week it was reported that Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis called Jets head coach Rex Ryan and asked him not to run the Wildcat against his defense— for whatever reason.

The Giants, on the other hand, don't think the radical offensive scheme is something to sweat about and won't be using up any of their phone minutes calling the Jets asking them to call off the worst kept secret since that Stewart/Pattinson thing.

The Giants first team defense isn't planning on facing much of Tebow or the Wildcat when the two teams square off in Saturday night's exhibition game at MetLife Stadium but they are a little curious about facing the gimmicky scheme.

"You definitely have to prepare for (Tebow) because he's a dynamic player," said Giants defensive end Justin Tuck.  "But there aren't too many things you can do out of the Wildcat.  It's pretty simple when you think about it."

Not in Ryan's eyes.  The Wildcat's biggest cheerleader thinks the Tebow factor adds a whole new dimension to offensive coach Tony Sparano's game plan and causes opposing teams to spend time preparing for it in practice.

The Giants know that the dual-threat Tebow can be troublesome but not enough that they have to spend that much time figuring it out or preparing for it.

"I'm just eager to play the next game," said Tuck.  "Fortunately for us it involves Tebow.  I think I might not even get the opportunity to play against him"

Tuck said the Giants would probably prepare for Tebow a little differently if this was a regular season game— just a little.

"(You're) not talking hours and hours of extra work for a scheme that some NFL people believe defenses figured out how to defend several years ago, said Tuck.

"I don't know what it was, (but) we've had pretty much great success against teams that run the Wildcat," he said.  "I think most coaches do a great job of devising a plan against it."

It doesn't sound like Tuck will be picking up the phone anytime soon.

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