Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tebow cheered in MetLife Stadium Jets debut

Tim Tebow got a warm welcome as he hit the MetLife Stadium field for the first time as a New York Jets player.  The Jets backup quarterback made his debut in front of his new home crowd during the third quarter of the team's preseason game against their rival New York Giants and was greeted by cheers.

Mark Sanchez made the Jets fans appreciative of anyone after he stunk up the stadium in the first half (47 yards, 3 sacks) and fell behind the Giants 13-0.

Everyone in New York knows the real battle in the MetLife Game isn't for the "Snoopy Trophy," it's for the Jets starting job.

Tebow looked pretty efficient in his first few snaps and was 3-for-3 for three first downs before rumbling six yards for another one before the bad Tebow emerged.  The Jets quarterback missed the perfect opportunity to totally win over the house but missed a wide open Stephen Hill at the goal line on a 2-and-20.  The Jets settled for a 30-yard field goal on the 13-play drive.

All-in-all, Tebow looked better than Sanchez— even if it was against the second team defense

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  1. So how much did you get paid to say Tebow looked better than Sanchez and who paid you? His mommy?