Friday, August 24, 2012

Jets plan to keep Wildcat under wraps during preseason

New York Jets fans waiting to see Rex Ryan unveil his vaunted Wildcat offense with Tim Tebow will just have to wait a little while longer to see the beast released from its cage.

Rex Ryan has kept the scheme a well-kept secret this summer and admitted Thursday that the Jets will be keeping it that way— at least until the regular season.

"I don't see us really using the Wildcat in the preseason," said the Jets head coach.  "We'll play Mark [Sanchez] into the third quarter and we'll play Tim to finish out."

It doesn't sound like Tebow will have a problem with that plan.  He's been lining up in the traditional quarterback position throughout the first two preseason games and claims he doesn't need to dwell on the radical Wildcat to be proficient at it— but admitted he is ready to run it.

"Nah, it's fine.  We had a few live reps in practice, but I've run that stuff before so I've gotten reps in my life at it," he said.  "I just think continue to work on it in practice when we need to and we can get good reps in practice.  I don't think it's something you have to do in the preseason."

While Ryan claims the Jets will not use the Wildcat this Sunday against the Carolina Panthers, he is still giddy knowing opposing teams have to spend time devising a plan to defend it.

"Well, let's get them to prepare for it a little bit," he joked.

Santonio Holmes also likes that element of surprise before the Jets open the regular season on Sept. 9 against the Buffalo Bills..

"The things we're gonna do this season, why give everybody a clue right now?  Leave 'em all guessing," said the Jets receiver.  "Show it on Sunday  when it really counts and we just punch them in the mouth from there."

Whenever Ryan decide to unleash the Wildcat it will be welcome in Jetsville.  So far the offense has looked like a kitty-cat.

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