Monday, March 31, 2014

UConn tweets apology to President Obama for busting his bracket

Just like everyone in their office pool, President Barack Obama picked No. 4 seed Michigan State to win the national championship. That prediction came to an on Sunday, after Connecticut’s 60-54 upset win over the tournament-tested Spartans.

The official UConn sports Twitter account was all too happy to zing POTUS about his pick.

The Huskies will face the top-seeded Gators in a Saturday Final Four game. UConn was the last team to beat Florida back on Dec. 2.

Ukraine soccer player saves rival from swallowing his tongue during match (VIDEO)

It was an amazing moment on the pitch when a Ukrainian soccer player was heroically saved by an opposing player after an inadvertent blow to the head during a Ukrainian Premier League match Sunday.

The tense scene unfolded after Oleh Husyev of the Dynamo Kiev took the accidental knee from Denys Boyko, goalkeeper for the Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk, and went down hard.

Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk midfielder Jaba Kankava jumped into action when he saw his unconscious rival sprawled on the pitch. Kankava flipped Husyev over and frantically began forcing his fingers into Husyev's mouth.  The 30-year-old's  tongue was apparently blocking his airway, leaving him unable to breath.

Others quickly joined in before the stunned crowd, and at one point Kankava screamed and recoiled, holding his hand, probably bitten by the convulsing Husyev. But the rescue was a success as a dazed Husyev managed to get up before being taken off the field on a stretcher.

Dennis Rodman's game face is bizarre — even for him (VIDEO)

Dennis Rodman is back and more fabulous than ever.

The NBA Hall of Famer and unofficial U.S. diplomat played in a Legends of Basketball Tour game in Argentina this weekend wearing a blonde Mohawk, purple lipstick and a face full of makeup.

Eccentric, even for Rodman's tastes.

As Rodman was introduced, the fans cheered while he high-fived his teammates and even got a hug from a mascot on a tiny motorbike.

The Worm dressed a little different than how he's remembered back in his NBA playing days but it was good to see him hitting the court in his own inimitable style.

Gary Payton, Latrell Sprewell, Vin Baker, and other former NBA players joined Rodman for the game.

Padres ballgirl already has one of the best catches of the season (VIDEO)

Major League Baseball was barely eight innings old (in the U.S.) and already a San Diego Padres ballgirl might have the catch of the season.

Not only does she have great reaction time, but she fully extends over the right side railing to to snag a scorching liner in foul territory — saving a couple of fans in the meantime.

The best part — she barely cracks a smile and acts like it was nothing.

Have fun topping that one boys.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Seventh worker dies on World Cup stadium construction: Report

Brazil suffered another World Cup-related death this weekend after a construction worker fell at the stadium which will host the championship's opener in Sao Paulo. It was the seventh death attributed to accidents to construction of the World Cup soccer venues.

Fabio Hamilton da Cruz, whose age was not disclosed, reportedly fell about 26 feet while helping install temporary seats at the Itaquerao stadium.

Firefighters claim the worker fell from about 50 feet. Either way, the press office of the Hospital Santa Marcelina in Sao Paulo confirmed the death, saying the worker did not survive serious head injuries.

In Brazil's haste to have the stadiums ready before the June 12 opening match between Brazil and Croatia, it seems the host country has created a sort of construction company Racket of Death.

Three workers died in the Arena da Amazonia in the jungle city of Manaus, including a 55-year-old Portuguese man killed while disassembling a crane that was used to install the stadium's roof earlier this year. 

Another worker died at the stadium of a heart attack. In 2012, a worker died at the construction site of the stadium in the nation's capital, Brasilia. 

Construction was already behind schedule in Sao Paulo because of the damage caused by the earlier accident in late November, when the roofing structure fell on part of the stadium's facade. 

Although the venue was originally planned to be finished by "early 2014" FIFA said it was expecting the venue to be finished in mid-May, around a month before the opener. 

It was not clear if Saturday's incident would prompt further delays. 

About 20,000 temporary seats were being added to the new stadium to increase its capacity for the high-profile inaugural match featuring Brazil.

Augsburg goalie suffers most painful own goal ever (VIDEO)

Scoring a goal on yourself is about the worst thing that can happen to a goalie. But scoring one for the other team off your face?  An epic and painful moment.

On Saturday in a Bundesliga matchup between Augsburg and Mainz, Augsburg goalkeeper Marwin Hitz attempted to grab a loose ball before it bounced off his schnoz and crossed the goal line for one of the worst own goals of all time.

Double ouch.

Cute Arizona fans take riot selfie during police clash (PHOTO)

Arizona's dramatic 64-63 overtime loss to Wisconsin in Saturday night's Elite Eight encouraged many Wildcats fans to take out their frustrations and confront police in the streets around the University of Arizona's campus.

Since there was plenty of media on the scene to capture the boring rioting images, so — in the midst of all of the pushing, pepper grenades and flip-flops — these two young women found it more important to get that new millennial snapshot tradition — a selfie.

And you gotta love their feigned expressions of shock and dismay.

For a brief time, things got chaotic and a little physical before police in riot gear could clear the streets with the eye-burning projectiles.

Here's the real action.


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Jeter honored in ceremony before final spring training game (Video)

The farewell tour of New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter got off to a rainy beginning today as the retiring player was honored prior to the start of his final spring training game at George M. Steinbrenner Field.

Sadly, it was to be the last time Jeter would suit up for an exhibition game after 19 seasons of spring ball in the Tampa area.

And too bad the game against the Marlins was called to due to rain.

Otherwise, the Yankees captain received a key to the city of Tampa as fireworks went off in the distance and a big ovation from the stands as they said goodbye to the future Hall of Famer who is going to have a number of farewell moments in cities across the country this year.

Last year it was Mariano Rivera who received gifts and tributes from rival teams across Major League Baseball when he announced he was retiring. This year it’ll be Jeter who baseball lavishes with the same.

Jeter was out of action with injuries for much of last season, so, deep down, fans are hoping the five-time World Series champion doesn’t make a return appearance here in Tampa during his last season.

And, rainout or not, you knew Jeter wasn’t going to miss saying goodbye to the place where his spectacular career started.

Ray Rice marries fiancee the day after indictment for aggravated assault: Report

Ray Rice married Janay Palmer on Friday — one day after the Ravens running back was indicted for aggravated assault for allegedly knocking his then-fiancée unconscious, according to an ESPN report.

Rice and Palmer were arrested and charged with simple assault-domestic violence after an incident at the Revel Casino and Hotel in Atlantic City on Feb. 15. 

Rice was indicted Thursday by an Atlantic Country grand jury for one count of aggravated assault, a third-degree felony that carries a potential penalty of 3-5 years of imprisonment. Veteran New Jersey defense attorney Richard Klineburger told it's "highly unlikely" Rice will serve prison time because he has no prior record.

The simple assault charge against Palmer was dismissed on Thursday. It has been reported that Palmer doesn't want to move forward with the case against Rice.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh said earlier this month that the couple had plans to attend counseling. The organization has supported Rice, a six-year veteran running back, throughout the process.

ESPN reported that Friday's ceremony had been planned for a couple of weeks.
Bills linebacker Brandon Spikes criticized Rice on Twitter, saying the marriage was only an attempt to "save his image."

Michael Schumacher's wife builds $17M medical suite in mansion for post-hospital care

In what some observers are calling a “sense of denial” or a "last hope for a miracle," the wife of Michael Schumacher is reportedly spending $17 million on building a fully equipped medical suite in their family home so her husband can leave the French hospital where he lies in a coma.

Despite being told by doctors that her husband will likely never wake from his medically-induced coma, an optimistic Corinna Schumacher  has decided to use a portion of the family's vast fortune to build the facility in their sprawling $42 million estate on the banks of Lake Geneva, Switzerland.

Most doctors beleive that the seven-time Formula-1 champion will be in a vegetative state the rest of his life.

Sadly, Saturday is the three month anniversary of the French Alps skiing accident where Schumacher hit his head and was put into an induced coma to reduce brain swelling.

Since then, there have been few encouraging signs of recovery and the 45-year-old racer has been wasting away in his hospital bed, losing 25 per cent of his body weight.

A friend of the Schumacher's, who has known the family for 25 years, told The Sun: "Miracles happen, of course, and as a wealthy man he has the best care money can buy.

"But all the money in the world cannot fix what has happened to him. The family are making arrangements for a future of permanent immobility."

Corinna Schumacher — who has been at her husband's bedside almost daily since the accident — has always been extremely supportive of her husband's career. To which he once said, "It is not so easy to find a partner who unconditionally adapts to the pace of my life."

The family friend added she "would view breaking faith with the hope of a miracle a betrayal, little better than treachery."

Rugby star recovering after biting off his own tongue (PHOTO)

Rugby players have a reputation for bloodying up the field, but even Lucas Walshaw would the first to admit the gory injury he suffered on Sunday was a little too much.

And he'll say it with a lisp.

That's because the Wakefield forward bit off a chunk of his tongue in the opening minutes of the Rams’ Kingstone Press Championship match at Sheffield Eagles.

Afterwards, Walshaw got one of his teammates to take a photo.

The 21-year-old second rower, who is playing on loan to Dewsbury, attempted to scrum on despite the blood and the tip of his tongue hanging off.

"He got a head shot right at the start of the game, and the end bit of his tongue got bit off and was hanging down," said Glenn Morrison, the Dewsbury coach. "He played on for another five or 10 minutes but it wouldn't stop bleeding so we had to get him off, and as soon as the doctor took a look at it that was it. 

"It wasn’t pretty," said Morrison. "They couldn’t stop the bleeding so they got him off and then saw the end of his tongue hanging off. 

"He toughed it out and spent the night in hospital where they re-attached it with about a dozen stitches," added Morrison. "Tongues usually heal pretty quickly so he should only be out for two or three weeks."

Walshaw seemed more concerned about his food intake.

"I'll be right for the weekend," he said. "They won't let me eat anything for the moment because I got my front teeth knocked back as well, so I'm just on protein shakes. I'm looking forward to a good Mexican but I might put the chillies to one side."

49ers Chris Culliver arrested for hit and run, threatening witness with brass knuckles: Report

San Francisco 49ers cornerback Chris Culliver was tossed in jail Friday after hitting a bicyclist with his car, fleeing the scene and threatening witnesses with brass knuckles, police reported.

Culliver was charged with felony hit and run, reckless driving and weapons possession for the Friday morning incident in San Jose, sources told SF Gate.

Police said Culliver was recklessly driving his Ford Mustang through an intersection just after 10 a.m. when he struck a pedestrian on a bicycle.

When Culliver tried to drive away, another motorist chased the three-year NFL veteran in his car before cornering him.  Culliver then got out of his car to threaten the driver using a pair of brass knuckles, according to police.

Police found the brass knuckles while searching Culliver’s car, they also discovered he was driving on a suspended license, according to KPIX.

The bicyclist suffered only minor injuries.

This is not the the 25-year-old's first brush with controversy.  Culliver first drew national attention to himself after saying that gays were "not welcome" in NFL locker rooms and that they should "come out 10 years later."

He made the comments only days before the 2013 Super Bowl, which the 49ers lost to the Baltimore Ravens, and quickly apologized for the remarks.

Vin Scully calmly calls an earthquake at Dodger Stadium during Freeway Series (VIDEO)

Vin Scully was calling the Freeway Series between the Dodgers and Angels when an earthquake shook Dodger Stadium Friday night.

Like a chill SoCal dude, the legendary announcer calmly continued his play-by-play commentary of the sixth-inning earthquake like he was calling a routine baseball grounder.

"A little tremor in the ballpark," Scully told viewers as Dodgers catcher A.J. Ellis waited for a pitch from Garrett Richards of the Angels. "I am not sure if the folks felt it but we certainly felt it here in press-box row. A tremor and only that, thank goodness."

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, that "little tremor" was a magnitude 5.1 earthquake that occurred at 9:09 p.m. PT and was centered near Brea in Orange County. The quake produced over 20 aftershocks and caused some serious damage throughout the area.

The game went on without incident.

The unflappable 86-year-old Scully later recounted the massive 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake in the Bay Area — which occurred just before a game of the World Series — and expressed concern for the lights guy.

Here's a fan's call from the stands.

Friday, March 28, 2014

R.A. Dickey's life story will be made into a movie: Report

R.A. Dickey has seen more valleys and peaks during his 39 years than most people see in a lifetime — both literally and figuratively — and now it looks like the well-travelled knuckleballer's autobiography will be made into a movie.

And all the low points from Dickey's 2012 memoir Wherever I Wind Up will be there — including  Dickey's revelation that he suffered sexual abuse as a child — among several other hardships — to his frustrating 14 year stint in the minors and struggles with suicidal thoughts as an adult. 

On the upside, Dickey climbed Mount Kilimanjaro before going out and winning the 2012 NL Cy Young award — becoming the first knuckleballer ever to accomplish the feat. He even put his 2012 salary on the line in order to climb the mountain while raising awareness for human trafficking in India.

Though the last two events aren't in the book — it had already been written — it seems like two things that would make a rousing end to Dickey's long odyssey in the movie.

Actors Ben McKenzie and Logan Marshall-Green (both from "The O.C.") have joined forces to launch the production company A Thing Or Two Productions and get the ball floating. Tom Rothman's TriStar Pictures has made a deal on the baseball memoir which the duo will produce with Michael De Luca.  Buzz Bissinger — of "Friday Night Lights" fame —has been set to write the script.

Dickey was a subject in the 2012 documentary "Knuckleball." Now it's time to see who'll play him in the Hollywood version of his life. 

Man U's Fellaini investigated for spitting on injured City opponent (VIDEO)

The FA have confirmed they are looking into the video footage which appears to show Marouane Fellaini spitting at Pablo Zabaleta's face during Tuesday's match between Manchester United and Manchester City.

The Man U midfielder was carded by referee Michael Oliver for a flagrant first-half elbow to the face of his City opponent during the Manchester showdown.

However, while Zabaleta rolled around on the pitch, Fellaini appears to aim a loogie at the Argentine immediately after being shown the yellow card.

A flop and a sop.

The FA could now look into this incident in much the same way as they did when retroactive punishment was on Hull City's George Boyd's spitting incident earlier this month.

Boyd was subsequently banned for three matches despite appealing the charge. 

Here's Marouane's original infraction before lobbing the gob.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cops chasing suspect with Iron Bowl commentary is hilarious (VIDEO)

A sky-cam caught police in Jeffersontown, Kentucky chasing a suspect who was driving a semi truck. When the truck finally pulled over, the driver ran, but the team of cops caught up to him after chasing him down the shoulder of the road and tackled him with ease.

Just your typical chase scene until someone put it to an announcer's play-by-play call of Auburn's Chris Davis returning Alabama's missed field goal for a touchdown on the final play of last season's Iron Bowl.

The suspect wasn't as lucky as Davis — or as fast. But the video gives everyone something to cheer for — all except Crimson Tide fans.

Here's the original play and announcer's call below.


Sean Avery calls Martin Brodeur 'Fatso' in response to 'Dancing with the Stars' comment

On Wednesday, Martin Brodeur was asked about former nemesis and NHL hell-raiser Sean Avery appearing on "Dancing with the Stars," and the Devils goalie said he didn't watch the show but replied, "What more can he do to embarrass himself."

Avery — who was voted off the show after one week — fired back via Twitter.

Then the Twitter-happy Avery got personal.

The reference to sleeping with the "nanny" isn't specifically clear, but Brodeur did eventually marry his sister-in-law after a well-publicized affair that ended his first marriage, if that's what he's referring to.

Former NHL player and referee Paul Stewart sided with Brodeur and sent this out after the Avery tweets:

Avery has been known to be pretty opinionated on Twitter in the past, so it should come as no surprise when he tweeted a photo of a donut and coffee and another strange message — presumably to Devils fans.

Brodeur, by the way, posted’s original story with his comments on his Facebook page on Wednesday with a smiley face.


MLB unveils ROC — its state-of-the-art replay center (PHOTOS)

Beginning with the Dodgers-Padres game at Petco Park on Sunday night — the U.S. opener of the 2014 season — players, managers and fans will start hearing a lot more of the ROC — technically known as Major League Baseball's Replay Operations Center.

The 900-square foot high-tech room in the Chelsea Market building in Manhattan's trendy Meatpacking District, is where umpires and technicians will make the decisions that could decide games and championships.

More than $10 million has been spent wiring the 30 big league ballparks with Fiberlink cable that will transmit the images from at least 12 cameras at every site, and MLB says it will take just 400 milliseconds for each image to arrive at the command center.

The ROC is housed in the offices of Major League Baseball Advanced Media in the historic building where the Oreo cookie was invented.

It's been called a technological marvel, outfitted with state-of-the-art video equipment. And it's the nerve center of MLB's expanded replay system. ROC will be manned by eight umpires from the existing pool of on-field arbitrators. Each umpire will have a technical assistant to run disputed plays from angles gleaned by 12 cameras at each ballpark.

Beginning Sunday, every play of every game this season that is subject to review will be analyzed in this room by at least one umpire and one trained technician. Whenever a manager formally challenges a call, or after the sixth inning, if the umpires on the field simply want a second opinion, this is where the ultimate decisions will be made.

Managers will have one challenge per game, and a second if the first is successful. They will not be able to challenge home run calls, the original impetus for the replay that started in 2008. Only game umpires can ask for replays on homers.

So if Don Mattingly disagrees with a ROC ump's call, he'll have to travel 2,760 miles to kick dirt on their khakis.

LeBron James get flagrant for elbow to Roy Hibbert's face (VIDEO)

If Wednesday night's wildly physical regular season game between the Heat and Pacers is any indication, a playoff meeting between these two teams will be a rough-and-tumble affair.

It was so rough that even LeBron James was called for a flagrant foul after driving into Roy Hibbert during the second half of the 84-83 Pacers win.

A rarity for James.

James' elbow went high, whether to make contact or to try and get around Hibbert for the layup, and hit Hibbert under the chin. Hibbert landed and seemed disoriented. He tried to get up, and then fell back down.

Hibbert would go to the bench, be treated, leave for the locker room, then return to shoot the free throws for the flagrant. He would then leave again, presumably for the NBA's concussion test protocol, and then return to the game.

Ironically, after the loss to the East-leading Pacers, it was James who took issue with how hard fouls on him — and hard contact dealt out by him — were officiated.

"I don't want to fall into the pit of what's going on," James said, when asked in the visiting locker room if he felt he was being targeted by the Pacers when he went to the basket. "You see me and Blake Griffin, we take some hard hits. They call it how they want to call it. It's very frustrating though. Very frustrating."

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

OHL goalie pulls himself after giving up eight goals, quits team (VIDEO)

During an eventful Game 3 of the Windsor Spitfires' playoff series against the London Knights — which also included London goalie Anthony Stolarz slashing Windsor's Josh Ho-Sang in the back of the head — a blowout led to a walkout. 

The onslaught of goals scored got so bad that Stolarz's opposing goalie, Dalen Kuchmey, pulled himself from the game.

Kuchmey was pressed into duty because his fellow goalie Alex Fotinos was not feeling well at all. Eight goals and 34 minutes later, Kuchmey was still in the game and his coach Bob Boughner didn't have much design on pulling him. So he just left the ice.

Not only did Kuchmey leave the ice, he went straight to the dressing room, changed and left the team.

The goalie said he's not going to play another game for Windsor. And he's right.

After leaving the ice and quitting on his team, as Boughner put it, the Spitfires likely wouldn't have him back anyway. Question is if any other team will have him now.

Kuchmey faced 26 shots on the night and stopped only 18 of them, clearly not his or Windsor's night. Fotinos stopped 11 of 13 shots in the final 25:34 but the game was more than out of hand at that point.


Derek Jeter named 11th greatest leader in the world by Fortune: Report

Derek Jeter may have a batting average some 300 points below the league leaders so far this spring, but the New York Yankees captain is among the front runners in another category. 

Namely — leading the world.

Fortune magazine compiled a list of the top 50 greatest leaders in the world — and the shortstop's name landed at 11, just outside a top 10 that include influential movers and shakers like Pope Francis, Warren Buffett, Bill Clinton and the Dalai Lama.

"As he begins his 20th and final season in pinstripes, Jeter remains the type of role-model player that even a Red Sox fan must grudgingly respect," CNN wrote. "It's not the five World Series rings he's won or his team record for career hits. In a steroid-tainted, reality-TV era, Jeter, the son of two Army veterans, continues to stand out because of his old-school approach: Never offer excuses or give less than maximum effort."

The honored spot puts Jeets ahead of other leaders including former New York mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg, 16-year-old human rights advocate Malala Yousafzai and actress and activist Angelina Jolie.

Along with about 40 other people I admittedly know little about.

Other sports figures who appeared on the list include Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski, San Antonio Spurs skipper Gregg Popovich and South Carolina women's coach Dawn Staley  who all tied for 20th place.

Nobody will ever doubt the pinstriped prince's dignified authority on the diamond and contributions off it, but Jeter himself will probably just smile and shake his head at this accolade.

Arkansas Fan gives Double Bird Shimmy Salute to Cal's bench (GIF)

When a late run by Arkansas couldn't completely erase the 24 point lead California built up earlier in their third-round NIT game Tuesday night, one Razorbacks fan used a Double Bird Shimmy Salute to jeer the Golden Bears' bench.

Cal went on to a 75-64 victory.

And who knew Screech had a kid?

OHL goalie tomahawks opponent in back of head with stick (VIDEO)

Everyone knows goalies are pretty territorial when it comes to their nets but that didn't excuse one OHL net-minder from going all Vladimir Putin on an opponent the way Flyers prospect Anthony Stolarz did on Tuesday.

Stolarz, guarding the nets for the London Knight drew a two-minute high-sticking penalty when he swung his oversized tomahawk and hit Windsor Spitfires forward and 2014 top draft prospect Josh Ho-Sang in the back of the head. While he was skating away from the goalie.

After Ho-Sang fell to the ice and was being attended to, Stolarz looked a bit annoyed at Ho-Sang being down. The chippy Stolarz should be thankful he only got two minutes.

This was Game 3 of their playoff series in the OHL and London had little problem with Windsor, winning the game 10-2. One of those two goals came from Ho-Sang.

South African soccer star somehow walked away from this horrific car wreck (PHOTOS)

A South Africa soccer star somehow survived a terrifying automobile crash in which his car was impaled on a guardrail that penetrated the entire vehicle from the windshield through the trunk.

Rooi Mahamutsa miraculously walked away from the horrible looking crash with barely a scratch.

The crash took place near Marlboro, Johannesburg, earlier this month but the astonishing pictures have only just emerged. These dramatic photos show the wreckage of Mahamutsa's BMW 3-Series impaled on a guardrail after the smash.

Mahamutsa, who plays for the Orlando Pirates of the South African Premier League, was out driving when his car skidded on a wet patch on the road, causing him to lose control of his vehicle and crash.

Incredibly, the 32-year-old defender walked away with just minor injuries from the incident. He was taken to a local hospital but soon discharged.

Mahamutsa is one lucky dude.

Jameis Winston restrained by cops during brawl between Seminoles and Gators (VIDEO)

Florida State and the University of Florida faced off on Tuesday, and the in-state rivalry turned physical with the Gators up 3-0 in the eighth inning.

Apparently a collision at first base sparked this benches-clearing brawl between the two teams.

Jacksonville police had to break up the scrap before things got out of hand, restraining various players — including two-sport star Jameis Winston.

In all, three players were ejected from the game: Gators'  infielder Zack Powers and LHP Danny Young, as well as Seminoles outfielder D.J. Stewart.

Florida went on to upset No. 1 Florida State, 4-1.

Willie Randolph's weird photobomb of Joe Girardi during interview (GIF)

New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi is used to doing plenty of in-game TV interviews from the dugout. And, from the looks of this GIF clip, it seems like bench coach Willie Randolph wanted to get in a little face time of his own during Tuesday's spring training game.

The former Yankee star's weird expression is sort of frightening.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ohio State campus store is selling 'Oiho State' jerseys (PHOTO)

A student posted the tweet you see below of a jersey that was on sale at a Foot Locker located on Ohio State's campus.

Hope they take more care when they spell Buckeyes.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Mark Sanchez tells Jets fans ‘I’ll miss the good times’ via Twitter

The New York Jets and Mark Sanchez finally parted ways on Friday, and the much-maligned quarterback took to Twitter this morning to bid his fans farewell and say he'll "miss the good times we shared."


Anyway, we'll always have The Buttfumble.

German soccer reporter hit on head by ball a second time (VIDEO)

The first time might have been just bad luck. The second time and you might start believing your head is just one big, blond target. 

And that is exactly how Sky Germany's soccer reporter Jessica Kastrop must be feeling today after she was struck on the head by a stray ball during a live broadcast for the second time in her career.

Kastrop was bopped once again as she reported before the Bundesliga game between Bayer Leverkkusen and Hoffenheim on Sunday. Leverkusen’s Philipp Wollenberg was the guilty party this time and he did apologize for the wayward ball.

It was in 2010 that Kastrop, reporting pitchside at the time, was hit before a match between Mainz and Stuttgart by defender Khalid Boulahrouz.

Kastrop may well be advised to wear a helmet the next time she broadcasts a pre-match warm-up on the pitch.

Or just lay on the hairspray.

One-armed 'Soul Surfer' wins major title 11 years after shark attack

Eleven years after losing her left arm during a shark attack, Bethany Hamilton, the inspirational 24-year-old surfer won the Surf-N-Sea Pipeline Women's Pro, one of the crown jewels in the world of women's surfing.

The Kauai-born Hamilton — also known as the Soul Surfer — topped two Hawaiian surfers and a competitor from Japan in the final round for the title.

For Hamilton, who famously lost her arm to a shark attack at age 13, it was her first major title in nearly ten years.

The courageous Hamilton returned to surfing just a month after a 14-foot tiger shark bit off her left arm in 2003, but hadn't won a major surfing event since  her brave return to the ocean only a month following her ordeal.

That all changed after her impressive performance at last Thursday's event — held in Hawaii's Banzai Pipeline.

The tall, blond native Hawaiian accepted the win with a dose of humility.

"I usually lose so this was great," the beaming Hamilton said after being carried off the beach on the shoulders of her fellow surfers.

Hamilton's captivating tale of fighting back against all odds was immortalized in the 2011 movie "Soul Surfer." 

Her charity Friends of Bethany supports shark attack victims and other amputees.

David Beckham's planned Miami stadium will have nightclub (PHOTOS)

The first images of David Beckham's planned soccer stadium in Miami have been revealed and the 25,000-seat venue, set to be constructed at the Port of Miami, will include a restaurant and a nightclub in an open concourse, as well as a world-class sports arena.

The as-yet-unnamed stadium would host 17 MLS games during the regular season, between March and November, as well as additional post-season games, soccer friendlies, and other entertainment, reported the Miami Herald.  Most games would be on Saturday nights.

And no city knows Saturday night like Miami.

The port is one of four potential areas for the new stadium, which Beckham's team boasts will create another glittery destination for Miami residents — during and after the game.

A central plaza on the site will also include cafes, restaurants and shops.

Beckham and his partners will pay for the stadium without county or local taxpayer dollars, while the team will also help to increase soccer's visibility in Florida by creating a new youth academy.

The vision includes plans to regenerate the port's old bridge into the city's "high line," on which fans of the new team would walk to the match, as well as space for future development around the Port.

The other potential sites in the city are the FIU, the Miami International Center and Marlins Park — home of baseball outfit Miami Marlins.

The 25,000 seating capacity would make the new stadium the third-biggest venue in the MLS and means the team will have more seats than AmericanAirlines Arena — home to Miami Heat and NBA superstar LeBron James.

However, Beckham’s stadium plans for the new franchise are being opposed by the cruise line companies who dock in one of the world’s busiest ports.

Royal Caribbean Cruises have "deep reservations" and have tabled a strong objection because they have their own plans to develop the 12 acres that Beckham and his investors have pinpointed.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Buccaneers’ Mike Williams stabbed by brother: Report

Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Williams went to St. Joseph's Hospital in Tampa after a spokeswoman with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office says Williams was stabbed in the thigh at his home.

Cristal Bermudez Nunez says it happened Sunday afternoon and the football player's brother is suspected of stabbing him.

The Buccaneers released the following statement in response to his hospitalization:

We are aware of the situation that occurred at the residence of Mike Williams and are working with him and the authorities to get additional information. While we have limited knowledge at this time, our primary concern is for the safety and well-being of all involved. We will refrain from comment until we can get a better understanding of the situation.

This has not been a good past few months for Williams — who has made headlines for running a party house in the gated community of Avila and is already facing trespassing and criminal mischief charges for another incident in December. He has had multiple domestic problems, including damaging neighbor's property in the past.

Another incident might not sit well with the organization a year after he signed a $40 million contract.

The Buccaneers new coach Lovie Smith already expressed concern about Williams wild behavior.

"There's a pattern here and it's disturbing. No one is bigger than this football team," Smith said in February. "He has to understand that.”

Wizards' Drew Gooden fined $15,000 for 'unnecessary act’

Drew Gooden has been hit with a $15,000 fine for committing what the league called an "unnecessary act" against the Lakers' Nick Young.

The league said Gooden "clamped Los Angeles Lakers forward/guard Nick Young's arm and attempted to throw him to the floor."

The scrap occurred in Friday's game between the Wizards and Lakers with only about two minutes remaining. Gooden was assessed a flagrant two foul and ejected on the play. Jordan Hill who stepped in for Young was also ejected, but not fined.

Wayne Rooney’s incredible 55-yard goal reminiscent of Beckam’s iconic lob (GIF)

Wayne Rooney recreated one of David Beckham’s most memorable Manchester United goals on Saturday. And the retired star happened to be watching from the stands. 

From just inside the West Ham half after seven minutes at Upton Park, Rooney sent the ball 55 yards over the opposing goalkeeper, who was caught off his goal line.

Beckham, who retired last year, famously lobbed a shot past Wimbledon goalkeeper Neil Sullivan from the halfway line in 1996, when United went on to win the league.

“It’s just instinct,” Rooney said after the 2-0 win. “It’s one of those I’ve tried many times and thankfully today it’s gone in.”

Here's Beckham's 18-year-old classic:

Marcus Vick gets into Twitter war with PETA over brother Michael

Marcus Vick, the older brother of the New York Jets' newly signed quarterback Michael Vick, is once again making news for the wrong reasons.

Following the Jets' signing of Michael, PETA took the opportunity to send out a tweet reminding the world of the controversial quarterback's infamous dogfighting past. Marcus responded with some choice words of his own directed at the animal rights group..

'y’all still on that bulls–t???? Smh #Peta,' Marcus tweeted back.

Vick, who served 21 months in a federal prison for his involvement in a violent dogfighting ring, was the target of a virtual jab from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals in the form of a comment posted on Twitter Saturday afternoon.

'At least Michael Vick can’t drown, electrocute, hang, or shoot a football the way he terrorized "man’s best friend." #smh #Jets,” the organization tweeted, after it apparently got word of his new contract in New York.

The Jets signed the former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback to a one-year deal Friday, and released Mark Sanchez, the one-time face of the franchise.

The younger Vick — who since being released from prison has been a vocal animal rights advocate — seems more interested in playing football than he does with starting a Twitter war with PETA.

"Anywhere I go, or any team, I'm always going to compete for the No. 1 spot," Vick said last week of his upcoming battle for the starter job with quarterback Geno Smith. "And I will encourage any other quarterback behind me or in front of me to always compete for their job, for the No. 1 spot.
'That's how champions are made."

The 33-year-old Vick, a four-time Pro Bowl selection, was once considered the most dynamic player in the NFL, particularly during his first six NFL seasons with the Atlanta Falcons. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Get tattoo of Syracuse Chiefs logo, recieve free tickets for life

Here's one way to show how committed you are to that whole fan-for-life thing — and get a permanent souvenir to boot.

The Triple-A Syracuse Chiefs are offering free tickets for life to anyone who gets the team's logo tattooed on their body.

The Chiefs, an affiliate of the Washington Nationals, are offering the wacky promotion July 1, on the team's Tattoo Appreciation Night.

Here's how the Chiefs are explaining the promo:

Carmelo's Ink City will be in the building for a special offer - get a Chiefs' tattoo and you'll get a general admission ticket for life!! It's Tattoo Appreciation Night, so take advantage of this "colorful" offer!

Thankfully, the locomotive-themed logo isn't too weird and fans should be grateful the team won't insist on inking their colorful mascot, Reggy The Purple Party Dude, on their bodies.

The team doesn't make it clear whether the tattoo has to be in a certain area or a certain size, though those requirements could obviously be a determining factor for some folks easily seduced by the idea of anything free.