Friday, July 31, 2015

Heavily-bandaged Jason-Pierre Paul seen for first time following fireworks accident (PHOTOS)

A day after Giants owner John Mara said that he didn't know the extent of Pierre-Paul's injuries, the New York Daily News has obtained exclusive photos of the injured defensive end and his bandaged hand — and it doesn't look good.

JPP was spotted with his arm in a sling supporting a heavily-bandaged right hand and forearm —making his hand look like a club.

This was the first public sighting of Pierre-Paul since he nearly blew off his hand in a Fourth of July fireworks incident gone wrong. He was dressed in a white shirt, black shorts and sandals as his classic car was loaded onto a flatbed truck in south Florida.

After the horrific accident, Pierre-Paul spent 10 days in a Florida hospital, where he had his right index finger amputated. Pierre-Paul’s refusal to respond to the Giants organization's inquiries into his condition and offers of medical assistance lead to all kinds of conclusions.

"We don't even know how extensive the damage is, that's the problem," said Mara on Thursday. "I don't even know how many fingers he has."

And from looking at the photos, I'm guessing they still don't know.

Giants' John Mara on JPP: 'I don't know how many fingers he has': Report

The New York Giants' patience is wearing thin because of the lack of communication from Jason Pierre-Paul, regarding the injuries he suffered during a Fourth of July fireworks accident, as the first day of training camp opened Thursday.

And since the team has not been allowed to examine Pierre-Paul's injuries to his right hand, as he recovers in South Florida, team president John Mara admitted the only information the Giants have received has come through media reports.

"We don't know how extensive the damage is, that's the problem," Mara said. "I don't know how many fingers he has."

The silence means Mara still has no idea when, and if, Pierre-Paul will show up.

"I think we have to plan on moving ahead without him at this point," Mara said. "Until we see him and make some sort of determination as to what condition he is in, I don't see how we can count on him. Certainly not for the opening of the season."

But not everyone is as forgiving.

"It's hard to believe that he couldn't get here and take care of an awful lot of issues rather than what they're doing," coach Tom Coughlin said, adding that his texts to Pierre-Paul have gone unanswered. 

"Hey, we're all concerned about the young man first and foremost. But it's difficult to extend this concern when we feel like he should be here."

As for JPP's franchise tag and contract, Mara said everything is off the table until the Giants' medical staff can examine Pierre-Paul. Mara did say that he would be open to negotiating the terms of the franchise tag, including the non-football injury option the Giants have that could reduce Pierre-Paul's salary.

"We'd be open to discussing anything," Mara said. "But we first need to see him."

Mara reiterated comments from earlier in the week, when he said Pierre-Paul is receiving poor advice from his management team. He again said Pierre-Paul would be better served availing himself of the medical experts at the Giants' disposal.

"I'm disappointed that he's not here," Mara said. "I think this would be the best place for him to be for a number of different reasons . . . I think it would be in his own best interest to be here. I don't think he's receiving the best advice in the world. That's sad as far as I'm concerned."

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson won't label Hulk Hogan a racist

Former pro wrestler Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson says he was "surprised" and "disappointed" when he learned that Hulk Hogan had come under fire for making racial slurs.

Hogan, whose real name is Terry Gene Bollea, was terminated by World Wrestling Entertainment last week after a recording surfaced that had him repeatedly using the N-word.

During a session with the critics to discuss his HBO show “Ballers,” Johnson was asked about the racially tinged remarks that led the WWE to sever its ties with Hogan, who had long been a face of the organization.
"I was pretty disappointed with what I heard, like all of us," Johnson told reporters at the TV critics press tour Thursday. "I've known Terry for a lot of years, and my dad helped train him in Florida in the '70s when he was breaking into the business ... I had not known the man to be racist."

Unlike their days in the wrestling ring, The Rock refused to body slam his former opponent.

"I'm not justifying what he said. We've all talked trash, especially in private," Johnson remarked. "He said what he said, and he's paying the price."

J.J. Watt jacks a few home runs during BP at Minute Maid Park (VIDEO)

Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt spent his Thursday afternoon visiting Minute Maid Park and Astros reporter Chandler Rome posted video of Watt launching a few into the seats during batting practice.

Watt not only hit the balls, the sack machine sent some into the stratosphere.

Mike Trout was there with the Angels, so JJ asked him to throw a pitch just "for a picture."

While Trout is arguably the Face of Baseball, it wouldn't be stretch to call Watt the Face of Football. 

And the funny thing is they look like brothers.

Minor League team gives out free back waxes on the dugout during game

During Thursday night's Double-A matchup between the Trenton Thunder and Bowie Baysox, four men got their backs waxed on top of the dugout.

Crazy but ... it is beach season.

The Baysox, Double-A affiliate of the nearby Orioles, hosted "Back Hair Appreciation Night" on Thursday, forgoing more traditional promotions like free food or jerseys.

The Baysox did end up winning the game, 4-3

And now they can use the swatches of man hair to fill in those bald spots on the field.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Tom Brady greeted by rousing cheers at Patriots camp (VIDEO)

Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady took to the practice fields behind Gillette Stadium Thursday shortly after 9 a.m. Thursday and fans greeted him, cheering and chanting, "Bra-dy! Bra-dy!" as he waved to his supporters.

Despite being suspended four games for his role in Deflategate, Brady stretched on the sideline and wore his red practice jersey for the Patriots' opening training camp session. He took snaps under center, handing the ball off on his first repetition. Reserve quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo ran drills on the opposite side of the field as coach Bill Belichick looked on.

"Right now, we're preparing for today," Belichick said. "I'm not thinking about a month from now, a year from now, six months from now...I don't dream about something in the future."
And speaking of "gates," here's the mad rush of Foxborough fanatics hoping to see Brady when the Pats opened theirs this morning.

Tom Coughlin thinks Jason Pierre-Paul's injuries are more severe than reported

In his first public comments about Jason Pierre-Paul, New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin said he has no idea when Pierre-Paul might show up at the team's training camp, described the player's refusal to allow the team to participate in his recovery as a "fiasco," and suggested that JPP is receiving poor advice from his management.

Speaking to Sports Illustrated's, Coughlin said he believes the silence from Pierre-Paul makes him fear that the injury is more severe than even the gory details that have been reported.
"I don't know what they think they are hiding," Coughlin said. "It only makes us, me personally, think the worst."
It's been nearly a month since the Giants defensive end injured his right hand in a fireworks mishap on July 4. Coughlin texted him the following day, offering any assistance that he and the Giants could provide.

He has yet to hear back.

Coughlin said he first learned of the injury on July 5 from general manager Jerry Reese. That's when he sent the text to JPP that read simply: "How can I help you?" He has yet to receive a response.
"I want to help. I want to be there for him," Coughlin said. "But he's decided that he doesn't want our help. He thinks that something will come of it. But, all I care about, all any of us care about, the whole organization, is the well-being of the kid."

Coughlin is not alone in the mystery. He said that defensive line coach Robert Nunn has spoken to Pierre-Paul a few times since the accident, and others have communicated via text, but most of the conversations between JPP and those associated with the team have been vague.

"There has been very little information even to this point in time," Coughlin said. "Everybody in this building is concerned with him and his welfare. Even to the point where this fiasco, when Ronnie [Barnes] goes down there and Jessie [Armstead] goes down there, and he won't see them — these are the people he has depended on all the time he has been there. I don't know what he thought he was going to accomplish by not allowing them to be there to assist, to help, whatever needed to be done."

"I thought that was a really poor move by them, by his people," he said.

Pierre-Paul was absent from the team's spring workouts and seems to be rehabbing his hand on his own. It was expected that he would sign the one-year, $14.8-million franchise tender shortly after the mid-July deadline to reach a long-term agreement passed. He has not. And, not surprisingly, the Giants would like to assess his hand injury before any contracts are signed.

For that to happen, Pierre-Paul has to show up.

Pierre-Paul didn't attend the team's minicamp in June, as Coughlin had hoped. Now he has no idea when he'll see Pierre-Paul again.

"I don't know what to expect anymore," Coughlin said.

Botched Mets deal has Wilmer Flores in tears during game (VIDEO)

Just when things seem to be going right for the New York Mets, as usual, the organization found some way to botch things up.

It was a bizarre, stunning and tear-filled night for the Mets, who agreed to a reported trade that would have sent Milwaukee Brewers center fielder Carlos Gomez to New York for potential front-end right-hander Zack Wheeler and developing infielder Wilmer Flores.

When Flores, back starting at shortstop in place of Ruben Tejada, came off the field in the middle innings of Wednesday night's game at Citi Field, he first learned from fans near the dugout that the Mets had agreed to trade him to Milwaukee.

The shaken Flores' ordeal was then played out on the SNY broadcast, and with tears in his eyes, he still took the field one inning later.

“I heard from the fans, there was this rumor I was going to get traded. The fans were yelling for me,” Flores said. “When I came up, I heard everyone cheering, and I thought that was the only reason.“It was difficult to be out there, but nothing happened. But that’s what they told me, there’s no deal.”

It wasn't long after the Flores tears and near-completion of the blockbuster deal that everything came to an embarrassing conclusion — the trade was off.

“[The trade] has not and will not transpire,” Mets general manager Sandy Alderson told reporters late Wednesday night.
The glitch came when the Mets were going over Gomez’s medicals. He was on the disabled list in April and into May with a hamstring issue, and he missed time last month with an ailing hip. And the Mets didn't were uncomfortable with that.

After a standing ovation for Flores by Mets fans in the seventh inning, injured Mets veterans David Wright and Michael Cuddyer followed Flores into the clubhouse before the game ended, thinking they were going to console a traded teammate.

“They just gave me a hug and told me that it’s nothing bad, it’s good,” Flores said. “But there’s no trade. I’m coming here tomorrow.”

'Jeopardy!' throws contestants a curve with Troy Tulowitzki question

Troy Tulowitzki did his part to help complete an answer for "Jeopardy!" contestants Wednesday night. Unfortunately, for Alex Trebek and his writers, the question was just a little outdated — and for the wrong team.

That's because "Mile high" is a clever "Jeopardy!" hint for Colorado and the shortstop was traded to Toronto the day before.
Clearly the "Jeopardy!" writers did not anticipate the Rockies shipping Tulowitzki up north when they wrote this particular clue, probably months ago. And one can only imagine the confusion at home when real baseball fans called out the show for this gaffe.

"Who are the Rockies?  I mean, Who are the Blue Jays? I'll take Potpourri for 100 Alex."

Tulowitzki, who was making his debut against the Phillies on Wednesday, had a monster night for his new team including this two-run homer at the Rodgers Centre.

At least Canada's smartest game show host, Trebek, had to be happy the way Tulo started his career as a Blue Jay.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Australian diver scores all zeros on worst competition dive ever (VIDEO)

Australian diver Maddison Keeney belly-flopped herself out of the World Aquatics Championships in Russia with a less than stellar dive in the final round.

The young woman's nerves appeared to have got the better of her and following the disastrous dive she slipped from fourth place to twelfth — scoring zeros across the board.

The dive carried a high degree of difficulty at 3.2 and, if she had nailed it, the 19-year-old may have landed herself on the medal stand. 

But she balked and all but fell off the platform, failing to register a score — dropping her to last place in the world-class field.

Footage from the event shows the Keeney bouncing on the platform before appearing to lose her balance.

It's still a pretty good dive at any pool or pond I've been to. And she has company. It was only last month that these two Filipino divers made a splash the wrong way and are now Internet stars.

Gisele Bundchen wore burqa on way to plastic surgery: Report

Tom Brady apparently wasn't the only one in his household concerning himself about deflated objects in recent weeks.

While the Patriots quarterback was trying to save face during an investigation by the NFL, his supermodel wife, Gisele Bundchen, was getting secret plastic surgery in Paris.

Bundchen and her younger sister reportedly hid under a burqa — the traditional Muslim wear — during the holy month of Ramadan — so they could get boob jobs without any publicity.

The Brazilian beauty wore a burqa so she could sneak into the swank International Clinique du Parc Monceau for work on her breasts and eyes, sources claim.

A dead giveaway was the footwear — Muslim women are forbidden from wearing open-toed shoes.

A source said she was concerned that her breasts had sagged after having two children — and the surgery was a 35th-birthday and post-retirement present to herself.

Gisele and sister Rafaela were picked up by Bundchen’s longtime chauffeur at the Bristol Hotel and driven to the clinic on July 15, sources said. The photo below shows Gisele with the driver before she donned the burqa.

The next day, after the two surgeries, the trusty driver — who has worked for Gisele since at least 2010 — took the two women back to the hotel, where they packed up their belongings. He then drove them to the exclusive Les Sources de Caudalie spa, where Bundchen recovered for five days before leaving Paris.

The former Victoria’s Secret Angel, who made $47 million last year as the world’s highest-paid model, according to Forbes, paid about $11,000 for her surgeries.

And that's one DeflateGate problem out of the way.

On Friday, Bundchen was photographed in sunglasses as she and Rafaela strolled through Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris on their way back to the United States.

Gone was the burqa — which has actually been banned in France since 2010.

Her reps didn’t respond to requests for comment on Tuesday.

Vin Scully while Ethier destroys bat rack: ‘Get it out, son’ (VIDEO)

Things that stink in life: Missing your school bus, losing your lunch money to a bully and making an out during a big game.

And that last reason was why Andre Ethier used his bat to vent his frustration in the dugout after lining out to the Athletics' Ike Davis Tuesday night.

And, as always, there was the soothing voice of Vin Scully to turn the big leaguer's tantrum into a calming perspective.

And after you put those bats back on the rack Andre, how about we go for some ice cream?

With sprinkles?

Key & Peele imagine if teachers were treated like pro athletes on 'SportsCenter' (VIDEO)

Nobody spoofs professional sports like "Key & Peele." And Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are at it again in a skit that imagines teachers being treated as pro athletes on a show like ESPN's "SportsCenter."

In the clip below, the two sketch comics report on “the latest developments in the exciting world of pro teaching” on the show “TeachingCenter.”

It include hilarious — and perceptive — segments that feature a behind-the-scenes looks at the fictional High School Teacher Draft, a Telestrator breakdown of a teacher at work and some really inflated teachers' paychecks.

Sadly, after five seasons together on Comedy Central, the comedic duo will end their show on the network. Peele tweeted last weekend, "Don't miss the last 8 episodes!" in reference to the ending of the current season.

We'll just have to wait for the full length movies.

After trailing 5-0, Yankees score 21 unanswered runs to beat Rangers

Chris Capuano was awful Tuesday night. The Yankees starter issuied five walks in the first inning that resulted in the Texas Rangers scoring five quick runs, but thanks to a slew of even more awful Texas Rangers pitchers, it didn’t matter.

And Capuano's fail only set up what was to be an astonishing 21-5 Yankees win at Globe Life Park. A weird game that included an 11-run inning, position players pitching and a Triple-A call-up throwing 5 1/3 hitless and scoreless innings for his first big league win.

The Yankees' bats weren't the only things that were hot during the bizarre game. The lop-sided victory was witnessed by a crowd of 28,403 that withered like the Rangers — thanks to a game-time temperature of 98 degrees.

“I don’t know if I have ever been part of that,’’ manager Joe Girardi said after his barnstorming club won for the 13th time in 16 games and remained seven games ahead of the second-place Orioles in the AL East. “Give up five in the first, don’t give up a hit and score 21 runs.’’

And while Yankees hitters were having their way, pitcher Diego Moreno was just a hair less than perfect after the hole his team dug. Moreno — a Yankees pitcher promoted from Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre earlier Tuesday and part of the 2012 A.J. Burnett deal with the Pirates — worked 5 ¹/₃ hitless and scoreless innings for his first big league win in three games.

“I am happy about the opportunity and to be part of the win,’’ said Moreno, who walked Shin-Soo Choo with two outs in the third. It was the only base runner the Rangers had after the first inning.

The 11 runs in the second inning were the most by the Yankees in an inning since July 30, 2011 against Baltimore. The 21 runs are the most by the Yankees since a 22-9 win over the Athletics on Aug. 25, 2011.

Chris Young led the season-high 19-hit attack with a third-inning grand slam and an RBI double in the sixth. Brett Gardner added a two-run homer in the ninth off infielder Adam Rosales, who was on the mound, and Didi Gregorius contributed a career-high four hits and had a three-run triple in the second.

The only Yankees starter to not get a hit was Mark Teixeira who went 0-for-3.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Angry cyclist lifts up car and moves it out of bike lane by himself (VIDEO)

An infuriated cyclist who apparently didn't want to risk injury peddling outside a bike lane, picked up and moved a car parked in his path before jumping back on his two-wheeler and continuing on his trek.

The beefy bike rider, who has not been identified but resembles King Kong Bundy, was filmed by a car driver, who captured the man's amazing feat of strength.

In the video, which is believed to have been filmed in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the annoyed dude can be seen standing behind the car and holding the bottom of its bumper with both hands and simply moving it aside.

And to a crowd of cheers, the strongman went on his merry way.

Let's call it a Tour de Force.

Junior Seau's family won't disrupt Hall of Fame ceremonies, says lawyer: Report

The family of the late Junior Seau will not disrupt the Hall of Fame ceremonies on Aug. 8 despite its disagreement with a policy preventing live remarks during a posthumous induction.

Steve Strauss, legal counsel to the Seaus and partner at Cooley LLP, said in an email Monday night that the family "does not want this issue to become a distraction to Junior's accomplishments and legacy or those of the other inductees."

Seau, who killed himself in 2012, will be saluted with a video presentation in which his daughter, Sydney, will speak. But Hall policy does not allow for live speeches during a posthumous induction.

Before his tragic death, Seau told his family that if he was ever inducted to the HoF, the 14-year NFL veteran wanted Sydney to give his induction speech.

"The Seau family appreciates the overwhelming support for Sydney Seau to be able to accept Junior's induction into the Hall of Fame live and in her own words," Strauss said. "Unfortunately, the Hall of Fame is unwilling to reverse its decision despite communicating to the family earlier this year that Sydney would be able to speak at the ceremony. Contrary to the most recent statement by the Hall of Fame, the family does not support the current policy that prevents family members from delivering live remarks on behalf of deceased inductees.

"The Seau family never intended to use the Hall of Fame as a platform to discuss the serious mental health issues facing the NFL today, which are most appropriately addressed in a legal forum," Strauss said. "The Seau family looks forward to celebrating Junior's extraordinary accomplishments at the Hall of Fame."

Hall representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In a statement from Hall executive vice president Joe Horrigan last Friday, a 2010 policy was referenced.

"The policy of the Pro Football Hall of Fame since 2010 regarding individuals enshrined posthumously provides for an expanded presenting video (longer than the videos of living inductees) followed by the traditional unveiling of the bronzed bust and no additional comments made from the podium," Horrigan said.

The 2011 induction used such a format when former Los Angeles Rams star Les Richter was inducted posthumously.

Texas woman pays tribute to A-Rod's ... butt (PHOTO)

Alex Rodriguez turned 40 on Monday and celebrated by slamming his 24th home run of the season during a game between the Yankees and Rangers in Arlington.

And one Texas woman in Yankee gear, apparently with an interest in more than his bulging stat sheets, held up a sign referencing the Yankee slugger's other assets.

Sorry. But here's what all the fuss was about.
Wouldn't just a simple birthday wish suffice?

Furious Mark Teixeira blasts third base coach for giving him green light (VIDEO)

Mark Teixeira was so angry with third-base coach Joe Espada telling him to ease up while attempting to score from second base in the eighth inning of Monday night's game against the Rangers, he threw equipment and a garbage can around in the Yankees dugout.

“He said, ‘Easy, easy’ ’’ twice,’’ said the irate Teixeira, who was thrown out at the plate by center fielder Leonys Martin for the final out of the inning after fielding Chase Headley’s single. 

“That can’t happen. I can get hurt not expecting a play at the plate. That’s a big run. There are a lot of reasons that can’t happen. I love Joe Espada, he apologized and it’s over but it was a big mistake.’’

Espada, who is in the first year replacing Rob Thomson as the third base coach, took full responsibility for the play that luckily didn’t get the Yankees slugger injured.

“It was my call. I told him to take it easy. I wasn’t expecting the throw,’’ Espada said. “It was my fault. I try to take care of their legs. There was two outs and he got a good jump. I thought he would score easily.’’

And when Headley saw Teixeira get thrown out he also slammed his helmet to the ground between first and second.

“It was frustrating, I got caught in the moment,’’ said Headley, who had three hits. “It was miscommunication and I reacted. In 162 games it happens, no big deal.’’

Don't mess with Tex.

Minor league team unveils SpongeBob SquarePants uniforms (PHOTO)

Baseball just can't seem to get enough of these novelty promotional jerseys this summer, and just a week after the Fresno Grizzlies became the Fresno Tacos for one tasty night, now, Baltimore's Triple-A affiliate -—the Norfolk Tides — have unveiled their new SpongeBob SquarePants uniforms.

The jerseys will be auctioned off during the game, with proceeds benefiting the United Way of South Hampton Roads.

No word if they will be selling Krabby Patties, but just imagine if they came with Krusty Krab baseball caps.

Everyone together. Oh! Who lives in a pineapple under the sea ...

Monday, July 27, 2015

Osi Umenyiora to sign one-day contract, retire with Giants: Report

With no NFL teams seeking his services, Osi Umenyiora appears ready to call it an NFL career — but not before signing a one-day contract so he can retire a New York Giant.

The 33-year-old pass rusher, who spent nine seasons with the Giants before a brief stint in Atlanta, is in discussions with the team on a one-day contract that would allow him to bow out in blue, sources familiar with the situation told Around The NFL.

Umenyiora was a key member of both Giants' Super Bowl runs over the past decade. He was a speedy threat in the team's NASCAR rush package, which twice beat great Patriots offenses.

But during contentious contract talks in 2011, Umenyiora called Giants GM Jerry Reese a liar for reneging on a promise to give him a raise or trade him. He finally became a free-agent in 2013.

Umenyiora had said that "whenever it is that I retire", I think it would only make sense for me to do that as a Giant." In the nine seasons, after the Giants drafted him in the second round out of Troy University in Alabama, Umenyiora recorded 75 sacks — fourth on the team's all-time list.

A few months ago Umenyiora still was planning to continue his NFL career, and he was really hoping to re-sign with his former team. At least sometime this summer he'll get his wish.

Even if it's only for one last day.

Is this the shortest soccer free kick you will ever see? (VIDEO)

During Sunday night's International Champions Cup match at Red Bull Arena, Benfica was awarded an indirect free kick at the New York Red Bulls goal with the score tied at 1-1.

It wouldn't be anything special if not for the fact that the ball was spotted about three feet from the net — making it, quite possibly, the shortest free kick you will ever see in your lifetime.

Watch as the home team comically crams into the net making it almost impossible for the visiting Portuguese squad to score:

And they didn't.

The Red Bulls went ahead in the 56th minute and held on to win, 2-1, before driving away in a clown car.

Domestic violence prevention group wants Ray Rice to get second chance in NFL: Report

A group known as "A CALL TO MEN," which "encourages men to end violence against women," thinks Ray Rice deserves a second chance to play in the NFL.

After seeing the ex-Baltimore Ravens running back speak to high school and college students about the error of his ways over the past nine months, the group's co-founder Ted Bunch told ESPN's Adam Schefter that the disgraced Rice is ready for another shot at resuming his career as professional football player.
"He's held himself accountable," said Bunch. "He is saying everything that you would want him to say and doing everything that you would want him to do. So why wouldn't he deserve another chance? His work in the area of educating young men is more important than him getting back on the field. He knows that and has said that to us. He is seeing the bigger picture. He has a desire to compete again, but also to make a difference in the world. This is what mistakes should be about; learning from them and teaching others. We've been in front of a lot of batterers. He is as transparent as I've seen, and as sincere as I've seen."
The group's other co-founder, Terry Porter, added, "We have been around a lot of abusive men, but our experience with Ray has been tremendously positive. We feel strongly about him having the opportunity of having a second chance. He's deserving of it. ... A lot of people think we should kick him to the curb and his name should be mud forever. But how great would it be if everyone who made a mistake made it their mission to make sure a million people don't make the same mistake?"

The big question, wondered Schefter, was if any teams would be interested in signing a 28-year-old running back who hasn't played since 2013?

Rice claims he is working out daily and isn't motivated by money. But, it seems, that image of him standing over his then-fiancee in that Atlantic City elevator will be remembered more than any of his achievements on the field.

LeSean McCoy wants Donald Trump to DJ his dry party, bars Hulk Hogan

LeSean McCoy wanted to throw a bash this weekend but, after catching a lot of flack from the media and Internet — and the NFL because he violated the copyright of the Buffalo Bills logo — his planned ladies-only pre-training camp party plans got squashed.

Seems Shady made it a point to invite everyone but Hulk Hogan.

Jimbo Fisher throws first pitch to Jameis Winston at Rays game (VIDEO)

The Tampa Bay Rays hosted the Baltimore Orioles at home on Sunday, but if you're a fan of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, you finally got to see your team's first-round pick Jameis Winston in action.

Albeit, on the baseball diamond.

And although Winston didn't throw anything, he did team up with his former coach at Florida State, Jimbo Fisher, as battery mates for the first pitch.

Save that arm for the NFL Jameis.

MiLB catcher and manager get ejected, shed gear and clothing in protest (VIDEO)

In the top of the ninth inning of Saturday's game against the Biloxi Shuckers (Double-A affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers), Pensacola Blue Wahoos (Double-A affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds) manager Pat Kelly and catcher Kyle Skipworth protested umpire Alex Ziegler's call following a foul ball before getting ejected.

Not happy to let the home-plate ump have the last word, both the skipper and backstop started shedding some of their gear and clothing before hitting the locker room. 

It's not clear why Skipworth was tossed, but this might be one of the few times you will see a catcher do a striptease along with his manager.

And while all of that would have been enough to make his point, Kelly wasn't done. He continued to scream at the umpires and eventually used the rosin bag as deodorant.

Kelly left to a standing ovation from the sellout crowd.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

George Brett: Better to be known for Pine Tar Game than hemorrhoids

The Hall of Fame gathering every summer let's former players kick back and reminisce about their playing days or, in some cases, just be dogged by events they would like to forget.

And, as usual, the 32nd anniversary of the infamous Pine Tar Game on Friday brought back some burning memories for George Brett during the Hall of Famers’ golf tournament on Saturday

“It wasn’t like a ground ball went through my legs and I’m remembered for that,” said Brett.

“Prior to that, I was known as the guy with the hemorrhoids in the 1980 World Series,” Brett joked. “Every on-deck circle I went to, from 1980 to July 24, 1983 on the road, I heard every hemorrhoids joke you could imagine. After July 25, I was the pine tar guy. So what would your rather be remembered as? It’s pretty simple.”

The Pine Tar Game, as any knowledgeable Yankee or Royal fan is aware, took place at the Stadium on July 24, 1983 between the two rival teams. Brett hit a two-run homer in the ninth to give his Royals the lead, but Billy Martin requested umps check the pine tar on his bat. Umps ruled Brett had too much pine tar there and called him out, nullifying the homer, giving the Yankees a victory. A temporary one, anyway.

The Royals’ protested the game and it was upheld. The game was continued Aug. 18 following Brett’s homer and the Royals eventually won.

Let's go to the videotape:

Now that's baseball.

A-Rod hits 3 HRs, including one into third deck at Target Field (VIDEO)

Alex Rodriguez might have been left off the All-Star team this summer and, love him or hate him, when it comes to Comeback Player of the Year, it looks like the Yankees DH already has the trophy in hand.

A-Rod not only blasted three home runs to help the Yankees to an 8-5 win over the Twins Saturday night, he jacked one that traveled 452 feet into the third deck at Target Field.

And, believe it or not, it is only A-Rod's third longest home run of the season. He hit homers that traveled 471 feet and 460 feet earlier this season, both back in April.

Minnesota led 5-0 when A-Rod hit his first home run. But, in the seventh inning, he hit another homer off Tommy Milone, this one a two-run blast, that brought the Yankees to within one.

Then, with the Yankees dangling by that run in the ninth, Rodriguez hit his third dinger of the night to tie the game.

The three-homer game is the fifth of A-Rod's career and third with the Yankees. 

Get out the pee cup.

Paris police shoot at car which attempted to crash Tour de France barricade on the Champs Elysées 

Police in central Paris opened fire on a driver who tried to ram through a barricade as they stood guard ahead of the final stage of the Tour de France Sunday morning.

The car managed to evade police fire at Place de la Concorde at about 8am, with the two people inside reportedly being unharmed by the gunfire, according to Luc Poignant, a spokesman for the SGP police union.

Security forces are on high alert, as extra armed police soon flooded into the area looking for the car and its occupants but police said it doesn't appear to be a terrorist attack. 

Paris has been on maximum security alert since the shootings in Paris in January at satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo's offices. 

Police are now investigating CCTV footage to identify the driver and the passenger inside the Renault Twingo.

"This is a minor incident. It wasn't aimed at the Tour de France, it's not terrorism, it's just a simple refusal to comply, as there are many every day," a police official told Reuters.

Hundreds of thousands traditionally gather in the Place de la Concorde and the Champs Elysees for the final stage of the Tour de France, which will happen later today.

The stage itself does not leave its start point, the town of Sèvres, until 4.15pm local time, with the riders not due to arrive in central Paris until nearly 6pm. 

Britain’s Chris Froome is all but guaranteed victory, with a lead of more than a minute over his closest rival, Nairo Quintana of Colombia.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Reggie Jackson gets into foul-mouthedl confrontation with fan at Cooperstown restaurant (VIDEO)

It's baseball's Hall of Fame induction weekend, and what better way to reminiscence about the past than having Reggie Jackson getting into a heated, physical confrontation in the serene setting of Cooperstown.

And no, it wasn't with a reincarnation of Billy Martin.

According to the New York Daily News, Jackson got into a scuffle with a fan asking for the Yankee-legend's autograph at a Main Street restaurant.

Warning: Video contains explicit language:

The News wrote:

While most of the other Hall of Famers were attending HOF chairman Jane Clark's annual Friday night party at her Cooperstown home, Jackson instead opted to have dinner in town with friends at the Mount Fuji restaurant on Main Street. But before Jackson and his party could sit down, Jackson was besieged by autograph seekers. After apparently accommodating a few of them, he became agitated when at least one of them came back for a second autograph.

"I already signed one," he screamed at the fan, "and you go back to the f------ line and come up again. That's f----- up. Now it's my time to eat dinner with people I seldom see. It's f----- up. Pay for them like everybody else."

The fan then appeared to say something more to provoke Jackson, and at that point the 69-year-old retired Yankee slugger appeared to shove the man, as others in the crowded restaurant tried to intervene. A further tussle ensued, and Jackson continued his profanity-laced tirade.

"I need a f----- body guard," Jackson screamed.

Sounds like the famously combative Mr. October is back in July form.

Video game tournaments to start drug testing players

Video game competitors might be checking their inhalers at the door because drug testing is coming to e-sports.

The Electronic Sports League said Thursday it will begin randomly drug testing players at its competitive video game tournaments. The e-sports organization plans to work with the World Anti-Doping Agency to curb the scourge of PEDs in its ranks.

The announcement came after a competitive video game player said in a YouTube video posted last week that he and his team used the drug Adderall during a tournament in March where players competed for $250,000 in prize money. Adderall is a prescribed amphetamine that is used to treat ADHD.

The random tests will begin at a tournament in August.

Previously, ESL prohibited the use of drugs, alcohol and other performance enhancers but didn’t test for doping. Other e-sports organizations, such as Major League Gaming, have similarly prohibited but not tested for doping.

The ESL was founded in 1997 and is the largest e-sports league with more than 5 million registered players. Over the past 10 years, e-sports has evolved from a niche genre of gaming to a lucrative sport that draws tens of millions of spectators both online and in person.

And I thought in this world, roid-rage usually meant hemorrhoids.

Junior Seau's family won't be allowed to speak at Hall of Fame induction: Report

It’s always a bittersweet moment when a former National Football League player gets inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame posthumously. And when Junior Seau enters the Hall next month, the scenario will be way more bitter than sweet.

Before his tragic death, Seau told his family that if he was ever inducted to the HoF, the 14-year NFL veteran wanted his daughter Sydney to give his induction speech.

However, it doesn't look like she will get a chance.

HoF spokesman Joe Horrigan spokesman told the New York Times that Sydney won't be allowed to speak due to a recent policy change. Under the new policy, deceased inductees are introduced with a video that's put together by NFL Network.
"There was an acceptance speech for deceased players but it got redundant," Horrigan told the Times. "The honor is supposed to be for the individual."
Living inductees are also introduced by a video, but after the video's shown, a presenter comes out on stage and gives what usually ends up being a pretty emotional speech.

Presenters used to come out on stage to introduce deceased inductees, but the HoF changed its policy "a few years ago."

David Baker, executive director of the Hall, told the Times that Seau's suicide and his family's pending lawsuit against the NFL had nothing to do with the decision in this case.
“We’re not the N.F.L., but the Pro Football Hall of Fame,” said Baker. “Our mission is to honor the heroes of the game, and Junior is a hero of the game. We’re going to celebrate his life, not the death and other issues.”
Seau’s video will not mention the lawsuit that Seau’s family has filed against the NFL, although the league has publicized its crusade to curb injuries in active players and address brain disease among its almost 20,000 retired players.

Seau’s video tribute will be five minutes, two minutes longer than for living inductees, Horrigan said. It will include parts of an interview his daughter gave to NFL Network before, she said, she learned that no one would be making a speech.

Athletics' Billy Burns leaves game with 'testicular contusion' (VIDEO)

Oakland Athletics outfielder Billy Burns left Friday's game against the San Francisco Giants with what was officially called a testicular contusion.

That's a black-and-blue nut to all us laymen.

Leading off the fifth inning, Burns went down quickly after the Jake Peavy pitch below bounced off of the ground and hit him in the groin.

Ouch. That hurts.
Despite the obvious pain, Burns managed to finish his at-bat before getting replaced by Mark Canha in the fourth inning.

Get the ice bag.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Cyclist starts wildfire after pooping, lighting toilet paper ablaze

Authorities say a cyclist started a 73-acre wildfire in southwest Idaho by lighting his toilet paper on fire after taking a crap in the woods.

U.S. Bureau of Land Management officials say the eco-concerned cyclist stopped to defecate in a ravine in the Boise foothills on Wednesday afternoon. The man then lit the toilet paper on fire but lost control of the hot embers in the dry grass while trying to extinguishing the TP.

Firefighters contained the flames several hours later.

Investigators say the man contacted them Thursday morning and his story matched the evidence found at the scene.

The BLM did not release the name of the cyclist. However, officials say he will be fined for causing the fire — and probably banned from Taco Bell the night before peddling in the woods.

A-Rod rookie bat up for auction with bids starting at $10,000: Report

Call it striking while the iron is hot or, in this case, while the A-Rod is smoking.

A Southern California sports memorabilia company is auctioning off the bat Alex Rodriguez used to notch his first major-league hit and — considering all the steroid accusations, a season-long drug-suspension and that whole Minotaur painting embarrassment — the timing couldn't be better.
“Now that he has passed Willie Mays on the home run list and he has joined the exclusive 3,000-hit club, A-Rod is in collectors’ good graces again,” SCP Auctions spokesman Terry Melia told the Daily News. “He’s not looked at in the same light as when he was suspended. He paid his dues and he is trying to earn back their admiration.”
And the overachieving A-Rod has been lethal at the plate this season. After agreeing to shift to a full-time DH role, Rodriguez has regained his status as one of the American League's most feared hitters. On Wednesday, he became one of only 10 players in MLB history with 16 seasons of at least 20 home runs.

Rodriguez was an 18-year-old rookie with the Seattle Mariners, playing in his just his second big league game, when he hit a single off Red Sox pitcher Sergio Valdez at Fenway Park on July 9, 1994. Rodriguez played in 17 games that season, which was infamously cut short by MLB’s season-ending strike.

Rodriguez signed and inscribed “1st ML Base Hit” on the black Louisville Slugger, which he later gave to Mill Creek Sports, a Seattle-area sports memorabilia company that sold A-Rod memorabilia early in his career. The company sold the bat to a collector who held on to it for 20 years.

Melia said the collector, whom he declined to identify, is selling the bat now because the market for A-Rod collectibles may never be higher. Rodriguez not only seems intent on cleaning up his scandal-stained image, but he also has 20 home runs and 54 RBI.

The bat comes with a Mill Creek letter of authenticity signed by Rodriguez, who misidentifies the date of his first hit as “7/8/94.”

Bidding on the bat will start at $10,000, but Melia said the company expects it might sell for double that or more. Online bidding begins Aug. 5 and concludes on Aug. 22.