Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Discus gold medalist Robert Harting celebrates by going 'Hulk' and clearing hurdle

Discus gold medalist Robert Harting of Germany put on a couple of shows Tuesday night in London.  The first was during the actual discus event.  The second was his victory celebration after throwing the disk 68.27 meters.

Following his win, Harting ripped off his shirt like The Incredible Hulk, flexed his muscles, then ran down the track shirtless— except for the German flag draped around his broad shoulders.

To top it all off, the 28-year old track star cleared a hurdle on the track which was set up for the upcoming  women's 100-meter race.

"If you see me coming out of a stadium without a shirt," the exuberant German exclaimed.  "You know it was good."

Harting's celebration was probably the best of the 2012 London Games so far.

Burly men can jump.

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