Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Zack Stortini fights Tanner Glass in epic preseason brawl (VIDEO)

The regular season doesn't begin for a couple of weeks but it looks like two rival NHL teams are already putting on the foil.

The first-period fight between Flyers tough guy Zack Stortini and new Rangers enforcer Tanner Glass Monday night at Madison Square Garden was 55-seconds of classic hockey brawling.

“It was a good fight,” Stortini told NJ.com. “I got him a few times. He’s a tough competitor as well.”

The fight took place at 11:04 of the first period shortly after the Rangers took a 3-0 lead.

“It’s my job to stand up to teammates and create energy out there,” said Stortini.

The fight was pretty even despite Stortini being the bigger guy at 6-4, 220 pounds. Glass, who played for Pittsburgh the last two seasons, is 6-1, 210.

“It’s something I enjoy doing and something I’m good at,” Stortini said afterwards.

Stortini-Glass. Sounds like it should be shaken and stirred.

Model gets naked at Aussie rules Grand Final match, then assaults police (PHOTOS)

Admit it. You're not here for the article. But here it is anyway.

A British model stripped off all of her clothes in a stadium corporate box during an Australian rules football championship match and the subsequent photos of the naked blond created a storm on social media.

Heather McCartney has revealed that she got naked during the AFL Final between Hawthorn and Sydney as part of a bet.

The 26-year-old took off her clothes in front of thousands of Australian rules football fans at the Melbourne Cricket Ground and, after receiving complaints, police arrived to arrest her.

But she didn't go peacefully, according to Mail Online.

McCartney reportedly lashed out, kicking, punching and biting the officers as they tried to handcuff her. 

At least her team, Hawthorn, had  a better day. They won back-to-back flags for the first time since 1988/89, with a 63-point win over Sydney.

McCartney spent the night in jail and was fined $300 (Australian) for "indecent manner."

"It was a bet. I said if Hawthorn win, I’m getting naked. They won, and I got naked," she told the Herald Sun.

"What a f---ing day, it was great."

You've waited long enough. Here's the uncensored photos.

Israeli PM uses Derek Jeter reference in anti-Iran speech at UN: Report

In a scathing speech to the United Nations General Assembly, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that Hamas and the Islamic State group are "branches of the same poisonous tree," both bent on world domination through terror, just as the Nazis were.

And then he mentioned Derek Jeter.

Netanyahu surprisingly referenced the retired Yankees' captain in his blistering vocal attack of Iran on Monday, according a report from Reuters.

"You know, to say that Iran doesn’t practice terrorism is like saying Derek Jeter never played shortstop for the New York Yankees," he said, according to the report.

Since Jeter's farewell tour has been plastered all over the headlines, it's easy to understand why a world leader might insert the baseball star's name in making a point to the UN contingent — who probably wouldn't know a RISP from a SCUD — on a worldwide stage.

Still, the AL Central is one thing but, the Middle East?

At least Jeter did bring a temporary peace between Red Sox and Yankee fans this weekend. In the world of sports, that's a lot.

Michael Strahan to make cameo in 'Magic Mike' sequel: Report

If you still don't get enough of Michael Strahan's gap-toothed grin all over the television screen these days, get ready to see even more of the former New York Giants legend on the big screen — maybe a little too much.

The ubiquitous talk show host will now be taking his NFL sack dance to Hollywood where he'll be making a cameo as a male stripper in the "Magic Mike" sequel.

The "Live with Kelly and Michael" co-host announced on the air that he'll make an appearance in the male stripper tale after star Channing Tatum hounded him to have a cameo in "Magic Mike XXL."

The video below has some of the moments with the actor in which Strahan showed off his moves leading up to his new gig.

TMZ  reported Strahan will at least be topless, but there will be no full frontal for him.

At least Kelly Ripa — like any time Strahan talks about taking something off — seems overly titillated.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Steelers fan wears jersey with mixed messages about 'your mom' (PHOTO)

This photo of a Steelers fan wearing a jersey with a few slightly mixed messages was posted Monday on Reddit with the caption: "I bet he gets all the ladies."

And it's hard to figure where this guy's sentiments are.

The No. 69 with "YOURMOM" across the back seems so wrong until you notice the little Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon tacked to the back of the collar — which sort of renews your faith in the guy.

Still not sure.

It's difficult to know what this dude is trying to say but, keep your mother away just the same.

Suzyn Waldman gives Jeter a kiss after his final game (VIDEO)

Suzyn Waldman finally got to do what a lot of women — and a fair share of male Yankees fans — have wanted to for the past 20 years — plant a big smooch on the side of Derek Jeter's face.

The longtime Yankees broadcaster said her on-field goodbye to The Captain after the Yankees shortstop's final game against the Red Sox on Sunday with a special farewell kiss.

After he did an interview on YES, cameras caught a melancholy Jeter getting a hug and a peck-on-the-cheek from Waldman.

You can see it starting around the 1:30 mark:

Don't know if that constitutes getting one of Jeter's infamous swag bags, but I'm sure Waldman is just happy with a more personal goodbye.

Hunter Pence's postgame speech rallies Giants fans (VIDEO)

If you don't believe the San Francisco Giants team has what it takes to get to the World Series well ... then you have no faith in Hunter Pence.

The Voice of the Giants addressed the home crowd after the final game of the regular season at AT&T Park, rallying them for the playoffs. And did it in his own inimitable style.

Pence led the crowd in the “Yes!” cheer that became so popular earlier this year when Pence and his teammates were hitting home runs with some regularity.

Although his energetic pep talk started slow and awkward, it did build up to an inspiring crescendo:

The Giants may be seeing a lot of "No" when they head into their NL Wild Card Series with the Pittsburgh Pirates — especially on the road.

Pence's team will be facing the proverbial "hot team that nobody wants to face." The Pirates won 17 of their final 23 games to slide past the Giants for the top wild-card spot.

Monster truck plows into crowd, killing three and injuring at least 15 (VIDEO)

At least three people were killed during a monster truck event in the Netherlands on Sunday when a driver lost control of his vehicle and plowed into a crowd of people.

The monster truck — fitted with tractor-sized wheels — had just completed a popular stunt where it is driven over several parked cars when it veered left, running over dozens of spectators who were standing behind temporary crowd barriers.

Local media had quoted Hans Gerritsen, the mayor of Haaksbergen, as saying that three people had died. Local police could not immediately be reached to confirm the number of dead. Ambulances and emergency services were quickly on the scene, including a trauma helicopter from Germany.

(WARNING: Video may be disturbing to some viewers)

One of the event organizers told local news he believes the problem could have stemmed from one of two things — either the gas pedal got stuck or the brakes failed. 

The driver is reportedly being questioned by police.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Phillies fans behind home plate mock Craig Kimbrel (VIDEO)

The Phillies and Braves have already been eliminated from postseason play, but Philadelphia fans weren't going to let their rival's closer, Craig Kimbrel, leave town without a funny sendoff Saturday night.

With the Phillies trailing 4-2 in the bottom of the ninth inning, the Braves sent in Kimbrel and that's when the Citizens Bank Park fans started mocking the hard throwing right-hander.

Kimbrel, who has a very exaggerated arm motion from before his wind up all the way to after he delivers the pitch, was mimicked by the fans sitting behind home plate. The playful fans' antics started small but, as the inning wore on more fans around the stadium got into the act.

Kimbrel had the last laugh though, and nailed the save.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Ball boy's switcheroo of Jeter foul ball could be worth $10K (GIF)

A New York Yankees ball boy may soon find himself a little richer after he pocketed a foul ball hit by Derek Jeter during The Captain's final home game at Yankee Stadium.

After cleanly fielding the grounder, the young man held it in his glove, and then reached into his back pocket pulling out another ball and handing it off to a fan in the stands.

It is uncertain if he pulled the switcheroo to keep the prized ball for himself, or if the Yankees asked employees to hold on to the balls for the sake of keeping any last night memorabilia in the House That Ruth Jeter Built.

Some are saying the ball could fetch as much as $10,000 and the sketchy move might have even increased the value of the ball.

The enterprising ball boy had clearly planned ahead. As soon as he cleanly fielded Jeter's shot, he reached into a back pocket and pulled out a different ball, which he handed off to an unsuspecting fan.

While the ball boy or girl is expected to toss all foul balls into the crowd for the fans, there is apparently no official rule that says they cannot keep the ball. 

George Brett celebrates after Royals clinch playoff spot (VIDEO)

Derek Jeter didn't play Friday night and, oh yeah, The Royals are in the postseason for the first time since 1985.

Here's George Brett — the greatest Royal of them all — reacting while witnessing the clincher in Chicago after a 29 year playoff drought:

Old Pine Tar, who holds the title of vice president of baseball operations for the Royals, has earned the right to a little over-exuberance.

Red Sox fans chant for Derek Jeter at Fenway (VIDEO)

There wasn't any chance Derek Jeter was going to play at Fenway Park Friday night— after he asked for a day off for the first time in his 20 year career — but Red Sox fans still honored the Yankees' captain by chanting his name during the game.

The retiring Jeter said he was so emotionally spent from Thursday's heartwarming and exciting Yankee Stadium farewell the night before that he couldn't muster enough energy to play.

Still, that didn't stop Red Sox fans from showing their rival of two decades a little love in the middle of Jose Pirela's at-bat in the third inning while Jeter took it in while riding the pine:

Red Sox fans cheering Jeter and the Royals celebrating a post season berth?

Welcome to Bizarro World.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Floyd Mayweather promotes Money lifestyle with photo of $1 million cash

It doesn't look like the controversy surrounding Floyd Mayweather and the Nevada Boxing Commission is keeping the fighter from his old habits on social media.  Just days after testifying about his Showtime All Access show, Mayweather seemed more focused on getting his Twitter followers to come up with a caption for one of his photos posted on Instagram.

Oh yeah, it's a picture of Money lying in bed, listening to music alongside a million dollars in piles of cash ... again.


The undefeated fighter was called before the commission on Tuesday to explain what went on in the Showtime All Access shows aired earlier this month before his rematch with Marcos Maidana, Mayweather said the "reality" show was all just made-up entertainment to sell the fight.

Several Showtime employees claim the controversial boxer did not tell the truth when he was summoned on Tuesday to shed light on two scenes shown on All Access.

These are the use of marijuana in his mansion and boxers fighting for 31 minutes without any break during the program.

The enhanced realism on the show worked, he claims, helping bring in enough of an audience for him to sell more pay-per-views for a fight in which he was guaranteed a $32 million payday.

"It wasn't real marijuana," Mayweather said. "It's all about entertainment."

And Money.

Maria Sharapova snaps newspaper selfie on airplane (PHOTO)

Next time you're reading a newspaper article about Maria Sharapova, don't be surprised if the No. 4-ranked female tennis player in the world is reading over your shoulder — even if you're flying in coach.

The  27-year-old beauty recently lost in the third round at the inaugural Wuhan Open and was (presumably) flying to Beijing where she'll take part in the China Open next week. A nosy Sharapova noticed the guy in front of her reading an article about her ... and snapped this newspaper selfie.

Two things. Maria Sharapova flies coach. And dude ... turn around.

Phil Simms lets 'Redskins' name slip during Thursday night's NFL broadcast (VIDEO)

Phil Simms reiterated this week that he would try avoid using the word "Redskins" on CBS' broadcast of the Washington-New York Giants game Thursday night.

But it seems old habits die hard after Simms almost made it through the game without using the R-Word, he slipped early in the fourth quarter, and then tried to backtrack.

“Can the Redskins . . . can the Washington offensive line hang in there and block?” Simms said.

Simms' partner in the booth, play-by-play man Jim Nantz, referred to the Redskins by name on multiple occasions while the former Giants quarterback awkwardly called them "the Washington team" early in the nationally televised game.

"Will I refer to their nickname? Look, I have already done it," Simms told The MMQB's Richard Deitsch , and he did mention the Redskins by name during last Thursday's Atlanta-Tampa Bay game. "It is a habit. I played for 15 years [for the Giants] and they were a bitter rival. There is a chance I could slip.

"I don’t want to be overwhelmed by it."

Before the game, Simms also also accidentally let the name "Redskins" slip. And the look on Nantz's slightly cringing face as Simms stutters through it is quite noticeable:

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Jeter's Yankee Stadium rainout could cost ticket brokers $12 million in refunds: Report

A rainout for Derek Jeter’s Yankee Stadium farewell would give ticket brokers a multimillion-dollar bath — and leave fans standing in the cold, if you believe secondary market ticket sellers.

The National Weather Service predicted a wet and windy Thursday, and that storm front could cause ticket brokers to lose about $12.5 million on the Captain’s last game in Yankee Stadium, said one expert, according to the N.Y. Daily News.

“It would be a disaster for brokers if this game is rained out and never made up,” said Connor Gregoire of SeatGeek.com.

 “Brokers will lose all the profits they would have otherwise made on this, the most expensive regular season ticket in MLB history.”

Gregoire noted that roughly 30,000 tickets were resold — some more than once — since Jeter announced his retirement in February.

The average price of those tickets was $415 — and has grown to over $600 as it became clear the Yankees were not making the playoffs and this would be Jeter’s final home game and maybe his last major league game — period. 

The Captain hasn't decided if he'll play any games in Boston. 

The ticket brokers will have to return all that money if the game between the playoff-bound Orioles and the Yankees is canceled.

“Real, live profits are going down the drain for them,” said Chris Matcovich of TiqIQ.com. “They would have to refund all the money. Hopefully they have it in escrow.”

It’s unlikely the Yankees-Orioles game would ever be made up if rained out — and the forecast calls for about a 90-percent chance of rain at the 7 pm start time until at least 10 pm.

It'll be interesting to see how long the umpires wait before calling the game. But I'm sure the fans would stay overnight for a morning send-off.

The brokers would like that.

Race horse 'put down' in front of crowd causes uproar (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

One of Britain’s top racehorses was shot in the head at a packed track and the moment was captured on these rarely publicized photos of a racehorse being put down.

After shattering his leg during a race, Wigmore Hall was shot behind a large temporary screen, put up on the track to prevent ­thousands of fans witnessing its final distressing moments.

The shocking photos have sparked a fresh debate about the sport.

The champion seven-year-old horse broke a leg and fell less than three furlongs from the end of a race at Doncaster in England last Saturday.

Afterwards, veterinary specialists said the decision to put a quick end to the animal's suffering was the right one and defended doing it at the track.  

RSPCA's equine consultant, David Muir, said: "I can't see that the vet has done anything wrong or the racecourse, either.

"Shooting a horse is probably the most humane and quick way that you could put a horse down." 

Animal rights group Animal Aid took the disturbing images.

"The racing industry should be ashamed of its track record," said group member Dene Stansall.

"Poor Wigmore Hall was one of a huge number of race horses who are destroyed each year."

Wigmore Hall earned more than $2 million in prize money for its owners, winning two of the sport's most prestigious grade one races.

Packers fans blame Olivia Munn for Aaron Rodgers' poor play

It looks like one team's good luck charm is another team's broken mirror. As the one-time four leaf clover for the New York Rangers when she dated Brad Richards, Olivia Munn has now become the scourge of Green Bay Packers fans since she started showing up with Aaron Rodgers.

At least in the minds of Cheeseheads.

After three games, Green Bay has 1-2 record, and the Packers faithful — and there are plenty — had to blame someone for the underachieving team. And after Sunday's loss to the Lions at Ford Field, the cheese munchers have found a culprit for the team's demise.

Not the slumping Rodgers himself, but his new girlfriend: Munn.

A large cross section of Packers fans have ignored the Packers' poor performance on the field and are directing their boos for the television actress.

Angry Packers fans blew up Twitter on Sunday, concluding that Rodgers was concentrating more on throwing passes to the sexy Munn than his own team.

Rodgers had a simple five letter answer for for all of the negative Packers fans panicking over the slow start.

"Five letters here just for everybody out there in Packer-land: R-E-L-A-X," Rodgers said Tuesday on his ESPN Milwaukee radio show. "Relax. We're going to be OK."

At least it wasn't a four-letter word: M-U-N-N.

High School team scores extra point off opponent's helmet (VIDEO)

A high school football team scored an extra point after the ball bounced off a defender's helmet to help it get over the crossbar.

The freak play began when the ball was snapped low to the holder and kicker Keegen Hemenway had to make an awkward kick for the point. Hemenway's line-drive kick was low but ricocheted off a defender's head before sailing through the uprights.

The lucky bounce gave Dell Rapids High School a 38-0 lead over their South Dakota rivals Milbank High School.

And no, the defender doesn't get an assist on the play.

Big Sioux Media’s Matt Larson had live-streamed the game and while his call of the play is no "Do you believe in miracles," it's still pretty funny.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Chris Weidman out of UFC 181 title fight against Vitor Belfort: Report

A broken left hand has forced middleweight champion Chris Weidman to pull out of his title defense at UFC 181 against Vitor Belfort, the UFC announced Monday night.

The Dec. 6 Las vegas fight likely will be rescheduled for February.

Weidman's trainer Ray Longo thinks the break will benefit his fighter.

"I'm looking at it different," Longo said. "I'm looking at it like I want this guy 100 percent healthy. You give this guy two healthy hands, it's a big difference."

The Long Island native first injured his left hand about three weeks before his last title defense in July against Lyoto Machida. Weidman (12-0, 8-0 UFC) said after the fight that doctors had told him he sprained ligaments in the hand.

Longo said Weidman saw doctors in California on Monday and that his left hand was in a cast. Longo said they had not done any pad work or sparring yet for the Dec. 6 fight against Belfort — who hasn't fought since November 2013.

Replacing Weidman-Belfort as the UFC 181 main event will be Johny Hendricks' first welterweight title defense. He'll fight Robbie Lawler in a rematch of the bout to decide the champion after Georges St-Pierre vacated the title. Lightweight champion Anthony Pettis will defend his title as scheduled against Gilbert Melendez in the co-main event at UFC 181.

US Soccer president defends Hope Solo playing despite domestic violence charges: Report

U.S. Soccer defended its decision to allow goalkeeper Hope Solo to continue to play for the women's national team while she faces domestic violence charges.

The 33-year-old Solo is charged with two misdemeanor counts of fourth-degree domestic violence assault in Washington state stemming from an altercation with her sister-in-law and 17-year-old nephew in June — but is still allowed to compete.

In a statement issued Monday night, U.S. Soccer president Sunil Gulati said the federation would stand by its decision to allow due process to take its course before ruling on Solo's national team status.

"From the beginning, we considered the information available and have taken a deliberate and thoughtful approach regarding Hope Solo's status with the National Team," Gulati said. "Based on that information, U.S. Soccer stands by our decision to allow her to participate with the team as the legal process unfolds. If new information becomes available we will carefully consider it."

The statement was issued hours after U.S. Olympic Committee chief executive Scott Blackmun called the allegations against Solo "disturbing and inconsistent with our expectations of Olympians," but he stopped short of saying she should face immediate disciplinary action from the team.

And contrary to a seemingly double-standard which applies for male athletes in the NFL charged with the same crime.

"We have had discussions with U.S. Soccer and fully expect them to take action if it is determined that the allegations are true," Blackmun told USA Today Sports in an email. "Abuse in all forms is unacceptable."

Solo, who has been with the national team since 2000 and recently set the team record for the most shutouts last week, continues to play for the United States in meaningless exhibition matches and with her National Women's Soccer League team, the Seattle Reign, following her arrest.

Gulati said Monday the organization will let her play until the legal matter is settled.

Solo has pleaded not guilty and the case is scheduled for trial on November 4. She faces up to six months in jail if convicted.

Rickie Fowler shaves 'USA' into hair for Ryder Cup (PHOTO)

Rickie Fowler has decided to show his support for America in the 2014 Ryder Cup by shaving the letters 'USA' into his hair.

The 25-year-old golfer, who is making his second appearance in the competition, proudly showed off his new haircut during practice. He took off his cap to reveal 'USA' shaved into the hair behind his right ear, before pointing out the simple message to photographers.

The California native arrived at Edinburgh Airport with the U.S. team — but not before tweeting to fans he already made the cut.

Darnell Dockett seeks out fan involved in brawl during 49ers-Cardinals game (VIDEO)

A wild brawl broke out between Cardinals and 49ers fans in the upper deck at University of Phoenix Stadium on Sunday. It's not clear how the fight started, but a YouTube video shows that things got out of hand after one fan was pushed and fell down two rows of seats and a lone security guard was attacked.

As the number of participants involved continued to grow, the scrum moved from the seats at the stadium to some cement stairs which ended up covered in the security guard's blood.

At one point, a fan starts choking the security guard, wearing a marked blue shirt, before he was eventually helped by a Cardinals fan wearing a Darnell Dockett (No.90) jersey.

Dockett, who obviously saw the video, took notice of the guy who helped the security guard and made the helpful fan an offer on Twitter.

And you thought player don't care about these idiotic episodes.

Here's a couple of GRAPHIC videos of the fight:

Monday, September 22, 2014

Flyers fans boo 'Ice Guys' who replaced 'Ice Girls' at Wells Fargo Center (VIDEO)

The boo-birds were tuned and ready for the Philadelphia Flyers' first preseason game at Wells Fargo Center Monday night. But most of the noise wasn't directed at any skaters during the game — it was for the dudes on the ice during game stoppages.

It became very clear early in the game that the crowd's hostility was reserved for the new all-male ice clearing crew who replaced the "Ice Girls" this season.

Wearing black pants and orange fleece jackets, the 12 young men skated out for their appointed jobs — only to be booed louder than Sidney Crosby until they left the ice — three times in the first period alone.

The change in personnel happened after the Ice Girls were replaced amid reports that they were unhappy with work conditions and pay.

A familiar lament surrounding sports these days.

Meanwhile, in San Jose, the Sharks altered the uniform for their "Ice Crew" this offseason with the girls now in skimpy outfits, while the guys remained in regular track suits. 

That move prompted protest and outrage among Sharks fans who feel the uniforms serve no purpose but to objectify women.

I don't remember any such problems when there was only the asexual Zamboni.

Giants rookie hits first homer, gets ball back with adorable message on it (PHOTO)

Giants rookie Chris Dominguez connected on his first major league hit of his career on Sunday — and it was a towering home run no less.

Getting the prized memento back to stash on his trophy case seemed like a long shot until the little girl who ended up with it returned the ball with with a nice back story and adorable congratulatory note scrawled over the hide.

It seems the little girl had already presented the ball to her sister as a birthday present before they realized it actually meant more to Dominguez. So the girls re-gifted the ball to Dominguez with these words already on it:

"Happy Birthday / Love M" was scrawled on one side of the ball. On the other, somebody had traced the shape of a heart and wrote, "Congratulations Estella."

The rookie was nonplussed about the marked ball.

"That's all right," he said. "It's a good memory."

Jeter comes clean about giving gift baskets to one-night stands: Report

Derek Jeter may be retiring from baseball with a giant pile of farewell gifts from major league teams but, it seems the Yankees shortstop wasn't quite as generous with parting gifts for his one-night stands as once thought.

The Captain claims he's never given gift baskets of signed memorabilia to his female "conquests," according to an article in this week's New York Magazine.

In Chris Smith's candid article about Jeter's daily routine, New York's one-time most eligible bachelor finally comes clean about the legendary rumor he's tried to ignore:

“Like I’m giving them signed baseballs and pictures of myself on the way out! Who comes up with a story like that?” (Jeter) laughs, incredulous. “It said the reason people found out was because I gave the same girl the same basket and I had forgotten I’d given her one—like there are so many people coming through I forgot!”

To refresh your memory, the New York Post reported in 2011 that Jeter would order a car to take the woman home the next morning and that they'd have baskets filled with cherished goodies, such as a signed baseball from Jeter, waiting for them at the door.

The Post story, quoting an unnamed friend of Jeter, claims he once gave the same girl the a gift basket twice.

Jeter, the thinking man's baseball player, probably knows better than to get caught in a double play.


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Victor Cruz does first TD salsa dance in 12 games (VIDEO)

Victor Cruz caught a touchdown pass at home for the first time since 2012 against the Texans Sunday.

The Giants wideout also had his streak of 12 straight games without a TD salsa dance broken after this 26-yard catch-and-run from Eli Manning.

Check out the nifty little move he added after the catch:

Hope Solo still playing despite domestic violence charges

In case you haven't noticed over the past few weeks, the NFL and its commissioner Roger Goodell have come under fire for their lax punishment of no less than five players being charged with various domestic violence and child abuse incidents.

While the media seems to find numerous angles in crucifying Goodell and team owners over their less than sparkling record for disciplining these players, these same crusading, self-righteous reporters seem to have ignored one domestic violence case where the charged person is still playing and have even celebrated the person charged with the offense.

Hope Solo.

While fans burn their Ray Rice jerseys and media-types rake the NFL over the coals, where are the do-gooders' outrage at Solo continuing to play while Adrian Peterson, who has been accused of child abuse, is suspended (rightfully so) from playing for the Minnesota Vikings.

The 33-year-old Solo, one of the biggest and most marketable stars in women’s sports, is accused of the same criminal charges as the NFL players, but continues to play for her pro team as she waits for the national team trials in November.  Solo was even cheered for extending her shutout record to 73 games as the U.S. women’s national team beat Mexico 4-0 in a friendly Thursday night in Rochester, N.Y.

Would Peterson get this type of reaction for gaining 200 yards?

Unlike some of the biggest NFL stars, Solo, who is their counterpart in women’s soccer and someone touted as a role model, quietly goes about her business of keeping soccer balls from going into the net. NFL stars like Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, Jonathan Dwyer and Adrian Peterson were banished after massive sponsor, political and fan pressure, but Nike, for instance, has remained silent on Solo.

At least some social media has noticed the double standard:

Comparing hulking NFL player Rice punching and knocking out his fiancee to a female soccer player accused of assaulting her half-sister and 17-year-old nephew is arguable — but it is still domestic violence. And if this behavior shouldn't happen in the NFL, it shouldn’t happen in women’s sports, either.

Solo's team, the Reign, rationalized their decision to keep her on the field by saying they were still collecting evidence on the case. The U.S. Soccer national team is apparently following suit.

If she wasn't one of the most high-profile players, in a low-profile league, Solo probably wouldn't be playing.

Solo has apologized on Facebook for what she characterized as “a highly unfortunate incident.”

But, if abuse is abuse, then fair is fair.

Jose Bautista's fake toss to stands doesn't go over well with Yankee fans (VIDEO)

Blue Jays outfielder Jose Bautista tried to have a little fun with Yankees fans in the later innings of Saturday's game at Yankee Stadium but the joke didn't fly too well with the Bomber faithful.

Joey Bats thought it would be a hoot to gesture toward the Yankee Stadium crowd like he was going to throw a ball into the stands.


Realizing that this might lead to some hefty taunting from the Bleacher Creatures in the remaining innings, Bautista returned in the next inning with a peace offering:

Between Bautista beating up the home team at the plate and tormenting the crowd, the Yankee fans already had enough aggravation to dwell on — namely the dwindling playoff hopes and that whole Jeter leaving and everything — so these fans weren't having any of the outfielder's love.


Asked later if he enjoyed "stirring up" the boisterous Bleacher Creatures, Bautista said, "I don't think that's what happened. That's your take. Getting a ball thrown at me doesn't seem like it's very enjoyable.

"They were chirping at me. It was one of those things. They got a little rowdy and threw a ball to the field. I thought it was some innocent back and forth, but after the ball was thrown, I decided not to continue to have the interaction because what could happen next?"

Probably something more than chirping.

Angels celebrate Mike Trout's big night with a rosin bag beaning (VIDEO)

Angels outfielder Mike Trout had himself a pretty good night on Saturday against the Rangers. The MVP candidate went 2-for-3 with a walk, a two-run home run and a triple.

So how did Trout's teammates honor their teammate? No post-game Gatorade shower or shaving cream pie for this group. Nope. They just hit him in the back of the head with a rosin bag during an interview:

Speaking of heads, Trout even touched Adrian Beltre's noggin without the Rangers third baseman blowing his top:

Trout's Jersey Guy seems to be rubbing off on the rest of his West Coast teammates — who are a pretty loose group of players as they head into the playoffs.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Coughlin relents to playing music during Giants warm-ups: Report

There was something different in the air during the New York Giants stretching routine at their training facility outside MetLife Stadium before practice Friday, reported the N.Y. Post.

And no, it wasn't the stench of 0-2 team's desperation to salvage a season before it reeks worse than a Meadowlands landfill.

It was the sound of music.

While some players bopped to the tunes, other even sang out the lyrics as the softening of Tom Coughlin continues to evolve with this little tweak in the team's workout.

But don't expect DJs and disco balls anytime soon. It was only the grizzled old coach trying to light a fire under the underachieving Giants before the team heads into this week's must-win game against the 2-0 Texans.

Coughlin agreed to the background music being played during warm-ups after it was suggested by the players’ leadership council.

“The players wanted that,” Coughlin said. “We’ve done that before. We did it years ago. It’s just a little bit of noise in the air, like a stadium pre-game, is the way they put it.”

Coughlin's taste in music leans more towards Sinatra, but he seems willing to try anything to get the first win of the season. He found out last year how fast 0-3 turns into 0-6.

“I don’t want to talk about last year,” the coach said Friday. “I do not want to talk about last year.”

Now that Coughlin has brought on da noise. Can the Giants bring on da funk?

Rays fan makes sweet no-look catch on Wil Myers' liner (VIDEO)

Catching a foul ball off the bat of major league player is no easy feat. Now try doing it with your eyes closed and the prized souvenir coming towards you at 120 mph.

This Rays fan makes a great no-look catch down the third-base line on a foul ball off the bat of Wil Myers Friday night — even with another fan in front of him diving for the same ball.

Yeah. I planned that.