Friday, March 1, 2013

VIDEO: Mitch Williams goes off after Mets-Nationals goes extra innings

MLB Network analyst and former Philadelphia Phillies closer Mitch "Wild Thing" Williams wasn't too happy when the New York Mets-Washington Nationals game went into extra innings Thursday night.

After saying a few choice words and storming from the studio set, Williams yelled, "Extra baseball in spring training that's like extra tooth decay at the dentist."

Watch his reaction to the game, which was being aired on MLBN.

Williams admitted he had been on the set since 9 a.m. and just couldn't stand the the thought of "MLB Tonight" being pushed back for the exhibition game's finish.

The Mets and Nats ended the game after 10 innings still tied at 4-4.

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  1. Maybe Mitch should trade places with some our service members in Afganistan if a 9am workday start is too much for him!