Sunday, March 17, 2013

Michael Jordan's alleged ex-flame demands paternity DNA test

An alleged ex-flame of Michael Jordan is joining forces with her son to prove that the former NBA great is the father of the boy born in 1996.

Pamela Smith filed new legal documents this week in her ongoing paternity suit with Jordan asking a judge to force the former Chicago Bulls player and current owner of the Charlotte Bobcats to supply some fluids, hairs or skin to prove he is indeed the father of her son, Grant Taj Reynolds, reports

Earlier this month the 16-year-old Reynolds posted a video on YouTube proclaiming that Jordan was his father and he just wanted him "more in my life."

Earlier this month, TMZ reported that Jordan denied fathering the boy — and claimed paternity for the teenager was established years ago in a previous case. Jordan called it a "shameless, bad faith attempt to abuse the legal system."

In her documents, Smith says she knows Jordan is the father because they had sex approximately nine months before Reynolds' birth — something she claims Jordan never denied — and genetic testing will prove it resulted in the pregnancy.

A judge has yet to rule on the case.

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