Monday, March 11, 2013

Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders recruit Paris Jackson for squad

Paris Jackson could be the first cheerleader ever recruited straight from high school to the pros — unless there is an NFL rule against it.

After the daughter of the late pop star Michael Jackson posted some photos of herself cheering on her prep school's varsity basketball team last week, the pictures and a video have drawn some interest from the Philadelphia Eagles pep girls.

Footage of the LeBron James of pom poms caught the eye of the Eagles cheerleading honcho Barbara Zaun who thought the 14-year-old Paris had super potential, reports TMZ.

"We think Paris will make a great Eagle cheerleader!" said Zaun.

"We thought that she had a lot of poise, confidence, and enthusiasm in her cheer performance," Zaun says ... adding, "Paris has that 'wow factor' that makes a great cheerleader." 

The outgoing Paris — who seems to have taken her school spirit at The Buckley School to heart— posted a photo of herself on Twitter last week posing in the exclusive Los Angeles school's varsity cheer outfit and sporting a new short, black haircut.

Paris, who has aspirations on becoming film actress, might have to put the pro cheerleading gig on hold anyway because the ShEagles (TMZ's name) requires its 38 members to be at least 18 and have a high school diploma.

Still, when Paris is ready to cheer on the pros, Zaun says Philly will give her a shot.

"She is already very comfortable in the limelight, so we think she would definitely stand out and impress the judges ... We hope that she will try out for the team and be an Eagles cheerleader!"

Odds are she'll hold out for spot on the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad.

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