Friday, March 22, 2013

NHL quiet about Nash's cheap hit on Kopecky

It's entirely possible Rick Nash could hear from Brendan Shanahan and the NHL's Department of Player Safety about the vicious back of the head shot the New York Ranger leveled against Tomas Kopecky Thursday night. But the NHL has been pretty quiet about the cheap shot and that silence speaks volumes.

"There will be no hearing on Nash..." tweeted Larry Brooks of The New York Post Friday afternoon, "Boggles the mind."

Late in the third period of the Rangers 3-1 loss to the Florida Panthers, Nash came flying in as Tomas Kopecky took a shot from between the circles that was saved by Henrik Lundqvist.

As replays showed, Nash left his feet and apparently elbowed him in the back of Kopecky's head. The Panthers forward, who wasn't facing Nash, was down on the ice without his helmet for a few seconds and skated off. Nash wasn't called for a penalty.

The Rangers don't play again until Sunday, so the NHL might still be reviewing it.

Nash wasn't penalized in the game and isn't a known goon while Kopecky finished the game on the bench, but the hit does deserve some sort of punishment.

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