Sunday, March 10, 2013

St. Mary's forward loses tooth and tries to hand it to grossed out coach

In the closing minutes of a tight West Coast Conference Tournament game against San Diego, St. Mary's Brad Waldow had a tooth knocked out by a wayward elbow while going for one of his 16 rebounds.  The forward showed his inner beast by continuing play before collecting the tooth and heading to the bench with a bloody mouth.

Once benchside, Waldow looks at his head coach Randy Bennett like he was the Tooth Fairy and tries to hand him the bicuspid.  A repulsed Bennett wants no part of his player's dental plan and, with a pointed finger, directs him to take it down the line.  Waldow finally finds an underling standing on the side line and tossed the bloodied tooth to him before going back into the game.

The poor assistant must have had some connection to the mythical fairy because the Gaels came from behind in the semifinals to defeat San Diego in overtime, 69-66, to advance to the finals against Gonzaga on Sunday.

St. Mary's basketball team will be there with one guy who looks like a hockey player.

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