Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dominican players salsa their way to WBC win

No, that wasn't Victor Cruz you saw in the Dominican Republic dugout yesterday in Miami.  That was the D.R. players who were spotted doing a salsa dance during their  2-0 win over Puerto Rico, in the World Baseball Classic Saturday.  And, as reward for their victorious dancing with the All-Stars, the unbeaten Dominican team will get a 2009 rematch against the Netherlands Monday night.

The Dutch squad is the team that clog danced their way over the Dominicans in the 2009 WBC.  The Dominicans lost twice to the Netherlands in a stunning first-round upset four years ago.

Dominican manager Tony Pena won't let the Dutch Klomperdansing catch Robinson Cano or his other players by surprise this time.

"We're not thinking of the past: we're thinking of the present," said Pena. "They're going to be tough.  We're going to be tough also."

Puerto Rico gets the opportunity to face Japan — the two-time reigning WBC champions — for the first time.

Could we see a salsa and an Odori in that matchup?

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