Friday, March 8, 2013

Fans might get a chance to name the old Big East no-name league

The Big East football league— which will be losing its conference name to the Catholic 7 basketball schools — needs a new name by July 1 and is considering opening up to social media for possible suggestions, according to a league source.

The new league would likely do this via Twitter.

ESPN reported that the name "America 12" was picked for the new football conference after their lawyers bought the domain name of the same, but the report was denied by the league.

“We have not chosen a new conference name at this time and there are no favorites," Big East commissioner Aresco said in a statement released Friday. "We are going through a thoughtful evaluation of potential names for our conference, and will select a name in a timely manner through a comprehensive and deliberate process that involves our presidents and athletic directors as well as constituents from inside and outside the conference. We are excited about the prospect of re-branding and look forward to working with our institutions and our fans as we engage in this process.” 

For the record, the Big East finalized their football/basketball divorce Friday and the Catholic 7 took the Big East name with them.

The new 10-team league will need a name to brand itself and rebuild on but, gauging from fans' response, the bland America 12 moniker was kind of meh and didn't exactly float everyone's boat.

The new league will have only 10 teams the next two seasons and will be stretched from Connecticut to Texas.  Next year's football lineup is ConnecticutSouth Florida, Cincinnati, Central Florida, Memphis, SMUHouston, Temple, Rutgers and Louisville until Navy and possibly Tulsa join in 2015.

So put on your thinking cap or start a drinking game but find a way to throw a few words like big, little, USA, metro, 10, 12, 14, athletic, great, valley, sun, league, America, trans, non-Catholic and Beef 'O' Brady into a hat and see what you come up with.

Imagine being able to tell your friends you were the genius behind the Great East South-West Interstate Ten Conference.

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