Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hooters ballgirl picks up live ball and tosses it to crowd

A Hooters ballgirl seated on the sideline of a Tampa Bay Rays-Philadelphia Phillies game worked up some fans and left announcers tongue-tied after she hopped up from her perch to grab a live ball and toss it into the crowd.

The perky (aren't they all) platinum blond in her orange hot pants and tight tank top grabbed the fair ball with her glove, held it above her head with a proud smile, strutted along the seats and tossed to it to a kid in the stands. She sits back down and hears the reaction from the crowd before realizing her error.

"That is a fair ball and right over the bag," one of the announcers says while calling the play. "And the ballgirl ... she knocked it down.

"She has no idea she interfered with the play."

"Oh now she realizes it," the dumbfounded announcer adds, as the PG-rated waitress buries her face inside her mitt and sits down.

"That was the second time that's happened this spring," he comments. "That was a pretty clean play though."

The young woman should have used those big peepers — shaded by giant, yellow sunglasses — to keep an eye on the field. But she did have good form.

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