Thursday, March 7, 2013

Departing Big East football teams have reportedly chosen a new red, white & blue conference name

I guess $100 million can buy you a new football league, but it still can't get you a good conference name.

It looks like the football schools that used to be part of the Big East are leaning towards the generic-sounding "America 12 Conference" as their new name, according to ESPN's Brett McMurphy.

You can't get any more Wonder bread and mayonnaise than that.  It sounds like a real estate company.

Not the official logo

While the "Catholic 7" take their $10 million settlement and the Big East name for its own basketball conference, the remaining football schools could be stuck with that mid-level-sounding name.

The name makes sense because the football schools are spread all over the country, but couldn't a $100 million budget come up with something with a little more marketing zing.

McMurphy reported that the new conference also registered the domain name — so that's a step up.

I kind of like the Catholic 7 Conference name. Maybe that group can sell the Big East name back to the Am-12 and become the Cat-7 for let's say $100 million plus punitive damages.

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