Thursday, March 28, 2013

Robert Guerrero, slated to fight Floyd Mayweather, busted for gun possession at JFK Airport

Six-time boxing champion Robert (The Ghost) Guerrero was busted for gun possession at JFK Airport in New York City Thursday morning while catching a flight to Las Vegas.

Guerrero, who celebrated his 30th birthday on Wednesday, was picked up reportedly carrying an unloaded .40-caliber semi-automatic Smith & Wesson handgun.  He had no ammo on him and was held at the Port Authority police station at the airport.

The 5-foot-9 southpaw is slated to fight reigning WBC welterweight champ Floyd Mayweather Jr. for the title in Las Vegas on May 4.

Details of the arrest were not immediately available and the exact charges against the California resident are pending, said sources.

Guerrero (31-1-1, 18 KOs, 2 NCs) — the interim WBA champion — said the "media knows I'm a hunter and requested he bring it for a photo op."



  1. He was carrying it? He was actually going to try to board a plane with it? In NY? OMG, he just took the definition of stupid to an all time new high. Well there he goes into the NY prison system for at least three years.

    1. Now his mind won't be on the fight because of the pending results from his stupidity. Now he going to jail wothout his belt and a ass whoopin from Floyd. this will be his training downfall!!!

  2. Plaxico Burress, Lil Wayne, when are these dumb asses going to learn, you don't want to get caught in New York with a gun... Don't you have enough money to have people carry your guns for you