Wednesday, March 20, 2013

12-year-old boy becomes youngest golfer to qualify for European Tour event

A 12-year-old Chinese school boy has become the youngest golfer to qualify for a European Tour event.

Ye Wo-cheng wil be teeing it up at the Volvo China Open  on May 2 after claiming one of three places on offer at the Western China qualifier.  The youngster — who had his father caddy for him — was two under for his two rounds and finished three shots behind the top two finishers.

Ye, from the industrial city of Donggaun in Guangdong province, shot a four-under 68 in one round and at one point reached seven-under midway through his second round before struggling on the back nine and finishing with a 74.

Despite his second round drop, Ye was the only other player to finish under par apart from Li Xinyang and Jin Da Xing — who were five under.

Ye's appearance at Binhai Golf Club in the May event will beat the previous record of 13-year-old Guan Tianlang, who competed there last year.  The event is sanctioned by the European Tour.


  1. So essentially this kid shot a possible 7 under but ended up shooting 2 under? And he is considered the next thing in golf for shooting 2 under when he is 12? I am sorry but that to me doesnt add up to the next big thing in golf. I will laugh when he plays in the Volvo China Open and finishes last. Regardless of what he does, this kid probably hasnt touched a book in years, his family has probably fed him golf balls and rice and doesnt let him do anything but golf. The kid will be burned out by 17 when he discovers he can make choices for himself and the Chinese culture of forcing sports upon kids fails yet again to deliver a promisingly dominate athlete.

  2. matt sounds like sour golfballs u ever shoot 2 under

  3. Congrats Ye Wo-Cheng! The world needs more stories like this.
    Wether he finishes last or first,he is a phenom. I'll tune in to watch an event i never would have cared about.

  4. Matt is drinking the haterade and choking on it...another racist ignorant idiot from the south that has no talent but wants to squash someone who has.

    1. Hey now! Don't be tainting my region by assuming fools like Matt hail from here. What you stated was nearly as ignorant as his statement.

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