Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mariano Rivera makes it official, he will retire after 2013 season

The New York Yankees' worst kept secret was made public Saturday morning as Mariano Rivera announced his retirement at a simple press conference attended by the entire team and coaching staff.

Sitting next to his wife Clara and two of his three sons, Jaziel and Jafet, Rivera said it was a "privilege and honor to wear the pinstripes for so many years" before saying he was retiring from the game after the 2013 season.

He joked about keeping the date a secret and said, "I'm sorry I didn't tell you guys before."

The presser was just like he closed out games — short and sweet.


 The 43-year-old pitcher was asked if his tank was empty, Rivera laughed and said, "I'm telling you the tank is empty."

Rivera thanked Brian Cashman and the Yankees executives but mostly paid gratitude to the teammates he played with since making the bigs in 1996.  "It was a pleasure with so many great players and coaches," he said.

He went on to admit he would have retired after last season if he didn't tear his ACL last May and repeated his often heard mantra, "I didn't want to go out that way."

Rivera will be the last person to ever wear the No. 42 in the major leagues and he was glad it was on the back of his pinstripes. "The Lord blessed me with this uniform," he said.

The final "Exit Sandman" countdown begins today.

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