Saturday, March 30, 2013

Scottish darts fan banned for life after spitting at league star

PDC chief Barry Hearn slammed the "disgraceful" behaviour of "one idiot" who spat at darts legend Phil "The Power" Taylor during a Premier League match in Glasgow and banned the phlegm-ejecting man from future events for life.

Taylor was on his way to the stage to face Raymond van Barneveld, who he beat 7-3, when the Englishman was hit in the ear by spit from a spectator.

But Hearn confirmed the man involved was removed from the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre immediately after the disgusting incident.

"It was disgraceful behavior," said Hearn. "The guy was ejected immediately and won't be allowed back to watch darts.

"There were 8,000 people there and one idiot decides to do that. Premier League darts does not just have a positive atmosphere in arenas, it's the hottest sport ticket.

"You always get the odd idiot, as you do in society, so there is no better deterrent than kicking them out of the event."

Apparently they take their darts across the pond pretty seriously and are considering banning booze at the events as a precaution against the rowdiness that has been breaking out during the dart tossing.  Seems a little bit like getting rid of hot dogs at ballgames — that is if they were six percent alcohol, came in pint glasses and went down like sweet music to your taste buds.

After his win against Van Barneveld on Thursday, Taylor said: "It was disappointing and I'm a bit disgusted to be honest. I wanted to give the fans a show so it's a shame if one fan tries to spoil that."

For some reason, it's hard not to think about the Seinfeld episode with Keith Hernandez after seeing this.  That must have been some magic loogie.

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