Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Jeff Gordon takes unsuspecting car salesman for a 'test drive'

Jeff Gordon donned a fake Van Dyke beard, some wrinkles and an eyeglass-cam (make me "a little dorky") and made a hidden camera Pepsi MAX commercial with an unfortunate car salesman to some hilarious results.

Gordon first approaches the unsuspecting "salesman" — who suggests a Camaro for the disguised race car driver's meek-looking alter ego — and is urged into taking the high-powered vehicle for a test drive.

"I've never driven anything like this before," says the 4-time Winston Cup champ.

After some pre-drive formalities, the salesman climbs in the new Camaro with the NASCAR driver behind the wheel and ends up getting the ride of his life.

Gordon races down streets, fishtails and spins like he has a #24 on the side of the car. His passenger just hangs on for dear life and screams, "I''m gonna kill you!" more than a couple of times.

If the commercial is really a prank on an innocent salesman or scripted with a pretty good improv actor, the footage is funny and quite incredible.

The fear seems real. You be the judge.

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