Sunday, March 3, 2013

First female to tryout for NFL leaves after two kicks

Lauren Silberman — the first female to participate in an NFL regional combine tryout — had her hopes of being the first woman to play in the NFL — or even being invited to a training camp — dashed after leaving the combine after two kicks.

The 28-year-old woman was being evaluated by league trainers after the kickoff drills, according to

The Brooklyn native made history by becoming the first woman to tryout in the NFL's 91-year old history, but didn't make much of an an impression outside of the publicized appearance.  But it's a sure bet she won't be suiting up for an NFL team anytime in the future.

Silberman's first kick from the 35-yard line travelled 16 yards across midfield and stopped.  Her second attempt did not make it that far and came to a stop at her own 49-yard stripe. She took about 20 dramatic seconds to set up for each of the lame kickoffs.  Maybe there's a spot for specialized onside kickers in the league for her.

Throughout Sunday afternoon, the NFL hopeful — who never played football in her life — did not appear to attempt a single warmup kick.

Silberman joined over 60 male participants (including 36 kickers) at the New York Jets facility in Florham Park, N.J. — hoping to spark an interest from NFL teams that might try to draft them in late rounds or invite them to training camp — in front of combine personnel and a small horde of media — including E! Entertainment. The center of attention asked to see a trainer after her two kicks.

It is unclear if the former college club soccer player will try again or participate in the second portion of the kicker workout — which consists of kicking field goals from five different spots.  Silberman disappeared after a tearful goodbye — citing a right quadriceps injury she suffered this past week.

For some reason it all reeks of reality TV — especially since it involves the Jets.


  1. why is this even news? They should of never let her in the building...

  2. She just made women look bad and prove they haven't earned their spot in the NFL. Reality and facts decide, not some chip-on-her-shoulder-feminazi who is only pushing her ill form of political agenda.