Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Matt Harvey was trolling for Eugenie Bouchard at US Open: Report

Since Matt Harvey has apparently given up on the thought of throwing baseballs at CitiField this season, it sounds like the Mets starter decided to pitch some woo at the US Open this week — namely in the direction of tennis star Eugenie Bouchard.

The rehabbing Mets pitcher approached US Open officials about getting tickets to watch the Canadian beauty's matches, even asking them to set up a meeting between the two athletes, reported Page Six of the N.Y. Post.

Sadly, for the Met-about-town, the pretty Bouchard was knocked out of the tournament on Monday.

A rep for Harvey — who’s been linked to models including Anne V and Ashley Haas — claims Harvey wasn’t asking for the one-on-one, a representative told Page Six.

“We requested tickets for a few games,” the rep explained. “Once the requests were in, he was approached about potentially meeting her after her match. That meeting never took place.”

The persistent Harvey reportedly will be back out at the Open this weekend.

Nothing like a little tennis elbow to go with that Tommy John surgery.


  1. doesn't this douche bag know he can buy a ticket?
    what a creep, stalking this chic. he should stick to russian whores, at least they don't have to understand his line of bull.

  2. You really can't buy any decent seats at the Open. All the close-in seats are part of sponsors' boxes. Having a little VIP pull can get you in one of the boxes. I really don't think it's a matter of being cheap, especially if you want to watch the matches without a pair of binoculars. I've been there many times, and I speak from experience. As far as stalking Ms. Bouchard, I say go for it. She is stunningly beautiful and seems like a very pleasant and approachable young lady. If I were Matt I would send her some flowers and invite her to watch the game with me. I'm one jealous son-of-a-gun.