Monday, September 22, 2014

Flyers fans boo 'Ice Guys' who replaced 'Ice Girls' at Wells Fargo Center (VIDEO)

The boo-birds were tuned and ready for the Philadelphia Flyers' first preseason game at Wells Fargo Center Monday night. But most of the noise wasn't directed at any skaters during the game — it was for the dudes on the ice during game stoppages.

It became very clear early in the game that the crowd's hostility was reserved for the new all-male ice clearing crew who replaced the "Ice Girls" this season.

Wearing black pants and orange fleece jackets, the 12 young men skated out for their appointed jobs — only to be booed louder than Sidney Crosby until they left the ice — three times in the first period alone.

The change in personnel happened after the Ice Girls were replaced amid reports that they were unhappy with work conditions and pay.

A familiar lament surrounding sports these days.

Meanwhile, in San Jose, the Sharks altered the uniform for their "Ice Crew" this offseason with the girls now in skimpy outfits, while the guys remained in regular track suits. 

That move prompted protest and outrage among Sharks fans who feel the uniforms serve no purpose but to objectify women.

I don't remember any such problems when there was only the asexual Zamboni.

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