Sunday, September 21, 2014

Jose Bautista's fake toss to stands doesn't go over well with Yankee fans (VIDEO)

Blue Jays outfielder Jose Bautista tried to have a little fun with Yankees fans in the later innings of Saturday's game at Yankee Stadium but the joke didn't fly too well with the Bomber faithful.

Joey Bats thought it would be a hoot to gesture toward the Yankee Stadium crowd like he was going to throw a ball into the stands.


Realizing that this might lead to some hefty taunting from the Bleacher Creatures in the remaining innings, Bautista returned in the next inning with a peace offering:

Between Bautista beating up the home team at the plate and tormenting the crowd, the Yankee fans already had enough aggravation to dwell on — namely the dwindling playoff hopes and that whole Jeter leaving and everything — so these fans weren't having any of the outfielder's love.


Asked later if he enjoyed "stirring up" the boisterous Bleacher Creatures, Bautista said, "I don't think that's what happened. That's your take. Getting a ball thrown at me doesn't seem like it's very enjoyable.

"They were chirping at me. It was one of those things. They got a little rowdy and threw a ball to the field. I thought it was some innocent back and forth, but after the ball was thrown, I decided not to continue to have the interaction because what could happen next?"

Probably something more than chirping.

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